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      Irish Taoiseach Varadkar in a Dail debate today.

      A more “active approach” from the European Union is needed when the current phase of the Israel-Hamas conflict is over, setting out that aid to Palestine and trade arrangements with Israel will only continue based on a series of conditions, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said.”

      He also said:

      “Mr Varadkar said Israel’s actions in Gaza were not self defence but instead collective punishment, which was “disproportionate” and “wrong” and again called for an immediate ceasefire to be observed by all sides.”

      He pointed out that there is little that the EU member states agree on except a two state solution.

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        Lol, Israel released a photo that they allege are from the hospital, this is the best they got??
        A room that seems to have had not visitors for years!

        Photo: https://img.haarets.co.il/bs/0000018b-d268-df9a-ab8b-dee8fc740001/83/d6/e0fb9f2f4c36b06ecd708f5e9f11/18459.jpg

        Not only is there something fishy with the photo itself, it looks in some cases computerized/doctored with, some weird shading/lighting and diffuse borders on certain objects something of which often occur if you do a bad copy/paste-object Photoshop job, but come on…look at the guns, these are mock-up toy guns! They do not even have a trigger!

        Be prepared for more BS photos like this, Israel will trigger a big campaign coming days on what they allegedly have found in the hospital.

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          Israeli soldiers cheer when they blow up Gaza parliament building it adds to another proof of the wanton destruction/warcrimes:
          Video https://twitter.com/TheInsiderPaper/status/1724786594568441951

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            looks like an interesting link and good knowledge base:

            political maps of Palestine at various stages of the historic conflict:

            “Palestinian Academic Society For The Study of International Affairs”

            since 1946:

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              A German piece that goes into the question in how far the rich reservoirs of natural gas off the coast of Gaza are relevant or not:

              “The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the regions in which the world’s largest new oil and, above all, gas fields have been discovered in recent decades. However, the development and transportation of natural gas is complicated, as the region is a geopolitical hotspot. Nevertheless, the EU in particular, which is looking for alternatives to Russian energy imports, is playing a major role in the Mediterranean energy poker game and is thus caught up in an another conflict of interest with the USA. There are also natural gas deposits off Gaza, which should actually be tapped this year. It is therefore hardly surprising that there are voices on the internet linking the latest escalation in the region to the international energy poker game. But that is too far-fetched. The debate is however still exciting.”

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                The Intercept on Google surveillance software possibly against Palestinians:

                “Google Activists Circulated Internal Petition on Israel Ties. Only the Muslim Got a Call from HR.

                Employees are internally protesting Google’s Project Nimbus, which they fear is being used by Israel to violate Palestinians’ human rights.”


                by Sam Biddle

                “A Google employee protesting the tech giant’s business with the Israeli government was questioned by Google’s human resources department over allegations that he endorsed terrorism, The Intercept has learned. The employee said he was the only Muslim and Middle Easterner who circulated the letter and also the only one who was confronted by HR about it.

                The employee was objecting to Project Nimbus, Google’s controversial $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli government and its military to provide state-of-the-art cloud computing and machine learning tools.

                Since its announcement two years ago, Project Nimbus has drawn widespread criticism both inside and outside Google, spurring employee-led protests and warnings from human rights groups and surveillance experts that it could bolster state repression of Palestinians.”

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                  Israel have started to bulldoze some parts of the hospital, then they will most likely say, “we have destroyed Hamas infrastructure!” and thus they are unable to show any proof because the bulldozer destroyed “it”.

                  According to our reporting, hundreds of Israeli soldiers are raiding all sections of al-Shifa Hospital.

                  Sources also say Israeli bulldozers are destroying parts in the southern section of the hospital compound.

                  An unnamed Israeli military official confirmed to Reuters that Israeli soldiers are carrying out a raid.

                  “The operation is shaped by our understanding that there is well-hidden terrorist infrastructure in the complex,” the official said, adding that “Hamas has persistently worked to conceal infrastructure and cover up evidence” in Gaza’s hospitals.”

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                    Owen Jones shred Piers Morgan, breaking down why this is a genocide:

                    Piers Morgan was photographed having dinner with pro-israeli extremists some weeks ago:
                    Piers Morgan’s dinner companion in New York, Nicola Mendelsohn, led Facebook’s procurement of Israeli tech company Onavo.
                    Onavo was founded by Israeli military intelligence Unit 8200 veterans Guy Rosen and Roi Tiger.
                    Mendelsohn is married to the ex-head of the Labour Friends of Israel, Jonathan Mendelsohn.

