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Paul Barbara

@ SA December 24, 2019 at 15:28
‘There is evidence to suggest that it’s educated people who are leading this movement.
“As I like to say, educated enough to do a Google search, not quite educated enough to know what the hell they’re Googling.”
That is a ridiculous as a response, as the twerp knows damn well that many of the people who are ranged against his ideas are doctors and nurses.
Pity you didn’t highlight the exchange immediately following that:
‘…What’s driving it?’
‘That’s the most important question, and it’s one I can’t answer. There’s a lot of money behind this. Who’s paying for all this? It takes a lot of money to make PACs effective and put up all these anti-vaccine legislators…’
Again, rather a case of ‘people living in glass houses’. I could assure the poor befuddled (or bribed?) ‘doctor’ that far more money is pushing the mega-vax line than is available to fight it – this is incontrovertible:
Handful of Oligarchs Control Entire Collapsing US Health System
Above I gave links to polio being spread by vaccines in Africa; here is a case of whooping cough (there were many) spread in the States among vaccinated kids:
‘Children affected by Massachusetts whooping cough outbreak were all vaccinated’: