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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Cimarrón – Thanks for posting this link, it made for a very alarming read. American Kate Andrews is one of the most visible proponents of the far right agenda of the innocuous sounding “Tax Payer’s Alliance” exploiting her repeated invitations to tout her poison on the BBC. Even when she openly criticized the viability of our NHS in its current format, free at the point of need, her blatant privatization pitch went unchallenged. TPA doesn’t support tax payers it advocates for those who avoid tax; it would be more aptly named the “Tax Dodgers Alliance!” The BBC is helping to soften up the public for universal acceptance of perpetual austerity and a privatized NHS.

There is a lot of seriously scary information being uncovered here, but as more of the totalitarian agenda for the UK is disguised by Boris’s “Levelling Up” lies, no one is fighting back. When Boris led his new cabinet in chanting his fake promises, “40 new Hospitals… etc” he was really playing to a dumb and docile sector of the electorate. To ram his agenda through our parliament required a sizable Tory majority; the “landslide” victory delivered by vote rigging on an industrial scale.

With more widespread public awareness to cause a significant outcry demanding an investigation and Petition Challenge to the 2019 vote we can extricate this toxic regime before it is too late. Why is the complacent acceptance of this rapidly deteriorating situation so pervasive? It has never been more important to get the word out and insure that the public is fully informed; social media can make this happen, but the process so far has been slow and apathetic.

I created the Hashtags #TORYRIG2019 and #TORYWARPED2019 to help disseminate the truth about the rigged election and EU Referendum vote. What is WARPED: Withdrawal Against the Rights of People’s Electoral Decision! Credible evidence supporting the rigging of Vote Leave on behalf of foreign interests is mounting every day; it was turbo charged by the massive data dumps from Brittany Kaiser just after the New Year. We know that driven by dangerous men like Bannon and Mercer, funded by the US and other foreign powers manipulating the vote, Brexit was rigged.

Now the principal manipulator at Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, is dictating the organization and policy of this rabid Tory Government that he manoeuvred into place through his toxic propaganda in a rigged election! The Treasury is now under the control of Number Ten removing another vital check on power. The hard right have installed a compliant Attorney General to neuter the Judiciary. All those Tory MPs who might have resisted a No Deal Brexit have now been extricated from the new Tory cabinet in preparation for us to crash out of the EU in a way that no one in the UK voted for. This ruthless reshuffle was extremely alarming; why so little resistance from progressive MPs, commentators and the public? How much worse does it have to get before we resist the regression to dictatorship?

A window of opportunity exists during the transition period, where there will be few material changes. There still remains a possibility that the EU could vote to annul the undemocratic decision that was forced on a large group of its EU Citizens against their will using a foreign influenced rigged vote: the EU could declare that the Article 50 letter sent by Theresa May was invalid. This does not necessarily mean that the UK would definitively vote to remain in a properly monitored confirmatory vote, but it does offer a properly informed choice free of interference. This decision would be a logical offer of EU cooperation during the political turmoil of a delegitimized government’s corrective removal from office.

The UK has a unique opportunity to become the leading force in overturning the corrupt rigging of elections globally and it could not possibly come at a more important time, right before the US Presidential Election. If we demonstrate the moral courage to fully expose the truth and take appropriate corrective action here in the UK, all of the toxic connections with the far right in the US will be equally exposed at the same time, because this is all interconnected. The corrupt elections in a number of foreign countries that have already been exposed in the Brittany Kruger data dump have the power to destroy the credibility of authoritarian despots including the one determined to decimate the Brazilian rain forest!

By delegitimizing the fake Tory landslide victory and ousting Boris Johnson and his team from power we set a vital example to the world, but we cannot achieve this crucial goal of exposing the truth while the general public remains locked in a state of perpetual complacent apathy. There are numerous people out there with far stronger social media connections than I have, that could do their bit to publicize this important cause on various platforms and persuade a professional investigative journalist to work on this. My Petition focuses on the urgent need to secure UK elections by exposing the well recognized flaws in our Electoral System; this is only possible with a thorough nationwide investigation of the 2019 Election vote. Please read, sign, share and Link to the Petition: