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Its an elementary scam. Carbon dioxide makes up 0.04% of atmosphere = 400 parts per 1,000,000 and the man made carbon dioxide is about 4% of the 0.04% or 16 parts per 1,000,000 and easily eclipsed by natural variations in carbon dioxide.

Other carbon dioxide is trapped in greenery/plant life, but most is trapped in the oceans that cover about 70% of the planet. As explained by Rhys Jagger when temperatures rise due to the Sun the oceans release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and when temperature cools is falls back into the oceans, with the rest taken in and then released by plant life.

And now scientists are forecasting a colder period due to another downturn in the Sun, ironically making man made climate change even if true. However what this and any other forecast requires is man made changes/infrastructure to cope with changes in climate (rather than futile/religious attempts to halt change) which is how mankind has progressed throughout the ages.

The crazy emission reduction targets make no sense and are anti-life, except they are not intended to be met, the ‘excess’ emissions are intended to be taxed under “carbon trading” legislation and is designed to direct funding to the rich 1% at the expense of the poor everywhere.