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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Where there warning signs about Funding, Fake News and Data Manipulation that we all missed as far back as 2018?
According to a July 2018 analysis in the Canary: “An £8.4m donation to the Leave campaign may have changed UK history.” This Canary Article revealed that: “On 29 July, a report [pdf] entitled Disinformation and ‘fake news’ emerged following a cross-party parliamentary inquiry. It examines “issues concerning the very future of democracy” in the UK following the EU referendum. Its findings are damning.” An additional revelation on page 51 of the report stated that: “…a Leave group received the ‘largest donation to a political campaign in British history’.” Our future misery was bought and paid for by the wealthiest billionaires in our country. The Interim Report cited by the Canary and the Final Report on “Disinformation and Fake News” go to the Parliament UK Website.

Within the article is a deeply disturbing quote from Arron Banks that exposes the deliberate and wickedly deceptive way he had endorsed the gross manipulation of unsuspecting UK voters with Leave.EU’s Social Media campaign he described as: “a firestorm that, just like a bush fire, it blows over the thing. Our skill was creating bush fires and then putting a big fan on and making the fan blow. […] the immigration issue was the one that set the wild fires burning.” This unrelenting firestorm of sickening online bile was further reinforced by the now infamous ‘Breaking Point’ posters that were reported to police as a “blatant attempt to incite racial hatred.”

Also in the report and highlighted by the Canary was the alarming fact that Andy Wigmore, Leave.EU’s director of communications, was reportedly recorded discussing: “the power of using emotion, rather than facts, which ‘created a wave of hatred and racism and all this right movement, empowering all those things’.” How much further to the far right do we want to lurch under this dubiously elected Tory Government that has ensconced all of the most extreme Brexiteers in a position of untrammelled power? According to the report Wigmore also referenced the “Nazis’ propaganda strategy.”

Shockingly, back at the time of that July 2018 Report the UK Electoral Commission admitted that: “Only the company and campaigner know why a voter was targeted and how much was spent on a particular campaign.” It is now well past time for us to demand that our government must fully empower our Electoral Commission to reign in this abuse: time to “Rescue our Watchdog!” But three and a half years on the rigged 2019 General Election has unwittingly facilitated driving the UK further towards the Brexit precipice.

From the Canary article sighting the report we learned that it was in a document from Cambridge Analytica’s presentation pitch to Leave.EU where they stated that “We will co-ordinate a programme of targeted solicitation, using digital advertising and other media as appropriate to raise funds for Leave.EU in the UK, the USA, and in other countries.” Any such solicitation of overseas funding is a direct violation of UK Electoral Law; this is freely admitted to in writing. Why was this fraudulent manipulation and access to illegal funding for targeted subversive campaigning not enough to delegitimize the Brexit vote?

Although ultra far right American Steve Bannon “introduced Cambridge Analytica to Arron Banks and to Leave.EU,” following the Brexit success, more recently he has been in communication with Boris Johnson whose lies helped propel the Leave campaign to victory. Page 38 of the report explicitly connects Cambridge Analytica and AggrigateIQ, the company Dominic Cummings relied on for exactly the same harvested data to target voters with dark subversive messaging and blatant lies. This despicable unelected master puppeteer has now been rewarded with the supreme advisory role at number 10 in a crucial position to manipulate the policies of Boris Johnson as he consolidates his dictatorship of our failing state.
Back in 2018 this crucial report picked up by the Canary outlined allegations of data harvesting exposing the data misuse facilitated by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s arrogant refusal to testify as he seeks to continue hiding the full extent of Facebook’s disgraceful illegal data mining and vile dissemination of corrosive false advertising defies justice. Three and a half years on, while we still do not even know the source of Arron Banks’s massive donation to Leave.EU, while our Electoral Commission remained too powerless and enfeebled to protect our democracy, we were coaxed into a mid-winter snap election from the same team that lied and cheated to force Brexit on the UK.

Now after more lying and cheating under the banner of “Get Brexit Done” we will be forced to crash out of the EU; this is not “The Will of the People” it is “The Will of the Sheeple!” Beyond the disastrous timing there are powerful indications that multiple aspects of that pre Christmas Election were manipulated and rigged to guarantee that Boris Johnson could consolidate his total stranglehold on exclusive power.

What can enlightened people do now? Restoring security and integrity to the UK Electoral Process, through investigating this criminal activity after parliament votes to authorize increasing the remit and powers of the UK Electoral Commission: does that vital imperative matter to you? This worthy goal is precisely the cut and thrust of the Petition I created that is hosted on Avaaz. If you have yet to review the Petition, please read, sign, share and Link to it here: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.