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I’ve tried reading Piers Corbyn’s site and it’s a mess. There are all sorts of claims, each superficially plausible, but they’re entirely disjointed with nothing remotely approaching an integrated theory of climate.

Piers Corbyn’s site is basically an advertisement for his commercial activities, which is selling weather forecasts to a niche market; the few companies controlled by those who suspect some international science conspiracy. He has a tiny market share, most turn to the various national weather bureaux, but it’s enough to secure a hansom income from his one-man operation.

Crucially, he refuses to disclose either his theories or his methods. Until he publishes in the scientific literature, where his claims can be subjected to scrutiny and challenge, including that of other experts in the field, he isn’t doing science. And I apply exactly the same criteria to pharmaceutical companies etc. Such hidden stuff is more occult than science, because that’s the meaning of the word “occult” – it just means “hidden”.