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                      The senseless, cruel Israel seems to have non-stop ideas on how to torment the palestinians in every single way:

                      Israel took Palestinian bodies away from al-Shifa: Gaza Ministry of Health
                      Speaking from inside al-Shifa Medical Complex in Gaza City, Dr Munir al-Bursh, a general director at the Ministry of Health, accused Israeli forces of taking 18 unburied bodies from the courtyard of the hospital to an unknown location.

                      He added that Israeli forces were “wandering around the whole hospital, and have blown up the MRI and CT scan machines”.

                      Sadistic acts like this stems right from the racist mindset ruling Israel.

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                        Another Likud member call to burn Gaza

                        Israel bomb Khan Yunis, 20+ killed

                        Israel give 1 hour for the thousands of people in al-shifa to evacuate!

                        Israel send missile against Fatah in the Westbank

                        To call this inhumane is not enough, to call this nazi/fascist-like is not enough.

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                          Theirs is a discussion and analysis of what Israel has presented as evidence for presence of Hamas in Al Shifa. As you can see it is really rather poor and unconvincing.


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                            It is ridiculous and now Israel have changed the narrative, now the infamous Hamas headquater is in Khan Younis
                            “The centre is really in Khan Younis, not al-Shifa Hospital.”

                            In other news:

                            Another 80 people just killed when Israel attacked school filled with refugees

                            Meanwhile social media companies collaborate with the genocidal regime:

                            Thousands of Gaza war posts removed from social media at Israel’s request
                            Meta, Facebook and Instagram’s parent company along with TikTok received more than 8,000 requests to take down Gaza war-related posts from Israel.

                            According to the Israeli state prosecutor’s office, 94 percent of the flagged content has been taken down.

                            Where are the same social media giants blocking the senseless disinformation/proapganda/dehumanization/incitement by israeli reps and propagandists?

                            Why are not social media companies approving call to violence against IDF?
                            Facebook allows posts urging violence against invading Russians

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                              Video showing dead palestinian bodies everywhere after Israel struck the UN Jabalia school sheltering refugees

                              How, how on earth can this go on day in, day out?

                              If another state did this…. there would be a small nuke dropped on them by the west. Here we have a sick, mentally sick, regime that get all the support for doing what it is doing. Unbelievable.

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                                US openly practice collective punishment by denying aid into Gaza unless hostages are released:

                                Biden’s top Middle East advisor: Surge in humanitarian relief will come when hostages are released

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                                  Could you guys imagine if there were western journalists that were killed like this day in and day out, imagine the uproar, but as usual palestinians, arabs are “unworthy” victim in the eyes of the west, thus no reaction by the “rules based order”-crowd.

                                  Six journalists, media workers killed in Gaza overnight
                                  Two more journalists and two media workers were killed in the past 24 hours, according to information gathered by the Palestinian press watchdog MADA, the Palestinian Press Syndicate and videos verified by Al Jazeera.
                                  Here are their names:
                                  Mustafa al-Sawaf, journalist
                                  Musab Ashour, photojournalist
                                  Amr Abu Hayya, engineer for Al-Aqsa TV
                                  Abd Alhalim Awad, administrator for Al-Aqsa TV
                                  Earlier, we reported the death of two reporters in Bureij refugee camp:
                                  Sari Mansour, journalist with Quds News
                                  Hassouneh Salim, journalist with Quds News


                                  And just like that:

                                  ‘Obvious’ that EU foreign policy chief’s main goal securing release of hostages

                                  Abdel Hamid Siyam, professor and political scientist from Rutgers University, said after the news conference of the EU foreign policy chief in Qatar that it is “obvious” that Josep Borrell’s main goal is the release of hostages.

                                  “He went out of his way to meet families of the hostages in Israel. But he didn’t have time to meet any Palestinian families who also have their members in Israeli jails. Secondly, he did not mention the word ceasefire. He mentioned the word ‘humanitarian pauses’, repeating the UN terminology,” Siyam told Al Jazeera.

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                                    Israeli reprisals against Palestinian prisoners on the rise

                                    Since October 7, Israel has taken retaliatory measures against Palestinians in its prisons, including shutting down electricity inside cells from 6pm-6am and cancelling all lawyer and family visits, the Palestinian Authority commission for prisoners says.

                                    Prevented detainees from closing their cell windows despite the cold weather.
                                    Stopped all doctor checkups.
                                    Prevented 70 percent of sick detainees from taking their medicines on a daily basis.
                                    Decreased the amount of food available to prisoners.
                                    Stopped all yard time.
                                    Confiscated all electronics, bed linens and personal items from detainees.


                                    Is there no sanity left in Israel? How can they not see how fascist and racist-like they have become?

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                                      Could you imagine if muslims blew up synagogues after synagogues, just imagine the upoar but when Israel do it it is not even covered in the media!

                                      Video The Israeli war criminals laugh as they blow up a mosque in Gaza.

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                                        thx for all the info as always 😉

                                        * * *

                                        Anne Boyer, poetry editor with the NYT has resigned over the war (coverage) with a short letter:


                                        “I have resigned as poetry editor of The New York Times Magazine.

                                        The Israeli state’s U.S-backed war against the people of Gaza is not a war for anyone. There is no safety in it or from it, not for Israel, not for the United States or Europe, and especially not for the many Jewish people slandered by those who claim falsely to fight in their names. Its only profit is the deadly profit of oil interests and weapon manufacturers.

                                        The world, the future, our hearts—everything grows smaller and harder from from this war. It is not only a war of missiles and land invasions. It is an ongoing war against the people of Palestine, people who have resisted through decades of occupation, forced dislocation, deprivation, surveillance, siege, imprisonment, and torture.

                                        Because our status quo is self-expression, sometimes the most effective mode of protest for artists is to refuse.

                                        I can’t write about poetry amidst the “reasonable” tones of those who aim to acclimatize us to this unreasonable suffering. No more ghoulish euphemisms. No more verbally sanitized hellscapes. No more warmongering lies.

                                        If this resignation leaves a hole in the news the size of poetry, then that is the true shape of the present. — Anne Boyer “

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                                          Thank you for your links and reports from Germany!

                                          Some more links:

                                          Israeli general hope that palestinians will face a humanitarian crisis/epidemic in op-ed writen in israeli media:
                                          the op-ed was applauded by israeli finance minister Bezalel Smotrich

                                          WATCH: Israeli children sing, “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza, against a background of destruction on national broadcaster:

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                                            re: US media changing their positions on hospital bombing / deaths following US WH.

                                            This comes from Responsible Statecraft which makes it no avantgarde but the info is good still (see as well the hyperlinks).

                                            It quotes a survey according to which US/Western papers have changed their policy of reporting about Gaza after Oct. 17th Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital bombing.

                                            Before they e.g. mostly were writing “Palestinian” and trusted Palestinian Health Ministry numbers.
                                            After they mostly write “Hamas” and tend to mistrust the very same institutions denouncing them as “Hamas-led”.

                                            RS stated that this change is due to more aggressive US policy:

                                            “Media amplified US, Israeli narrative on Palestinian deaths
                                            Following senior officials’ lead, many prominent Western news outlets started linking Hamas to hospitals in Gaza.”


                                            “Biden jumped in a week later, stating that he “had no notion that the Palestinians are telling the truth about how many people are killed.” He also privately complained about the New York Times’ headlines on Al-Ahli during a meeting with Wall Street bankers, Semafor reported.

                                            “We all know that the Gazan ministry of health is just a front for Hamas. It’s run by Hamas, a terrorist organization,” U.S. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on October 26. “We can’t take anything coming out of Hamas, including the so-called ‘ministry of health,’ at face value.”

                                            The political pushback seems to have changed the overall tone of American news coverage. In the weeks after the Ahli attack, many English-language reporters appeared to hedge any Palestinian health ministry claims by noting Hamas’s alleged control of the ministry.”


                                            “CNN and BBC reporters both found that Israeli troops may have tampered with the evidence at Al-Shifa Hospital, a claim that Hagari denies.

                                            Two days after the raid, The Economist reported that “Israeli intelligence officials do not believe that Hamas currently has its main headquarters—to the extent that such a thing exists—below the hospital. These, they say, have probably moved to Khan Younis” south of Gaza City.

                                            Meanwhile, U.S. officials have come around to accepting that Palestinians were telling the truth about their deaths — and may have actually understated the numbers.

                                            “In this period of conflict and conditions of war, it is very difficult for any of us to assess what the rate of casualties are,” Barbara Leaf, assistant U.S. secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs, told Congress last week. “We think they’re very high, frankly, and it could be that they’re even higher than are being cited.”

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                                              Former prime minsiter of Israel Ehud Barak admit on CNN that Israel built a bunker under the Al-shifa hosptal decades ago when Israel occupied Gaza with troops,

                                              Now, why did Israel build a bunker under a hospital? Was that not illegal they said?

                                              In other news veteran israeli politician Danny Danon on BBC make the case of ethnic cleansing in the cynical way that the west should help the poor palestinians!

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                                                This re: Germany again:

                                                Not spectacular but to document a “normal” administrative legal case of a protest which was first prohibited by the city of Frankfurt and then the ban was lifted by the court – and then AGAIN the court CONFIRMED the ban!

                                                Translated from the German article in “Junge Welt”
                                                date Nov. 11th, on the occasion of Third Reich pogroms against Jews in 1938 – (commemorated annually in FRG):

                                                (p.s. for instance see the argumentation for banning: “one-sidedly focused on the suffering” of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip.” – apparently 10.000 dead by that date were “one-sided”. This is of course sick.)


                                                “Unwanted commemoration
                                                Frankfurt: City bans rally to commemorate Nazi pogrom with reference to applicant
                                                By Susann Witt-Stahl

                                                On Wednesday evening, the city of Frankfurt am Main banned a rally entitled “Never again fascism – keep the memory of the Reichspogromnacht alive. Fight anti-Semitism!” was banned. The fact that an anti-fascist commemorative event on November 9 was banned was a “precedent”, explained lawyer Arzu Kazak, who was representing the applicant. Not, however, the attempt by the Frankfurt authorities to restrict the expression of undesirable opinions by “undermining the Basic Law”.

                                                In the current case, the assembly authorities justify their interference with strictly protected basic rights with the political positions of the applicant. She had “appeared with pro-Palestinian or anti-Israeli themes” – at demonstrations that were “one-sidedly focused on the suffering” of the civilian population in the Gaza Strip. The police also cited a “suspicion” of “committed incitement to hatred”: the registrant is said to have accused Israel of “massive war crimes” and “incipient genocide” and referred to the Palestinians’ right to “armed resistance” against the illegal occupation, which is covered by international law.

                                                Because people from the recently banned organization Samidoun and other left-wing groups are also taking part and anti-Zionist messages could be sent out, the planned anti-fascist rally poses a “danger to the security/well-being of the population”, the 13-page order states.

                                                For lawyer Kazak, a ban based on such a “constructed image of danger”, which is attached to a person who cannot even be proven to have engaged in “criminally relevant behavior”, is “clearly unlawful”. The Higher Administrative Court shared this legal opinion and revoked the order on Thursday afternoon in summary proceedings. The commemorative event could go ahead – for the time being. In the evening, the Administrative Court overturned this decision without giving reasons – and the police broke up the gathering after around an hour.

                                                “Anti-fascist rallies are canceled if they do not include solidarity with the apartheid and occupying state of Israel,” criticizes the chairman of the organization Jewish Voice for Just Peace in the Middle East, Wieland Hoban, in an interview with jW. He is particularly appalled by the fact that Germany has chosen Gaza and the Arab world as the final repository for its historical guilt: “The anti-Semitic danger is primarily located among Muslims, while the AfD has been at over 20 percent for months and its agitation against migrants is opportunistically adopted by the centrist parties.”

                                                The applicant for the memorial rally, who has been active in anti-fascist groups since the 1980s and has organized blockades against marches by the NPD, “autonomous nationalists” and Pegida, has put her finger right in this open wound of regressive coming to terms with the past: “Today, the fascists are back on the doorstep of power,” the appeal reads. By suppressing public discussions, a “new interpretation of anti-Semitism” is being enforced, which distracts from the neo-fascist structures as the true originators, neutralizes the anti-fascist motives of its fight – and pursues anything but emancipatory purposes.

                                                “It’s about legitimizing wars externally and repression internally,” explains the applicant. The target of false accusations of anti-Semitism are increasingly “Jews who do not want to be identified with Zionism or Israel”.

                                                “We are tired of the Jewish history of persecution being misused to support a state that breaks international law on a daily basis and oppresses an entire people,” added Wieland Hoban for the Jewish Voice, whose members are subjected to harassment by the German police on a daily basis during their anti-war protests. The ban on the rally once again shows “that Germany has learned the wrong lessons from the Holocaust”.

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                                                  Despicable video but it also show the brazen racism of the zionists:

                                                  This is Stuart Seldowitz, who served as Deputy Director/Senior Political Officer in the US State Department’s Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs from 1999 to 2003. Sinister level of threats & racial & Islamophobic abuse.

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                                                    The sheer evilness by the US is really something.


                                                    Have you ever read such cynical, pathological calculation?
                                                    No wonder the US never protest the constant israeli killing of palestinian journalists.

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                                                    U Watt

                                                      Seldowitz went back to harrass on other occasions, Jack.

                                                      “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian kids, it wasn’t enough…”



                                                      Three times Seldowitz won the US State Department’s Superior Honour Award. He was later a foreign policy advisor to Obama.

                                                      He let the mask slip, but how many others at the top of US Government harbour these views in private?

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