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Yesterday I scanned the MSM news. The UK openly boasted of running aerial surveillance over Gaza to identify targets for Israel, and it was revealed the USA has provided over 12,000 bombs and 57,000 shells to Israel. Israel killed over 300 more civilians, including over 100 more dead children. At the same time, Kamala Harris had been sobered up long enough to make a speech claiming that the US wished Israel to avoid casualties, in a desperate attempt to mask the blood on the hands of Genocide Joe.

I read that Germany is in budget crisis. I looked thorugh numerous articles, and not a single one mentioned the actual cause of the crisis, the war in Ukraine and in particular the destruction of Nordstream. None of the MSM has ever apologised for their coordinated and unanimous “big lie” that Russia blew up its own pipeline, even though they have all now quietly abandoned this in favour of a fallback lie that it was a heroic “Dad’s Army” attack by a few Ukrainians on a little boat.

I saw the media reporting without criticism, as indeed heroic, a speech by Zelensky in which he claimed as a victory that Ukraine had not actually lost significant territory during its counter-offensive. I found nothing explaining the causes of the war and very little on the inevitable need for a negotiated solution.

I read articles about immigrants drowning while trying to reach Spain, about an EU/Switzerland agreement being stymied over fears of immigration, about immigrants on the Russia/Finland border and about the causes of anti-immigration riots in Ireland. Not one of these articles mentioned that the great wave of immigration to Europe these past twenty years has been directly caused by the destruction of whole societies, economies and national infrastructures by Western invasions and direct or proxy attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Syria.

I saw the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court shuttled around Israel and the West Bank in a fleet of armored Toyotas, looking like the most arrogant of VIPs, while refusing to act against Israel and seeking to “bothsides” the genocide unfolding before our eyes.

I realised that Karim Khan KC, brother of an ex Tory MP, himself should by rights be charged with complicity in war crimes.

The evil of the times in which we live has been clear for a very long time. In “developed” countries we have seen a massive growth in disparity of wealth and increasing numbers of people unable to lead a standard of life which makes them a part of society, in consequence of destruction of worker rights and institutional protections. We have seen an increasingly unapologetic tendency of Western neo-imperialism to unleash the devastating power of modern weaponry upon less developed nations, generally of the Islamic faith, with no care for civilian casualties.

We saw it in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and elsewhere, and now we see its apotheosis in Gaza.

Here the two strands of dystopian western and domestic policy intertwine, because there is massive popular opposition to the genocide in Gaza, and it is crystal plain that the people of the “democracies” have no actual influence on the war machine. The war machine controls the people, they do not control the war machine. If you want to look for a sign of hope – and we all need hope – it is that a whole new generation of young people has come to understand that.


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317 thoughts on “Dystopia

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  • harry law

    Tucker Carlson had an interview with Republian Thomas Massie R-KY the two also discussed US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and her influence in Ukraine, with Carlson calling her “the single most consequential voice” in the Ukraine debate.
    (Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, notably penned a ‘Trump Dictator’ piece in the Washington Post last week)
    Carlson notes that she was a “driving force behind the war in Iraq, which was of course a disaster and hurt the United States,” and now “she has far more influence on it than the entire United States Congress put together.”
    “How do we allow unelected lunatics like ‘Toria Nuland who clearly hates the United States, and always has, to have this power over our lives and our childrens’ future?”
    As the Daily Caller notes, Carlson then asked if the people advocating for more war have ever apologized for “the killing of an entire” generation of Ukrainians who are fighting a “war they cannot win.”

      “That’s all so grotesque, but it’s also straightforward. You know, people are getting rich, so let’s do it. Okay — that’s an argument. It’s an immoral argument but it is one. But that’s not the argument they’re making in public. They’re saying we have a moral obligation.”
      “You’re a bad person, you just heard the national security advisor say it, you’re a bad person if you’re against this. But no one ever mentions that we have abetted the killing of an entire generation of Ukrainian men that will not be replaced. To fight a war that they cannot win.”
    — Tucker Carlson

    • Greg Park

      At the height of a merciless zionist baby killing rampage, Massie was the only Republican to oppose a House resolution this week equating anti-zionism to anti-semitism. Last week he was the only congressman out of 434 to oppose a similar resolution.

      The World’s Last, Best Hope standing tall as ever as a beacon to humanity.

  • Ccr

    [ Mod: Your link to the Federal lawsuit against Biden, Blinken and Austin has been reposted in the ‘BREAKING NEWS (GAZA)‘ thread in the discussion forum, entry #93233.

