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Thanks for stopping by, John. You reminded me of another today’s news. There’s a man from Norway, MP, who visited Crimea and Donbass for several times. He now publishes his book “Unsere Krim” in German, and waits for it to be translated into English.

He underlines exactly what you say – people in Britain have no understanding of what is going on in Ukraine. He says you’re shown the photos of terrorists detained with the commentary it is the russian police goes along the streets in the Crimea and seizes the Tatars. He says many people believe that Maidan took place in the Crimea 🙂

He begins with Kiev in 2013, and he says that the pre-history rests as far as 1997, referring to the “The Great Chessboard” book by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the US President’s advisor on National Security.

In a nutshell, that is what he says:
– Is it honest to say it is the first book about Crimea from a foreigner?
Hendrik Weber:
– In Europe there are books about Crimea, but their authors have never been on the peninsula, they have not seen anything with their own eyes, they have no connection with the politicians of Crimea, nor with public figures, they did not speak with people on the streets of Crimean cities. The preface to my book was written by Georgy Muradov, there is a speech by Yuri Hempel, there is an interview with Olga Timofeeva. So I give the stage to the people who have never been heard in the Western world, because their opinion is “under sanctions”.
– How objective is your view of Crimea, how do you yourself evaluate?
Hendrik Weber:
– Oh, I’m already looking forward to talking about the fact that Vladimir Putin personally paid for the publication of this book!

I link the russian source