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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Thanks for this Mod B, I was starting to wonder if our thread was becoming too lengthy for more additions. There was a useful notation some time ago, suggesting the imbedding of links, that hinted at the overall length of the thread and I have followed that advice ever since. The advice on imbedding links might be worth adding to the top of the discussion forum for all to see and take note of.

I feel passionate about continuing the Elections Aftermath thread and think it is worth taking your advice to start into Elections Aftermath 2. Unfortunately, the very nature of the input, as we gather persuasive evidence to proceed, requires links so we may need to create more space. After the seeming finality of Brexit day I feel that a sense of complacent resignation is setting in throughout the country. This is so dangerous when all the indicators point to establishing a dictatorship in the UK.

My Petition is languishing in obscurity and not being seen by those who might wish to sign it; one more reason I feel compelled to keep the Elections Aftermath thread active. The importance of a nationwide investigation is to expose the serious flaws inherent in the system that present an open invitation to vote rigging even if it was not a relevant factor in this election. I believe that it was and that it also corrupted previous votes including both the EU and Scottish Referendum.

Craig talks with passion about the need for IndiRef2 and I would never question the right of the Scots to determine their own future in a free and fair referendum vote. However, there is strong evidence that the last Scottish Referendum marked the beginning of manipulation of the outsourced postal votes to rig the result. If the IndiRef2 vote is rigged to favour the Tory agenda it would destine the people of Scotland to anther two decades of subservience to Westminster with global support behind the UK government to impose it.

The corruption in our electoral system has expanded its control of the Main Stream Media and increasing its stranglehold on the BBC to provide cover for rigged votes. The “Push Poles” are also under Tory control and we are rapidly losing our democracy. The situation could get a lot worse if Boris was to adopt the easily hackable electronic voting machines used to rig elections in the US. I wish Craig would recognize this very real danger to give this subject the scrutiny it deserves by writing a new post focused on the dire need to secure our electoral system before it is too late.

I want to use the picture on my petition as a link and post it in a new thread, but I do not know how to do this. A few people have posted pictures within our thread, but no idea how they accomplished that task. I will prepare to begin a new thread to continue Elections Aftermath; can you advise on the picture issue. Many thanks for your help, Kim.