    Please bear in mind the following advice from the moderation rules for commenters:

     Contributions which are primarily just a link to somewhere else will be deleted.
     You can post links, but give us the benefit of your thoughts upon them.”

    Kindly post any follow-ups there. ]

  • Jack

    It is quite dystopian that the same western media that have been filled with condemnations, mockings, criticism against Russia’s approach to Ukraine now use the same tactics themselves!

    When Russia denied being involved in unlawful killing in Ukraine, EU became furious, when Israel commit far more extensive unlawful killings, EU keep mum about it and anyone that dare to tell the truth about Israel are kicked out from party/office/job.

    When Russia allegedly banned the word “war” from being used to describe the ukrainian operation, they were blasted by the EU, when Israel commit obvious warcrimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of apartheid, genocide and so on, you cannot find any of these terms being uttered by a EU rep to describe what Israel is doing.

    When Russia labeled their invasion an “Operation” they were blasted by the EU. How many times have you heard the EU condemn Israel for their “Operation Swords of Iron”?

    When Russia invaded Ukraine, Russia said they had no quarrel with the ukrainian people itself – true or not – still, in the western media, the invasion is framed as a war against the whole of Ukraine/ukrainians, meanwhile, the israeli assault on Gaza is labeled a war not against the palestinian people itself but against only Hamas even though compared to Russia’s invasion, Israel obviously target the whole of Gaza/whole of the palestinian populace, thus Israel wage a war against the palestinians.

    Last year, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was very keen to to condemn Russia for indiscriminate bombing and imposing a siege on Ukraine.
    But contrast this to her recent statements supporting the Israeli occupation regime which is doing exactly the same thing.


    And one can go on forever with examples, what I do not understand is this: how come there are so few journalists, politicians that do not see all this^ and do not expose or question this hypocrisy, it feel like one has been living in the Twilight Zone past months, where the obvious reality is denied, people, kids are massacred but there is zero response, how can this be? How is it possible that this fake-reality could be upheld when everyone can see, almost live, what is happening on the ground in Gaza?
    I thought I was a terrible dark cynic before this war, but this monstrosity of hypocrisy have really pushed by cynicism to new levels.

    • glenn_nl

      J: “…how come there are so few journalists, politicians that do not see all this […]”

      They see it clearly enough, they just want to hang on to their jobs, or crave some future promotion. Mossad’s branch in Labour HQ, Tory HQ etc. (otherwise known as “Labour Friends of Israel” etc) will be straight onto the leadership if anyone even looks as if they’re stepping out of line.

      The BBC is terrified of a call from the Israeli embassy, which closely monitors all BBC output, because the next call from that embassy will be to the UK government if the BBC’s response is not “Terribly sorry, it won’t happen again, the offending employee will be disciplined/fired at once.”

      And so on. Well practiced procedures which have operated for decades.

  • nevermind

    RIP Benjamin Zephaniah, on of the greatest poets. A fitting poem by him for these dystopian times.

     ’we can all be refugees
     nobody is safe,
     All it takes is a mad leader
     Or no rain to bring forth food,
     We can all be refugees
     we can all be told to go,
     We can be hated by someone
     for being someone.’

  • Glasshopper

    How is a de-industrialised Germany going to carry the EU?
    What will become of the Deutschmark ….er…. Euro?
    How is banning the Palestinian flag going to help the problems facing Germany?

    • glenn_nl

      G: ” How is banning the Palestinian flag going to help the problems facing Germany?

      Same way shipping a few miserable migrants coming to the UK on boats to Rwanda is going to solve all Britain’s problems, come to think about it.

      At least there’s nothing else of any particular concern to the UK, like…
      – NHS waiting lists
      – Housing shortages
      – Cost of living crisis
      – Brexit induced woes (too numerous to list)
      – Inflation
      – Transport being a disaster on all fronts
      – Economic decline (particularly relative to EU neighbours)
      – Lack of skilled workers on numerous fronts
      – Staggering levels of inequality
      – Incompetent, disfunctional government

      (List curtained for reasons of time)

      But at least we have our US-led genocidal foreign policy, and a very loyal Opposition who is brave enough to say “Me too!” to whatever the US says.

  • Geoffrey

    On a slight detour, I see that Bojo is apologising for some excess deaths during Covid which he may have had some responsibility for.
    Why is there no mention of his intervention in the Russia / Ukraine peace treaty all but signed in March 22 so far confirmed by 7 participants that he told Zelensky to abandon apparently on Biden’s instructions.
    We know that well over 500,000 young men as well as civilians have died as a direct result. Ukraine has told us proudly that it has killed 300,000 Russians alone.
    Why is this not bothering anyone? (I know that Biden might easily have found another messenger boy, but I suspect Bojo was especially proud to be entrusted.)

