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Kim Sanders-Fisher

IS THIS “JUDICIAL CAKEISM?” Quoting Craig Murray’s post on Day 4 of the Julian Assange Extradition Hearing:
“Fitzgerald replied that the entire extradition request is on the basis of the treaty. It is an abuse of process for the authorities to rely on the treaty for the application but then to claim that its provisions do not apply.” This pertained to the protection of Political Prisoners from Extradition under the treaty and the ludicrous claim that this did not apply under UK Law.
Fitzgerald had stated: “On the face of it, it is a very bizarre argument that a treaty which gives rise to the extradition, on which the extradition is founded, can be disregarded in its provisions. It is on the face of it absurd.”

In my own comment I was forced to conclude that: “This is nothing short of “Judicial Cakeism:” We will take the part that allows us to proceed with an Extradition Hearing in accordance with the treaty we signed, but we want to exclude the bit we don’t like in the absurd pretence that UK Law will supersede the provisions of that same treaty in this particular instance.”

However, we cannot afford to myopically focus on just the Julian Assange Extradition Hearing or even exclusively bemoan the wider ramifications of this injustice with regard to gagging the press and the extraordinary efforts to curtail free speech both here and abroad. The disgraceful way in which this trial is being manipulated is emblematic of an emerging dictatorship. Beyond control over the Judicial process and stifling the media this hearing represents several of the classic regression towards full dictatorship: the inhumane and unjust treatment of Assange, both in jail and in court, is an abomination of the UK respect for Human Rights.

We cannot ignore the big picture: that a progressive Government, representing the majority of British citizens, would have blocked this US extradition, ending the incarceration of the UK’s most controversial political prisoner to offer him refuge and support. As I wrote in a reply to Giyane’s comment to Craig’s Day 4 Post:

“There will be no end to this insanity without the removal of the corrupt Tory Government who rigged the 2019 Election to seize absolute control in order to perpetuate the gross injustices of endless UK/US war crimes inflicted upon the innocent throughout the world. I fear there is little hope of preventing this extradition that will become the gateway to a massive extension of the grotesque abuses of power perpetrated by the US Government. The Tory manifesto pledged to abolish Judicial Review, but also to introduce greater Government control over Judges, possibly making the most influential Judges subject to political appointment.

This freight train of injustice has barely left the station, but the Tory agenda could be derailed if the legitimacy of the 2019 Election result was challenged and investigated. Unfortunately, the US Presidential Elections pose an even greater threat regarding the subjugation and elimination of democracy, especially in places where easily hackable Electronic Voting Machines have been introduced to facilitate ongoing corruption and Electoral Fraud. The last gasp of UK democracy was stifled in 2019; the Tories will embrace the enabling technology of voting machines in a heartbeat. We can set a groundbreaking example here in the UK by becoming the first major Western Democracy to overturn a rigged Election.”

My post in response to the Day 4 Post will likely get lost in the blizzard of replies, but it is testament to the huge support that Craig Murray commands that so many are paying attention to his sterling efforts to speak truth to power by commented and offering financial support just as I felt compelled to contribute the other day. In my comment I included a link to this Forum with a brief explanation of our objectives: “a strategy for challenging the stolen vote.”

I flagged up my earlier Forum Post #50261 that lists the Nine Petitions including the one I created calling for an Investigation: 2019 TORY LANDSLIDE VICTORY DEMANDS URGENT NATIONWIDE INVESTIGATION. I also posted the Link to the Blog site “The Daily GasLamp” saying that it: “offers a further trove of evidence regarding the ongoing PsyOps manipulation of a growing number of Elections worldwide and the extreme danger this poses.” Anyone who is not convince that fraud occurred during the last Election should consider the growing body of evidence supporting this allegation both on the GasLamp, on the original Elections Aftermath Forum, here and elsewhere. If you are already convinced please don’t procrastinate, take action.

I concluded by saying that: “While the injustice of this trial must be strenuously opposed, we cannot ignore the rigged election process that installed the corrupt Government that is enabling and facilitating this landmark abuse of power. We can and we must fight back. If we do nothing the UK will descend into an authoritarian dictatorship and it will take decades to remove the offending despot from power. Atrocities like the persecution of innocent journalists will become commonplace just as it has in other European countries that pretend to respect democracy. We must demand the investigation required to restore UK democracy before it is too late.”

Endless foreign engagements in support of the US, atrocities like selling arms to foreign despots and the persecution of innocent Journalist and Political Prisoner Julian Assange who now faces extradition, torture and death in the US, will not end unless we remove this toxic Tory Government from power. If you have not done so already please sign the Petition to Free Julian Assange.