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Kim Sanders-Fisher

In a new document setting out the government’s stance for Brexit negotiations our worst fears over the strong potential “No Deal” scenario for crashing out of the EU will be realized. The PM made it clear that he is ready to walk away, jettisoning EU trade negotiations in June to focus on last ditch preparations for the “Titanic” successful culmination of Boris Johnson’s deceitful betrayal of the British public. Lying and scheming to engineer a crash-out right from the start, with no intention of securing a deal, Boris will justify this capitulation by deploying more of his trademark callous spin; he will blame the EU for not grovelling to offer exclusive privileges to our fading, shrinking, once great nation by his deadline for “sufficient progress.”

In his statement to the Commons Michael Gove said: “We want the best possible trading relationship with the EU, but in pursuit of a deal we will not trade away our sovereignty.” In reality who have the British public lost that precious sovereignty to now? In the EU Referendum we were far too trusting and easily tricked into voting for Brexit, but by accepting the 2019 rigged Election result as totally legitimate we will be forced to abandon all of the protections of EU Law for the Wild West of Dominic Cummings dictated Kleptocracy delivered by his puppet, our current narcissistic PM Boris Johnson.

Dominic churns out the catchy sound bites and Boris dutifully spouts them amid a barrage of meaningless contradicting waffle and the odd Latin phrase just to remind the plebs of his superior education. The deception of words used to fool the public and distract from a far more insidious agenda is sickening. The US perfected this sham by deviously renaming their deadly MX warheads: “Peacekeepers!” With Boris “Borrowed Votes” replace the dire reality of Stolen Votes, just as Johnson’s idea of “Levelling Up” will represent the diametric opposite: “Trampling Down” as the most vulnerable and deprived feel the crush of a “Boris Boot” stomping on their neck! We must block out the propaganda and spin of Boris Bull Shit or is it time to let him own BS as: “Boris Shit!”

We need to redraft the narrative to expose the “Boris Shit” for what it is, really serious shit; not “Get Brexit Done” but the harsh reality of “GET BREXIT DUNG!” Johnson has already demonstrated to the EU that he cannot be trusted in negotiations as he has already reneged on assurances he put in writing in the agreement he signed before the election. I am sure the EU have legitimate concerns over a Tory race to the bottom as we ditch the rights and standards of protective “Red Tape” to become an unfair competitor on the edge of Europe. But, while Boris Johnson has sped up the timetable for driving home his wretched sales pitch for his no deal Titanic disaster, we will still have the EU legal protection of the transition period for a few more months until December.

What would happen if growing concern throughout the entire country calling for an investigation started to damage the legitimacy of the Tory Government? What if this receptive environment was enough to provide the courage for a Whistleblower to come forward with crucial evidence? What if there was no way for Boris Johnson to stop a full investigation from exposing the truth? If widespread corruption was responsible for providing that “landslide” Tory victory, the Election result would be invalidated and that victory would rightfully be overturned. This might very well jeopardise the legitimacy of previous votes including the vote for Brexit that has already been very significantly discredited.

How would the EU react to the overthrow of this Tory Government, a Government so hostile to the EU and so determined to create a situation that would severely disadvantage their future trading? It is important to also realize that the EU has a responsibility towards not only the British citizens living here, with a large proportion still opposed to Brexit, but EU citizens living in the UK and our expats living on the continent. I doubt the EU would vote to support and continue dealing with a corrupt Government who took power through fraudulent practices; there would be no legitimacy to their rule and no obligation to uphold any of their decisions.

If the vote right after the New Year, taken by a distorted majority of Tories who possibly had no right to vote, and the subsequent Brexit deadline reached in January are both open to dispute then I believe that, in fairness to the affected citizens whose rights were violated, the Brexit process would be put on hold? The UK would need an interim government in place pending yet another General Election under stricter monitoring conditions that could be fully trusted by all concerned. After the deception is exposed the rerun might produce a very different result and the EU might also agree to abide by the decision of a second referendum.

A critical report into foreign interference in UK Elections should have been released before the election, but it remains under wraps; what are the Tories so worried about? Their insecurity is demonstrated in their gush to reinforce the incredulous win with a new Tory Party Political Broadcast right after allegedly winning the election. Who authorized that and why? Are the Tories desperately trying to build support from those who failed to realize that their votes were stolen? Are the Tories trying to build enough resistance to weather the onslaught of public criticism ahead when the Boris Shit ceases to convince the masses?

The massive data dump of Brittany Kaiser has revealed that Cambridge Analytica were able to use their PsyOps techniques to corrupt Elections all over the world. Just one of the places mentioned was Brazil, where Bolsonaro was swept into power, but look what his corrupt regime has done to decimate the rain forest! Think about the extreme harm Trump could inflict on the American people, the environment and innocent civilians in the countries the US chooses to target. Do you want this corruption to spread?

Could the UK set an impressive global example of principled practice by recognizing the rights of ordinary citizens, protecting the democratic process, respecting the law to restore justice and equality? Yes, the “Mother of all Parliaments” can and should set an example for other countries to emulate. Time to “Draw a Line in the Sand” under the White Cliffs of Dover where our courageous airmen fought the Battle of Britain; we must fight another Battle for Britain to restore justice, humanity and democracy before this brief opportunity is lost to decades of suffering, exploitation and persecution under a corrupt Tory Government. Please read, sign, share and Link to this Petition: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION.