How the BBC Stole the Referendum 94

I suspect the next referendum could be much sooner than generally expected. Documenting and spreading awareness of the astonishing state propaganda campaign by the BBC is an extremely important task in advance of that. I urge you to make a donation, however small, to help Alan Knight finish the documentary How the BBC Stole the Referendum. Filming has been completed and I have seen a lot of the edit in progress, which really is excellent. I only play a very small part among a great many more distinguished contributors, but it so happens I feature in the little teaser of completed work they have put out for the fundraising campaign. I think it gives an idea of the professional production standards they are working to.

Please give something, anything. Many a mickle maks a muckle. In fighting the state and corporate media, we have only ourselves, and sometimes that means the change in our pockets too.

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94 thoughts on “How the BBC Stole the Referendum

  • RobG

    Craig, what you and the film makers say about the BBC is quite correct. However, I feel that it should be pointed out that the entire MSM/corporate media is just one big right wing/fascist propaganda machine.

    Ask anyone in South America; or closer to home, anyone in Greece, or Spain, or Ireland.

    • craig Post author

      I don’t think that is in the least disputed, RobG. But many people, particularly in the older generation, are still of the view that the BBC is neutral and unbiased. Thankfully that is a shrinking view, but it still exists.

      I don’t think the research has been done, but I should be very interested to see a poll collating trust individuals. trust in the BBC with how they voted in the referendum.

      • Anon1

        “But many people, particularly in the older generation, are still of the view that the BBC is neutral and unbiased.:

        Most people are of the view that the BBC has a soft-left bias. Many more than the small grouping of far-leftists who believe it a right-wing/fascist propaganda outlet.

        • RobG

          Anyone who believes that the BBC are ‘leftist’ has obviously had a frontal lobotomy.

          Please tell me when the BBC has ever gone against ‘establishment’ policy?

          The BBC has recently been in the forefront of the cover-up of the Westminster pedophile scandal.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            That fits one commentator to a T, Rob. However, if you look beyond the news you want to know, you will see that he’s not altogether wrong. Murdoch’s rags are a perpetual promoter of the view that the BBC is run by and for rabid leftists – nothing whetever to do with the proposition that the BBC is to some extent a competitor. Sun readers are invited to believe this on their way to Page 3. Basically, the BBC is Blairite, with a view to jumping back on the LibDem minibus as soona as someone gives it a rebore. In this it is interchangeable with the Guardian. And it must be said that its radio drama department doesn’t fit the rightist stereotype at all.

          • RobG

            Ba’al, there’s no reply button on your post, so I’ll reply to me in order to reply to you, if you know what I mean.

            The paradigm in the media is exactly the same as it is in politics: it’s all pretend: two different sides who are all really on the same team.

            With regard to the BBC, I’m sure that many here have noticed the difference between the news on Radio 4 and the news on BBC television. On the radio they still do just about report real stuff and talk about it; whereas on the tv it’s just bland propaganda. The first gets a handful of listeners, the second gets millions.

            With regard to the World Service, until recently it was funded separately from the BBC and was part of the MI6 budget. I have to say about the World Service that it is/was actually very good, in my humble opinion (because I haven’t listened to it much in recent years).

          • Anon1

            If you want to know about the state of transsexual rights in Luanda at 3am then the World Service is for you.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Replying to Anon1 offering you the fruits of his limited cogitation, Rob …I sense his pain at turning on the World Service at 3AM after a hard evening’s solitary drinking, and no longer able to focus on his TV screen – only to be confronted with a report on people to whose existence he objects strenuously, enjoying themselves.

            Like this. With pictures. TV’s on the radio!


            Rob – I don’t have a television, for the reasons you cite. The World Service (then) was a good deal better than Radio 4 (now), and Radio Moscow never had a chance against it.

          • Anon1

            It was a joke about the World Service, Ba’al. Try not to treat it as a personal attack, whatever your proclivities.

          • Resident Dissident

            Might I suggest that “being in the forefront of a cover up” is something of an oxymoron

        • J Galt

          It’s the State Broadcaster Anon1 and therefore serves the State to which it belongs.

