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Kim Sanders-Fisher

J – There are people out there still collecting and tabulating the data and I feel the need to encourage them not to give up or become distracted by the Covid 19 crisis. I keep reminding people that disastrous mismanagement of the Covid 19 and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election are inextricably linked because we will not get appropriate attention paid to prioritizing patients, the NHS and vulnerable people until we remove this sham Tory Government from office. If the Tories successfully bury the Covert 2019 Rigged Election fraud then they will continue to manipulate the Covid 19 crisis to achieve their shocking agenda that will include a Holocaust of those in Care.

What we really need most is to bring a professional Investigative Journalist onboard to sift through the data that has been compiled and chase down leads. I have contacted a number of journalists who might potentially be interested in getting involved, but it is a tough ask during a time of national crisis. It is important to elaborate on the impact exposing the Covert 2019 Rigged Election fraud would have on how the Covid 19 crisis could be managed with a progressive Government in place. While other people contacting them over the same issue will help to persuade them so will keeping this discussion alive at a time when many people are worried about their own basic survival.

There is also the potential that there might be one or more crucial Whistleblowers out there who could come forward with game-changing information. As a former Whistleblower I understand only too well the impediments to uncovering the truth and speaking out publically. Whistleblowers often feel very much alone and isolated in their quest to reveal the truth feeling that they will not be believed. That is one of the most effective weapons that is used to silence Whistleblowers and it is a hard barrier to overcome knowing you will be ridiculed, vilified and torn apart by powerful special interests trying to silence them. A major reason to keep this Forum going is to offer refuge and support to anyone who finds the courage to come forward and supply crucial information as a Whistleblower.

The other component that might move this in a forward direction is a huge spike in publicity surrounding the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but this will only happen if there are places like this Forum and the Daily GasLamp Blog putting the word out there. This issue needs to get picked up by the Twitter icon who posts as Rachael_Swindon or another highly read, noticeable figure. You might be able to help by pointing such people to this Forum. I have also sent an email to the “Led by Donkeys” team in the hope that they might take up the cause. When they started with their poster campaign most of the UK had been bullied into silence with that fake “Will of the People” BS, but they really turned things around.

In the coming weeks the faults and failings of this self-interest motivated band of incompetents running the country will start to cost thousands of lives. The Tory “Final Solution” for Care of our elderly relatives through deliberately allowing Covid 19 to spread unchecked is sickening enough, but when loyal NHS staff start dying because they were sent to the frontline like cannon fodder without proper PPE kit there will be outrage. The press are starting to become more critical with less pandering to the Tories and ordinary people all over the UK will soon be clamouring for ways to get these selfish brutes removed from office ASAP; do not give up, there is a way: Covert 2019 Rigged Election!