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We cannot allow the current wave of public sympathy for Boris Johnson’s plight over his deteriorating condition to drown out the well deserved legitimate criticism of the reckless Tory policy that has seriously exacerbated what could have been a challenging, but manageable pandemic threat. The peril he now faces is partly due to his own cavalier attitude that has cost so many innocent lives and our concern doesn’t absolve his deadly decision making. I genuinely want the PM to recover, in part because I want him to take full responsibility for the callous decisions he and his advisors have been responsible for. I believe that Johnson and his cronies should be charged with treasonous acts of deliberately endangering the citizens of this country in a genocidal experiment.

In the wake of the announcement that the PM has been moved to the ICU, the BBC presenter asked a Tory minister: “How will they cope in his absence?” Well it’s not like the corrupt Tory cabal hasn’t already had to stumble through two serious event’s, including major flooding and military brinkmanship between the US and Iran while Boris blithely bathed in the warmth of the Caribbean sun is it? While it’s difficult to decipher the exact state of the PM’s condition when we are just told that he in a stable condition, but not on a ventilator, unsure what the protocols call for here in the UK, it is still possible to read between the lines.

Reports have indicated that Boris Johnson “might have a needle in his artery!” An Arterial line is very different from a standard IV which is simple intravenous access in the arm often to deliver fluids. Art-line insertion in the clavicle area is a sterile procedure performed by an anaesthetist in order to gain direct access for Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) tests on a regular basis. You do not pop an Art line in someone who just needs a bit of supplemental oxygen! If extra O2 was all that was needed ICU would be a pretty terrifying place to be moved to “in case you for worse. I would hazard a guess that Boris might be at an intermediate level of care receiving oxygen via a CPAP mask. CPAP is a non-invasive mechanism of assisted breathing that is often used at home by those who suffer from chronic snoring; however Dominic Raab claimed that Johnson was not getting non-invasive respiratory support.

UK v South Korea, a Skwawkbox Article exposes where we could have been without arrogant Tory exceptionalism in defiance of WHO recommendations “In the early days of the global outbreak, the UK government dismissed its threat and even when it arrived here, Boris Johnson quipped about ‘taking it the chin’ as his advisers told the nation the aim was ‘herd immunity‘ – a goal that has now been disguised, rather than abandoned. “Even as death numbers spiralled, the Tories only half-heartedly began to prepare – and the wasted weeks are costing huge numbers of lives: health workers in our crisis-hit NHS are both more likely to die and more likely to transmit the virus to their patients because of lack of testing and lack of protective equipment.”

Another Skwawkbox Article reveals the Tories hidden agenda set to be inflicted on the UK public. They clearly identify that: “Even the new language used still makes clear that the plan is to allow the virus to infect people – to ‘suppress and release’ it. To ‘turn it on and off like a tap’.”

In this article Skwawkbox alert us to the fact that “During Sunday’s press briefing alongside Michael Gove, NHS medical director Steve Powis told journalists that the government will not know how many people are really dying of the coronavirus for ‘days and weeks’. Currently the government is only reporting deaths that take place in hospital and among patients with a confirmed coronavirus test.”

One health worker told the Skwawkbox last week: “Forcing hospitals to send infected people back into care homes with no means of containing the virus is going to infect residents and the people caring for them. It’s the equivalent of pulling the pin on a grenade and throwing it into a room full of elderly people. That’s basically what the government is doing. Their failure to start preparations when they had the opportunity is killing people and their failure to prepare now is going to kill even more. It’s unforgivable.”

Yet more about the underreported death toll. While we wish everyone suffering from this terrible disease a speedy recovery, including the PM, he will have an awful lot to answer for on his return and we should not cut him any slack. Johnson’s deliberate endorsement of this sick “Herd Immunity” policy is unforgivable and still taking lives and it must be totally abandoned ASAP. I believe that the only way that this can be achieved is by removing this Tory Government from office through a thorough investigation of the December vote to expose the truth of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. Do not let sympathy for a callous perpetrator of widespread harm detract from what desperately needs to be accomplished immediately.