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“They are the puppets of the Banksters, Financiers and Corporations and their lobbyists, of course.”

Of course. So why do these puppeteers want ethylmercury in vaccines? And why did the CDC stop administering it? And why do governments fund road safety campaigns, and enforce food regulations? Is the WHO more compromised than the CDC or vice versa? Who can we trust apart from your very good self and the US Christian Right websites that you, personally, endorse?

“Here is a balanced BMJ article (surely they are not sowing disinfo to question vaccines?)”

Er, it is not a BMJ article. If you bother to look, it is written not by the BMJ editorial board, nor by a doctor, scientist or professor, but by a “Father of vaccine damaged daughter” who apparently wishes to remain anonymous. Also it was published in 2004, yet this is the sort of thing you claim to be viciously suppressed.

All you are doing is cherry-picking (or more likely, parroting some Right-wing US website’s cherry-picking), and what you lack in reason you make up for in aggression. Please either cite your qualifications and experience in toxicology and physiology, or learn to recognise your own ignorance.