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Paul Barbara

@ Clark September 9, 2019 at 16:50
‘…One unconfirmed story tells us nothing…’
But what I copied out was ‘…‘…I hear case after case of babies dying after vaccines and the parents supposedly falling prey to what the establishment terms “the coincidence dragon” (see slide from Smith 2013 PMID: 23654058)…’ (Dr. Suzanne Humphries)…’. We have a well respected medical doctor here, and she started out believing in vaccines, and giving them to her patients and there children. She realised the obvious truth, and although she doesn’t counsel people against vaccines, she does believe they need to know the truth about there dangers.
You seem to have no empathy for the baby or it’s parents.
‘ unconfirmed story…’ tells me plenty – a healthy 2-month old baby, parents who trusted the CDC and their guidelines, but unlike you, I or Goldacre, they didn’t know just how corrupt the CDC and others were.
Again, do you honestly believe it makes sense to give 8 vaccines in one session to a 2-month old baby?