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Yes, its basics, not rocket science, as is the role of controls in any expt. The environmental controls were taken, assayed but then ignored by the OPCW politicos. How much chlorine (Free and Bound) is in drinking water? Ans – a similar level to that found in Douma chlorine attack samples.
The fact that OPCW data can be twisted and exaggerated this way is a god damn disgrace. This is how Science has been co-opted and distorted by people like, Bush and Bolton, and those that ¨lead¨ the OPCW into the dark side. Of course it helps the conscience when you are too uneducated to know basic GCSE physics or chemistry. The truth is what we say it is, said Dick Chaney.
I am now extremely suspicious of the role of OPCW in Skripal . Whereas before I didnt think that scientist with integrity could corrupt the OPCW process (Cognative Dissonance on my part) now I don´t believe that the psychotropic drug BZ (1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]octan-3-yl hydroxy(diphenyl)acetate), leaked to have been found in the Skripal samples, and confirmed as present in the Skripal samples was a lab performance control.

If you wanted to test your client laboratories capabilities, I am interested in ur opinion would you spike your precious target samples? What if that control chemical had some reaction with what you were trying to detect? What if the control spike WAS the same or similar as what you are trying to detect?

If the Skripals had in fact been exposed to BZ on that Sunday at the bench, that would much better explain: Delayed effects. The actual symptoms reported by bystanders. The fact that they both walked out of their hospitals within days to weeks (Before disappearing into some black detention site). The fact that a consultant at their hospital wrote a letter to The Times stating that no-one, NO-ONE who had been admitted, had been exposed to any nerve agent. He was also, quickly disappeared from sight but his letter was still on-line. BZ attack is also supported by the fact that full chemical weapon precautions were not taken in the hospital for all visitors etc.

Regarding the Novichok, the OPCW samples were also said to have results which were unusually pure and un-broken down considering they were weeks old. That was touted to the masses as further proof of the seriousness of the attack rather than the more obvious conclusion that this would be consistent with having been added post being drawn by the Phlebotomist within days of being tested.