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“Disinformation for Hire” by Jeff John Roberts, published in the ‘Fortune’ September 30, 2019
article summary:

– a cyber-security company in Massachusetts called Recorded Future created a fake U.K. company
– then it hired two Russian PR firms to wage information warfare on the company’s behalf
– the range of services offered by the Russian PR firms is startling
– the price to plant news articles in English-language media outlets includes
Reuters: $8,360
Wallpaper*: $8,404
Mashable: $13,370
Financial Times: $49,440
– Recorded Future hides the identity of its analysts who engaged the Russian firms
– director of analysts at Recorded Future is Roman Sannikov
for more detail please read the source

And, here is the article by Vladimir Kornilov analyzing the Fortune’s news:
in russian

– investigators do not name either the fake UK company they created, nor the companies they hired (to “protect their sources”) So, it’s impossible to check the story.
Roman Sannikov‘s company has been providing Russian-English translation services in the US
– he himself claims that he worked as a translator at the FBI for 20 years
– he says he worked at CrowdStrike from January 2014 to September 2016 (it was CrowdStrike who accused russians of hacking DNC server)
– he was a translator for some dignitaries, including former FBI director Robert Muller