          • Anon1

            To varying degrees. RT, for example, serves the state to a far greater degree than the BBC. Scandals, corruption in the Russian government – they simply don’t make it onto RT.

            The BBC has to grin and bear it during a Tory government. It is much happier during a Labour spell, as some of the above quotes from Kempe’s link will testify.

      • RobG

        The propaganda in the run-up to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum was quite breathtaking. I don’t need to repeat all this here.

        There was, I believe, a quite recent opinion poll on the other side of the Atlantic about trust in the MSM. A majority of Americans no longer believe a word that the MSM tells them.

        It would be interesting to see a similar opinion poll in the UK.

        (and by the way, I live in France and can tell you that the majority of French people don’t believe a word that the government or MSM tells them)

        • Shatnersrug

          Again it’s yet another disturbing sign of very heavy handed use of propaganda – there is a nervousness within the establishment that makes it seem to be less in control of itself than I have known it.

          • lysias

            Propaganda that is not heavy-handed is much more effective propaganda. The functionaries in Western propaganda outlets are apparently more afraid of displeasing their superiors than of failing to produce effective propaganda. And those superiors have created the atmosphere where this occurs.

  • Anon1


    How’s that blog of yours about “Project Fear” and the state propaganda campaign regarding the EU Referendum coming along?

    Just putting the finishing touches to it I suspect.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      That is not the point.

      This is about Democracy

      I might completely disagree with Craig Murray about – well quite a lot really..

      But The Result is Not Supposed To Be Bent…

      Otherwise there is no point in playing the game.

      You might as well play chess with a pigeon.


      • Anon1

        I don’t believe the result was bent. I suspect the Remainians will win the EU referendum but I will accept the result in good faith, even if it is the last chance we will ever have.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I ain’t going to give nowt, but I was over 90% convinced The Scottish People voted for Independence within 24 hours of The Result Being Announced..and I wrote what I thought on Craig Murray’s blog – or The Telegraph (not everything I wrote has been deleted) and you all said I was mad. Well obviously I couldn’t prove it..If Craig has (and I do not underestimate this man)..I might give a Fiver.

    It might make a difference.


  • Geejay

    This documentary is based on G A Ponsonby’s excellent book of the same name. It give disturbing chapter and verse.

  • Patrick McDonagh

    There is a big big clue in the first word of the logo BBC. If you bother to read the BBC charter it does say more than once that the BBC’s political indepedence is not applicable in certain circumstances…..

    • bevin

      True: the General Strike being the most notorious in which the BBC put the interest of one class above that of another, much larger, part of the population.
      If people watch the BBC as one watches/ reads RT or PressTV, with an awareness of what it exists to do-which is not to publish objective truths- they might do so without poisoning themselves, mentally.
      Curiously there is no shortage of comment jeering at RT for its biass from people who appear to believe every opinion that the BBC feeds them.
      It used to be said that the only difference between Pravda and The Times was that everyone reading Pravda knew that it was full of propaganda while only the Russians knew that The Times was too.

    • bevin

      True: the General Strike being the most notorious in which the BBC put the interest of one class above that of another, much larger, part of the population.
      If people watch the BBC as one watches/ reads RT or PressTV, with an awareness of what it exists to do-which is not to publish objective truths- they might do so without poisoning themselves, mentally.
      Curiously there is no shortage of comment jeering at RT for its biass from people who appear to believe every opinion that the BBC feeds them.
      It used to be said that the only difference between Pravda and The Times was that everyone reading Pravda knew that it was full of propaganda while only the Russians knew that The Times was too.

    • Geejay

      Not “stout Scottish brave hearts” perhaps, but those inclined to Unionism, don’t knows, the fearful, the uncommitted, the unconfident and so on or does advertising and propaganda have no effect whatsoever?.

    • Anon1

      “Either evil, or quite extraordinarily thick” is how Craig described the majority of voters of his adopted country.

      Still, we mustn’t smear him with his own words.

      • Chris Rogers


        I think ‘senile’ would be a more appropriate use of the word, given the scare stories ran about Pensions and what would happen to these if Scotland gained its independence from Westminster. Alas, and following Cameron’s victory words less than 24 hours after the Referendum, had the vote been held following his valedictory statement Scotland would now be independent. The fact remains as the older voters petrified by the scare stories kick the bucket they will be replaced by a younger majority in favour of a complete break with Westminster, and who in their right mind can blame them?

        • Anon1

          “The fact remains as the older voters petrified by the scare stories kick the bucket they will be replaced by a younger majority in favour of a complete break with Westminster,”

          Yes it seems to be a perpetual theme of the Scots nats this yearning for the elderly to “kick the bucket”. I would remind you that the young do eventually grow older (and wiser). You’ll need to lower the voting age to 5 to stand any chance. Or start forced labour camps for the elderly.

          • Chris Rogers

            Yes Anon1,

            As an old git myself I concur, which is why some of us have children and hopefully raise them to hold progressive values, values that continue well after I’m buried under a tree – something to look forward too as my own demise becomes ever closer.

          • Anon1

            I hope you’re not brainwashing them, Chris.

            Yes the young grow older but more importantly they start to have to look after themselves and their families and pay taxes. Salmond lowered the voting age to 16 to bring in more of the ideological and irresponsible vote.

          • Chris Rogers


            One is opposed to mind washing, or indeed genderising his own daughter, she makes her own way in life and will make her own opinion one trusts on real experience, as such, we have no religion in our home given her parents belong to two differing faiths, we give her open access to the world via the internet and via travel. If she has questions, we answer or facilitate her in gaining answers. Of course, if she ever voted Tory I’d be disappointed, but alas i’m opposed to controlling her behaviour given she’s an individual and treated as my equal, one she ignores completely on many an occasion, which only makes me love her more. Pleased I am sir, pleased!!!!!

          • Black Rab

            Growing older does not necessarily make you wiser nor does it change your psychological disposition. Are you suggesting that people who seek independence for Scotland will change their minds and become unionists and vote tory or labour and turn into intellectual cowering wrecks the minute they turn 65?

    • Shatnersrug

      If you tell people who are about to retire that they will lose their pensions if they vote yes then they’ll probably vote no. The BBC and the guardian made it their job to scare retiring baby boomers. Once that happened I thought No is in the bag.

      • Kempe

        Thanks. Bad enough being patronised by you let alone wasting and hour and twelve minutes listening to waffle.

          • Kempe

            If throwing silly insults about is the best you can do you could at least check the spelling.

          • Chris Rogers


            Regretfully, evidently it did not dawn on you what he was saying, but there again, no doubt your ears were closed if it did not reinforce certain beliefs. Suggest you go post on The Guardian, which is now a hotbed of right-wingers, interspersed with some leftwing antisemites so I’m led to believe!

        • Chris Rogers


          One was not patronising, given I actually have a reasonable knowledge of US Twentieth Century Politics, something to do with studying UK overseas policy for three years, i.e., the ‘Origins’ of stuff.

  • Chris Rogers


    I’m reminded of the BBC Panorama stitch-up on Jeremy Corbyn last year just after he was elected Leader. I’m also reminded that the Zionist witch hunt against Corbyn began in ernest in the pages of The Jewish Chronicle, which demanded he answer a litany of questions about his professed ‘anti-semitism’, all of which was bollocks – that story elicited a readers letter signed by numerous Jewish media celebrities who castigated the JC for running such propaganda and claiming to speak for the entire Jewish population of the UK.

    The BBC biased, my God, where have you chaps been, for since 2010 it’s virtually been a mouth piece of Conservative Party Central Office – something to do with the renewal of The Charter I believe!!!!!

    • Shatnersrug

      The BBC was handed over to asset strippers from Holman Sachs, and that is precisely what they’re doing. Yes it’s establishment propaganda but it’s also acting as a supporter of the Murdoch press, which is absolutely bizzare

      • lysias

        Some of the programs on National Public Radio here in the U.S. are funded by such right-wing outfits as the Koch Foundation and the Mercatus Institute. Jane Mayer’s book “Dark Money” describes how rich right- wingers like the Koch brothers have used their money to take over not only politics but the arts, broadcasting, and academia.