      • Bayard

        Surely this can’t be the same Pears Morgaine who admonished ScepticalSOB with the words “Just because someone tells you what you want to hear doesn’t make it the truth.”? Would he not realise that the converse is also true: “Just because someone tells you what you don’t want to hear doesn’t make it lies.”? Can the real Pears Morgaine please stand up?

    • Bayard

      “Why is there no mention of his intervention in the Russia / Ukraine peace treaty all but signed in March 22 so far confirmed by 7 participants that he told Zelensky to abandon apparently on Biden’s instructions.”

      Because, officially, it didn’t happen., it wasn’t reported in the Daily Telegraph. Or as Harold Pinter put it, “It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn’t happening. It didn’t matter. It was of no interest.”

      • Pears Morgaine

        The core evidence for this is a quote in an article by Roman Romaniuk in which Boris states that even if Ukraine was prepared to accept Russian assurances, the UK wasn’t. Romaniuk has made it clear since that that should not be treated as Bojo instructing Zelensky not to sign, just expressing an opinion – and a valid one at that. The agreement would’ve allowed Russia to keep Crimea and part of the Donbas but a recent survey had shown that 82% of Ukrainians considered any deal that allowed Russia to keep any part of Ukraine unacceptable even if it meant prolonging the war. Later surveys have shown that that attitude hasn’t changed.


        Although the news wasn’t released to the public until later Zelensky had already been briefed about the torture and murder of Ukrainians in Bucha, Irpin, Borodyanka and other northern towns (No, sorry they weren’t ‘false flags’) as the Russians withdrew and unsurprisingly wasn’t happy about sitting down to negotiate with the perpetrators.

        Odd that for at least a year we’ve been told the Russians withdrew from around Kyiv because the advance on the city was only ever a feint to draw attention away from the real assault in the east. Now it seems it was a real attack after all but halted on the promise of a peace deal. That raises the question as to why the advance didn’t resume after the talks faltered. The truth is the peace talks were nothing but a smokescreen by Russia and their attempt to subdue Ukraine by decapitation failed due to bad planning and execution in the face of determined resistance.


        • Geoffrey

          There are now 7 different people who were present at the negotiations, all have said the same.
          The deal was Ukraine not to join NATO, Donetsk and Luhansk self-governing, and Crimea to be decided later.
          Since then at least 500 000 dead.
          Well done Boris!

        • Bayard

          It didn’t happen because the sources I like to believe don’t say it happened is how your argument can be summed up. As for Bucha etc al, the only sources for the Russians doing them are from the Ukrainians or their allies. Funny that. Like blowing up Nordstream, the Ukrainians say that the Russians did it and the US says that the Ukrainians did it. The Russians say that the US did it. Everyone is saying what one would expect them to say, so one has to look at the probabilities. Unlike you, I don’t think the Russian rulers are a bunch of idiots, so it is very unlikely that they would blow up a pipeline that they had just built and could simply turn off, not would they massacre Ukrainians and then retreat, leaving bodies about for the enemy to find.

        • Clark

          “…but a recent survey had shown that 82% of Ukrainians considered any deal that allowed Russia to keep any part of Ukraine unacceptable even if it meant prolonging the war.”

          But the poll was conducted in Ukraine, and there are are hardly any Ukrainians left in Ukraine.

          I know this from a man I met in Whitehall after yesterday’s march for the Palestinians. He’s British, and he was just back from Ukraine where he’d been flying offensive drones for Ukraine. If I remember rightly he said that only about 15% of the pre-invasion Ukrainian population is still there, and they are the ultra-nationalists (though not fascists). Everyone else has evacuated, and only a tiny proportion intend to return.

          • Pears Morgaine

            Are you taking the piss or was that the ‘man at the demonstration’?

            Pre-war population of Ukraine was 44 million so if 85% have left that means 37 million (approx) refugees. The UN puts the figure at just over 6 million so where have the other 31 million disappeared to? That’s the population of Tokyo, they can’t all be hiding in a shed.

            Unless of course the UN and everybody else are lying and only your ‘man at the demonstration’ knows the real truth.

  • Clark

    It takes me five weeks to get an appointment with my doctor and two hours to get through to DWP. At York, out of eleven trains five are cancelled, two are running best part of an hour late; Steph has had to abandon her trip home and go back to Doncaster to have somewhere to sleep. Half the population can’t afford gas, heating oil or electricity and there’s shit in all the rivers. The only thing this country can still do efficiently is help Israel bomb fish in a barrel in Gaza. Have we Taken Back Control yet?

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