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[ Mod: You have little to gain by taunting an opponent (or at least someone you construe as an opponent); it only invites bickering.

In any case, Clark has been arguing for emergency demolition for years. Check his posts on the topic elsewhere in the discussion forum. ]

Where does one begin with the mess Clark has served up for us?

The former Tinfoil Bonnet Finder General has finally come to acknowledge what must be acknowledged, WTC7 was demolished. It’s been scientifically proved and rather comprehensively so.

Now the argument must fall back to this: “Well of course those good murderers of the American state must be acting in good faith. Iraq? Chirac! It must have been rigged in super quick time, just a few hours. Super life saving job!”

Of course! How could Clark be wrong again?

The buildings must have been magically rigged for demolition in an hour or two. Look, see, one of the earliest demolition experts to be interviewed about the footage of WTC7 appears to have said so when he was first ambushed by the spectacle, especially if we squint at him sideways.

Poor Danny Jowenko. He who, once he realised the truth in those initial moments of shock, simply couldn’t accept it. Danny looked for the only explanation available to his world view at the time. The same explanation Clark has just recently found. Danny didn’t hold onto this next level of denial, he jettisoned it. As an expert he had to let it go.

Unfortunately, a few years later, poor Danny Jowenko ran his car into a tree on a straight road with few trees. Accident? Remorse? Murder? Best not listen to anything he said later on, lest we become confused.

Clark shows us his videos of the collapse. Look, look! It happened in a more leisurely fashion, this bit fell off first, the rest only appears to fall off at free fall.

So let us ask Clark to remark on a particular something in all of those videos he’s seen, something too small to see, and even when one sees it, one doesn’t know quite know what it portends. But let’s compare those videos with this clip, from time 00:48. It might dispel the fog:

After viewing, it will not be lost on Clark that all of the videos he’s seen until this one are sans audio, and in all of them without exception, until this clip, the flashes of demolition charges going off have been digitally edited out with little blobs of static the same tone as the building facade so we don’t notice anything missing.

Think about that. A successful concealment of the totally innocent fact of demolition across the worlds media. the demolition of a building nobody in officialdom has ever admited was demolished. A building that would never have collapsed on its own and like almost every other steel frame building that ever burned was perfectly capable of being repaired and returned to use. Yet for some reason it was demolished. And for some reason this life saving, unnecessary demolition has always been denied. And somehow this demolition was accomplished in a few hours. A demolition even NIST lied to conceal.

At some point one has to ask, if Clark’s Unicorn (emergency demolition) really does exist, then why did every media and medium that ever played these videos edit out both signatures of demolition visible in the original form of all these videos?

The sound of the charges and the flash as they go off has always removed by some pixel jockey in every video close enough to record it what actually happened. Why? Why this grand charade of officialdom to pretend demolition did not occur? Why did NIST falsify it’s own data to conceal demolition? Why did NIST pretend something impossible happened three times in one day?

Why Clark? Why? Until ‘yesterday’ Clark maintained there was no demolition (see the other threads) in contradiction to his response above. In the bowels of Christ Clark, take the next logical step.