  • Bob Nugent

    If and when it is ready to View, who will it get out to public.
    Not just conned. By bbc the Whole of the british establishment grouped together
    To corrupt the outcome.
    From opening postal ballot boxes to setting off fire alarms to allow secret service to tamper with ballot papers
    A compkele and utter disgrace for a so called Democracy to carry on this way in the 21st Century

  • Cameron Brodie

    Perhaps I’m evil but I am enjoying the growing whine from down south, concerning the EU Project Fear. Not so nice when the jackboot is on the other foot, middle England?

    • Chris Rogers

      Well, Project Fear is having the reverse effect on this voter, for the more dire the warnings the more intent I am on voting for the UK to leave the EU, which I believe anyone who holds leftwing views should also do, particularly after Obama’s and Clinton’s interjections, which were a disgrace.

      • Cameron Brodie

        Better Together’s “Project Fear”, was central to the No campaign’s negative propaganda and almost lost them the referendum. Scots have recognised they are the target of concerted state propaganda and have responded. The SNP’s membership has grown five fold since the ref. and trust in the BBC and corporate media is at an all time low.

        The wheels appear to be coming of the Establishment’s cart.

        • Shatnersrug

          TPP and TIPP are the most radical political and economic act of aggression the US has ever inflicted on the world – it seeks to place a legal frame work that neuters and marginalises national governments the world over – it seeks to turn ALL public land into private land from which the corporate owners will extract rent.

          It uses the the fiction of Junk Economics known now as Neo-Liberalism to baffle the public whilst it asset strips and monitises every last space on earth – physically and metaphorically.

          It’s true plan however is to place governance in the hands of the corporate masters and to return humanity to a feudal system with a peasant class paying rent. It’s a terrifying prospect – it’s is how the Roman Empire collapsed into the dark ages and unless we on the left come up with a positive response that we can sell the masses on we are doomed to a future of serfdom and land barons.

  • Chris Rogers

    A Little off topic, but at after 11.00PM on Saturday night, The Guardian/Observer Website is getting’surreal’ in its efforts to undermine Corbyn with its continual reportage and the non-existent antisemitism allegedly ripping its way through the Party ranks. Given blatant BBC propaganda, we now have a none-story, one full of so many lies and half truths its quite unbelievable, being trotted out as an existential crisis for the Corbyn led Labour Party. What next may I ask, perhaps Corbyn drinks babies blood at breakfast, Liviningston instigates Jewish pogrom in London, or increased attacks against Jews who are fearful of appearing in public for fear of being attacked by NAZIS socialists and Labour Party supporters. Enough really is enough – do they really believe in all honesty that the tripe they are now peddling is believed by the masses, given many have access to alternative channels of information. They really are losing it and must fear the informed masses to stoop to such new lows as this.

    • Hieroglyph

      Thanks to The Guardian, I now know the name of a Beyonce album. There have been, I think, at least 5 articles (comments enabled) on bloody Beyonce in the last week or so. All of them given prominence on the website. Beyonce. I was entirely happy in not knowing even a single Beyonce song, never mind an album, and now I know the latest one is called ‘Lemonade’. I didn’t even read any of the articles, it was all in the banner headline.

      This is all by way of noting how truly awful The Guardian has become. For its flaws the comments section was still worth reading, with some opposing views, and interesting links, but they’ve gone all Pravda on Comment Is Free. I can comment on Beyonce, but not the Panama papers. Who thinks this is a good idea is beyond me, though I wonder if they want to turn The Guardian into the equally woeful Huffington Post, which as I recall was also somewhat censorious. I foresee falling revenue, and sacked journalists in The Guardian’s future, and have zero sympathy.

      As to the BS over Red Ken, I give up. Corbyn should just sack all the treacherous bastards, and ignore the MSM. Being reasonable just gets him a daily kick in the face, so fuck ’em.

  • Beth

    Who told Nicola that posing with the Sun on this of all weeks was a good idea ?

