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Paul Barbara

@ Clark August 15, 2019 at 18:20
‘…Er, it is not a BMJ article. If you bother to look, it is written not by the BMJ editorial board, nor by a doctor, scientist or professor, but by a “Father of vaccine damaged daughter” who apparently wishes to remain anonymous…’
It is a BMJ article insofar as it appears in their journal, and it is not written by someone who ‘prefers to stay anonymous’ but by Alan Challoner MA (Phil) MChS (certainly sounds like some kind of doctor to me, but I cannot find the meaning of the post-nominal letters, other than they seem to refer to some kind of surgeon).
The ‘father of a brain damaged daughter’ is the reference No. 5, which the author refers to in part of his article.
And you still haven’t commented on the WHO statement that ethylmercury in vaccines is not a health hazard.
Re who is more corrupted, the CDC or the WHO, I suspect the CDC, but they are both corrupted, as are the OPCW and many UN ‘Peace Keeping’ Operations (Haiti; Balkans; Congo).