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“Not for those affected”</em

You have forgotten those affected by preventable illnesses. Again. Or do they not matter, because natural diseases are a Gift from God? Rubella <b>is</b> known to cause autism, but I suppose you might regard that as good, natural autism.

“Much easier to campaign for no mandatory vaccines, and proper vaccine testing and accountability from the Big Pharma Corporations”

Oddly enough, that’s exactly what Ben Goldacre does. His work forced a parliamentary review. And no, he doesn’t consider the matter closed by that, not by a long way.

It’s NOT what you are doing, no matter that you think it is. By spreading FUD and promoting propaganda (albeit contrarian propaganda), you are increasing the push towards mandatory vaccination.

Contrarian propaganda is just as bad as establishment propaganda. It’s like trying to fight for peace. There’s only one formula:

TRUTH, Justice, Peace.