  • Tony_0pmoc

    If you think it is easy,.. you have never really don’t know the desperation…of having nothing, and then having everything, and the nothing Again..She’s gone forever – and you are never going to see her again…

    So after 35 years – I told her..well sent her a message on Facebook…

    She looks exactly like you

    I thought I might have got the sound wrong – but didn’t

    I am still in love with you

    and no you can’t see the photograph – nor the video. I have not – and my Ex Girlfriend has not, and My Wife certainly has not given you Permission

    Rwy’n caru


  • Tony_0pmoc

    I do not understand what all this fuss is about Jewish people…

    Do you think my Sis..when she was training to be a Nurse from Accrington, Lancashire..and she went down to Greenham Common in her Two Weeks’ holiday – went round asking all the Women

    Are You A Jew??

    She Couldn’t Give a xxxx

    She Just Wants These xxxxing Americans To Get Their xxxxing Nuclear Missiles Off Our Land

    She is My Mate and my Wife and I Love Her To Bits

    we do not have a problem with jews

    We are Catholics (well originally as we brought up –The Catholic Girls are Something Else)))


  • Paul Barbara

    The PTB and MSM are trying to fix the London Mayoral election, too.
    Read thia newsletter from George Galloway, and compare it to MSM garbage:
    ‘You may have seen some reports in certain media, of some preposterous polls putting me on 0%. Yet everywhere I go in my trademark sky blue battle bus, I am mobbed by supporters and well-wishers. From Ladbroke grove to Lewisham, from Wandsworth to Walthamstow, from Tottenham to Tooting. Please see my Facebook page for photos.

    Indeed just yesterday I had an incredible reception in Hounslow where I was campaigning outside Hounslow Mosque, speaking to over 2,000 people. The bus has met with a similar positive response throughout London in the last few days, rolling through Croydon and South London.

    In 2004, when Respect was 20 weeks old, I polled 91,000 votes in London for the European Parliament. That was 4.8 per cent. We had zero media coverage and never once showed in the polls. On the same day Respect Mayoral candidate Lindsey German polled 61,000 votes, or 3.3 per cent. Again, she had zero coverage and was on 0 in the polls. That day in England alone, Respect polled the largest ever left vote of 255,000 votes. 91,000 of those were mine but the rest were not.

    So do not let these sham pollster confuse you. It is clear their intention is to discourage supporters from bothering to come out to vote for me. But there is no such thing as a wasted vote. I am in it to win it. But even a big vote for me and Respect on the Greater London Assembly will send shockwaves through Westminster.

    A Major Campaign Push

    This Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May we will be having a major campaign push, assembling at 10:30am to depart at 11am sharp to go East. We will be assembling at our HQ at 112 Golborne Road
    Kensington and Chelsea, London – W10 5PS.

    We will be mass leafleting a number of points in Tower Hamlets, distributing thousands of leaflets showing that I am the REAL LABOUR candidate and not the imposter Sadiq Khan.

    Please be with us for this final big push before the election to get all of these leaflets delivered. We really do need all hands on deck!

    You can subscribe to my Telegram channel to get updates on our bus timetable via the link

    For further information and to confirm attendance, please call or message Tim on 07557988816, Akib on 07984003502 or Rayne on 07943020617.

    Who is the REAL labour candidate?

    My record speaks for itself. And that of my opponent Sadiq Khan, tells you all you need to know about him.

    London: The fatherless Capital

    This past Wednesday I participated in a public meeting with Fathers4Justice which featured Matt O’Connor (Founder Fathers4Justice) and other speakers.

    Here’s a video compilation of the event itself for you to watch:

    Other Appearances

    My team and I have been out campaigning across London every day, on the bus and at public events. I was particularly honoured to be invited to present awards to young people at Hackney Quest by the Jimmy Asher Foundation, to speak to students and teachers at City of Westminster College, and to speak to worshippers attending Camden Mosque. See my Facebook and Twitter for photos.

    Join Us

    I ask you to join us for one final push: In your neighbourhood, talking to friends and family, or on board our bus. Please write to [email protected] for leaflets or to join the bus. We can do this together if we push hard enough.

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    With Respect,

    George Galloway

    I look forward to seeing you soon.

    With Respect,

    George Galloway

    • Cameron Brodie

      You’ll find a lot of Scots think George Galloway is a disingenuous clown. Stands against colonialism and Zionism, then joins Better Together to sully Scots democracy in the defense of the British union and the status quo. The man’s a feckin’ disgrace, IMHO.

  • Clydebuilt

    This thing about the BBC being slightly left wing, that’s part of the political narrative in England. That’s not how it’s viewed in Scotland. Up here the BBC is seen as a defender of the Union.

    Donation will be made today…..

  • Vronsky

    Yup, yes, ok, I’ll send something. But what needs to be funded is an independent exit poll, if you want to be *really* scary. Why not use your mulifarious talents to ensure that that happens?

  • Ben Monad

    This US referendum on the Great Experiment, democratic republic, just may go out with a bang rather than a whimper. Trump looks to be the nominee for the Whig/Tories and if women don’t come out in droves for Hillary, he will be POTUS.

    “Hurry Sundown”

  • Ben Monad

    Craig seems reluctant to be aggressive on donations. If he wants to play in the big sand box he’ll lose the timidity toward alms. Big bags of shekels in shipping containers docking every day will suffice.

  • The Grinch

    Oh come on Craig, did you really expect integrity from the BBC? The government pays their wages fer Krissakes. It’s all a fairy story and HM is the fairy princess; wassamadder with you if you can’t see that?

    Repeat after me… “I want to believe! I want to believe…”

  • Richard

    Surely it can’t be news that the Beeb are not impartial. In fact the biggest lies are probably told in dramas and have been for decades. I can scarcely bring myself to watch the output of that organisation any more and I’m glad that I’ve never paid a licence fee in my life. Neither should anyone else. If there were a mass boycott they couldn’t put us all in gaol. They should either advertise or go ‘pay per view’ like everyone else.

    In any event, another referendum is upon us in June, though this blog has already been declared a that-referendum-free zone. If my understanding of the S.N.P. position is correct (and it may not be), then their adherents should vote tactically to leave the E.U. and, if Miss Sturgeon were consistent she would already have urged her supporters to do so. I’m sure that they understand tactical voting in Europe and would be benevolent to a Scotland which voted to leave on a tactical premise. Then Scotland can have another referendum, the separatists will win (Miss Sturgeon says so, and I’m sure she means every word she says), WENI can leave the E.U. and Scotland can leave the U.K. – what’s not to like?

    • Cameron Brodie

      I think you might have that the wrong way around. If a hypothetical SNP supporter, or more appropriately Yes voter, wished to vote tactically to bring about the conditions for a second referendum, they would be best to vote In. The logic being that England is expected to vote Out, thereby dragging Scotland out of the EU against the will of the Scots electorate. This would be a material change in circumstances and provide a trigger for another indyref. Simples. 🙂

      Tactical voting can be hit and miss though. It looks as if Scotland will be a solid In. England looks as if it is heading for Out but Euro Project Fear has barely gotten going. Just wait until it picks up a head of steam. There will be much Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in the Shire. 😉

      • Cameron Brodie

        You forgot to mention that the EU is a community of INDEPENDENT nations. As such, there is no logical necessity for the SNP to oppose EU membership.

  • RobG

    For anyone interested, here’s one take (and I believe it’s reasonably accurate) on what’s happened to the Guardian newspaper…

    The above article does not address the CIA’s take-over of the Guardian…

    It’s May the 1st, so happy worker’s day, everyone, even those workers who are prepared to tremble in fear beneath the neo-con boot.

    The Great Leap Forward…

    • Ba\'al Zevul

      Good to see someone keeping an eye on the Guardian. Personally I prefer the Daily Mail. It may be [insert any imaginable criticism here] but at least it hates Tony Blair, and it has an unrivalled collection of photos of young ladies I have never heard of wearing bikinis or less.

      Suggestion for new paperoid: The Daily Mail out of Socialist Worker with added Martin Rowson in place of Quentin Letts, who could join Rafael Behr during the dying days of the Graun.

    • lysias

      Very interesting final item in that interview with Ulfkotte:

      In your book you mention many names of bought journalists. How are they doing now? Are they being sacked? Are they trying to clear their names?

      “No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about the book. Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about. More shocking: We have respected journalists who seem to have gone deep sea diving for a long time. It’s an Interesting situation. I expected and hoped that they would sue me and bring me to court. But they have no idea what to do. The respected Frankfurter Allgemeine just announced they will fire 200 employees, because they’re losing subscribers very rapidly and in high numbers. But they don’t sue me. They know that I have evidence on everything.”

  • Mark Golding

    I have a fond regard for Professor John Robertson and I recommend his report, ‘BBC bias and the Scots referendum’ – dated 21 February 2014. The report data upholds the statement made by Craig of ‘astonishing’ BBC bias towards the Union in the phases leading up to the Scottish referendum.

    My attachment to John goes deeper in that he, like me, has a great interest in surveillance and thought control in the context of military interventions. Thought control or being persuaded by propaganda is now of course a military construct and is indeed a subtle, ingenious and sophisticated manipulation, entangling thought reform, brainwashing, mental control, coercive persuasion, malignant use of group dynamics, and many others. The fact that there are so many names indicates a lack of agreement which allows for confusion and distortion (especially by those using it covertly for their own benefit.

    Be that as it may I am not going to molest you with a thesis, just to say John reminded me how the World Wrestling Federation played an important component or measure in manipulating the American public into an illegal war against Iraq and the horrific deaths of so many innocent lives.

    I leave the facts.for another day and another topic.

    • BrianFujisan

      Interesting Mark.. Thanks for the wee added insight there

      I’m well impressed with Professor Robertson, and UWS Report from my post above Such thorough, Meticulous Detail.

      Three times i stood outside bbC Scotland in Glasgow..shivering n soaked, calling them out

      I was just over at the Donation page approaching £2.000 in Two days Great stuff..

      well done all

  • Chris

    Thanks for the clip and encouragement to donate. I really appreciate your blog and point of view and the efforts you are going to for independence. May God bless you in all that you do.

  • giyane

    The BBC like all propaganda outlets does not have a thinking brain. Because if it did it would not allow, on its Westminster Hour Radio 4 programme last night, a speaker to identify a problem causing the Zionist debate in the Labour Party as the fact that now we have Muslims participating in current affairs discussions and they tend to resent Israel.

    let’s get this straight. For 100s or 1000s of years we in the UK have machinated against nations to our East and West, North and South, causing them mental and physical distress, but now because we have some descendants of all those nations living here we have grown a conscience and thus a moral dilemma for ourselves. All good Brits support genocide, their fathers and fathers’ fathers supported it but now because some of the genocided live here it has created the problem of Zionism, the problem that genocide has suddenly become politically incorrect, a problem made by outsiders moving in.

    Flanders and Swann “I won’t eat people, eating people is wrong.” “have you been talking to one of your mothers again , son? People have always eaten people, If they didn’t eat people, what would they find to eat?”

    And now the Scots are complaining that they want to have independence. If this continues we Brits might end up being slaves ourselves or being overruled by waves and slaves.

  • Medieval fwl

    Why is that you can find authors such as Peter Dale Scott and Udo Ulfkotte on Amazon, but not in bookstores -. Is Amazon genuinely censor free?

  • Paul Barbara

    @ Cameron Brodie May 1, 2016 at 17:05
    ‘You’ll find a lot of Scots think George Galloway is a disingenuous clown. Stands against colonialism and Zionism, then joins Better Together to sully Scots democracy in the defense of the British union and the status quo. The man’s a feckin’ disgrace, IMHO.’
    I understand your vIew; he was my MP at one time, and I fell out with him. Though not a Scot, I also favoured Scottish Independence.
    I support him now because in my opinion his good points outweigh his flaws.
    The main thrust of my comment was the way he has been virtually ignored by the MSM, and any time they mention him re Polls, they give him no or negligible percentages. Yet I have been at one of his hustings in a large hall, and it was standing room only. The ‘Big Guns’ don’t seem to want to ‘meet the people’, from what I understand; they don’t like answering ‘tough questions’; GG will answer anyone (his performance before the Congress was a joy to behold).
    The MSM are doing the same to Bernie Sanders, despite his huge popularity among ‘We The People’.

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