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For me the most suspicious part of the puzzle is the lack of surveillance of Skripal house. UK government placed over half a million cameras in London, on every street corner, everywhere, but did they forgot to put a camera next to Skrypal home entrance ? Even if they did, if I was in his place, I would do it on my own. So I don’t belie that there was no video-surveillance, just that they can’t release it, because it would shown that the alleged :”Russian agents” never approached the house to put the poison on door handle.
Another story how such poison could start acting after several hours, but exactly in the same time in both of them?
How both get in contact with poison on handle? Could both touch the handle when going out and closing door? Does not make sense.
It was a set-up to frame Russia, but by whom? Israel, Ukraine, UK?
Timing (two weeks ahead of Russian presidential elections, 3 month before World Cup) would suggest that someone who orchestrated this wanted to harm Putin / Russia. Israel motive – Russia military support for Assad in Syria. Ukraine motive – Russia support for rebels in Donbas. UK/USA – maybe they have discovered a network of Russian diplomat-spies but could not present any evidence and just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible and needed a motive for expulsion.

Julia suicide theory not impossible, but not very appealing for me. Why do it in public?