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J, good on you for reading the report, but I’m surprised you can look at the plans without going ‘urgh’. No, I’m not an architect, I’d be a repair and maintenance engineer under better economic circumstances; I have forty years experience with failures and bad design, and WTC7’s plans look pretty chaotic to me – why the wildly varying loads on vertical columns? Why is column 79 way out there on its own, and why place so much load on it compared with all the others? It’s nearly always best to distribute loads evenly.

I don’t remember accusing you of anti-Semitism, but you might have got caught in the crossfire with some other commenter. I joined the Labour Party specifically to support Jeremy Corbyn, my membership number is L1606883, and I regard the accusations against him of anti-Semitism as groundless propaganda.

I was appalled when I finally admitted to myself the anti-Semitism pervading the so-called 9/11 Truth Movement. I got very angry when one Truther, a commenter at this site, jeopardised Craig’s defence against libel by turning up at the Royal Courts and, despite my desperate pleas, repeatedly tried to argue with me that 9/11 was an Israeli operation, right there in the corridor with the prosecution team within earshot. After the case, this commenter literally asked me if I was Jewish. I’m pretty sure that was the day I lost all patience with conspiracy theorists. Frequent outbursts against me haven’t helped either, such as that I “have blood on my hands” (over the Iraq war, apparently) or that I “should be taken out and shot” (for guestimating the natural collapse acceleration of the Twin Towers); some of these can be found on the 9/11 Post and the first UAF thread, though some were deleted by moderators under the “play the ball not the man” rule.

My evidence for demolition of WTC7 is the symmetry of its collapse, and FEMA’s report of inter-crystalline corrosion and partial evaporation of steel debris. My evidence for emergency demolition is mostly human rather than physical:

* Silverstein’s “pull it” interview,
* A news story of Silverstein desperately making ‘phone calls to arrange a demolition,
* Firefighters on video moving people away from WTC7 saying it’s about to “blow up”,
* Multiple firefighters saying that WTC7 would either fall down, or would be taken down,
* News crews and spectators seem to have been told to watch WTC7 because it would collapse,
* John Kerry said he thought so,

One non-human point:

* The necessity of removing this unstable burning building to prevent proliferation of destruction and fire; WTC7 couldn’t be permitted to topple randomly because it had other tall buildings in all directions but south, which was a rescue and recovery zone.

My precedent for emergency demolition is military demolition, performed in hours, behind enemy lines. You won’t find any civilian ‘implosion’ of a building the size of WTC7, I think the record is about 30 storeys. Can it be done fast? Listen to Danny Jowenko (link), deceased Dutch demolition designer. He says that each demolition charge can be placed in minutes, and that the weeks or months of preparation are to strip the building of all hazardous materials including asbestos, arrange inspections so as to obtain a certificate, and then obtain a demolition license from the local authority.

I’d have thought New York would have been an ideal place to assemble a suitable demolition team; there’s a lot of crossover between demolition teams and military explosive handlers, and between firefighters and military lower ranks. There’s a huge naval base, and a massive population. There seem to be several demolition companies in New York.

I do have theories about Bobby McIlvaine and William Rodriguez, but can we stick to WTC7? Your own comment is over five feet long on my screen, and this reply is getting unwieldy.