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michael norton

So when the war in Syria finally comes to a conclusion.
What will be the conclusion the U.k. government come to, when it becomes glarinly obvious that this so called civil war was in essence done by people who are not Syrians.
When the go through those left alive in North West Syria to find out if they are Syriuan or if they are
Turkish, Chinese, Russian, ex-soviet Russian, Iranian, Iraqi, Jordanian, Israeli, Saudi, Egyptian, French, British, Belgian and so on.
What if 3/4 of the so called opposition are from other lands?
How will that stack up as a Syrian “Civil” War?
How will we answer the world condemnation for the terror we have jointly caused in Syria.
The deaths?
The devastation?
The mutilations?
The Economic warfare, goes on till this day.
But the worst criminal regimes have been Israel & Turkey.