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I just revisited Ricky Coxon’s Blog to take a closer look at his interesting expose Blog post take on what I call the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; his post is entitled: “Why did Labour Lose?” In his post Coxan queries: “So why then, when every single poll in the last 2 years suggested that if there was another referendum ‘REMAIN’ would win, did we vote for a bunch of hard-right rabid Brexiteers?” Supposedly it was Labour MPs in the Westminster bubble not listening to their grass roots, working class, “Leave” supporters that made traditional Labour voters abandon their party in disgust to vote for Boris Johnson to “Get Brexit Done” with a Tory landslide that collapsed the so called “Red Wall.”

This question has become even more baffling now that the Labour leadership contest returned solid support for Sir Keir Starmer a London Europhile heavily in favour of a confirmatory referendum and determined to return us to the EU at some point. Why have all those supposedly outraged Labour members just swung so forcefully back in the direction of Remain just three months after the defining Election vote? The simple truth is that all those northerners absolutely did not let Boris Johnson “Borrow” their votes; it was a blatant act of theft! Sadly there are still many, including otherwise progressive writers and voices at the Skwawkbox, that insist on enabling the Tory lie about “borrowed votes.”

It is too early to tell how much damage has taken place with the change in Labour leadership, but I am not in the least bit inspired by Keir Starmer who ditched Barry Gardener, one of the best media savvy Labour MPs, from the Cabinet as an early priority. He has been quick to reinforce the media smear campaign over anti-Semitism, too eager to placate the Jewish BOD with every one of their ultra Zionist dictates, indicates who may now be in control of the Labour Party on behalf of Israeli interests. I also fear that Keir Starmer will lurch back to the right, seeking the illusive political sweet spot of the “Centre Ground,” for yet more business as usual Tory appeasement.

It does not help that the situation could get a lot more toxic with Dominic Raab in temporary control of the Tory Party. Raab was well on course to lose his seat at the last election; even the heavily Tory supporting BBC homed in on that very strong possibility. But Raab’s confidence never wavered as he shot his mouth of on air ten days before the election, intimating that he had inside knowledge that the postal votes were going his way. First of all, that knowledge could only have been obtained illegally, and secondly revealing the information on air before poling day was another violation of electoral law. But then we all know that our Electoral Commission is toothless: “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!”

In his Blog post Ricky Coxon has included several charts to highlight the discrepancies that really convinced him something was seriously wrong with the December result; it did not take long for him to zero in on the portal vote. He states: “In cold, dark, less densely populated Scotland, postal votes increased by +1.9% from 2017. Seems reasonable as it’s been increasing 1-2% since 2005. In milder, lighter, densely populated England, which also has many Labour/Tory marginals, the postal vote increased by +19%. That’s 10 times more!”

Coxon goes on to identify a number of the most suspect seats that changed hands to provide the Tory majority in parliament. He says: “Is it strange that these marginal seats all saw massive postal vote turnout and won by just a few thousand votes? In fact, the 2019 GE, around 50 seats were won by the Tories with marginal votes. Whether something fishy happened or not, surely, this huge increase in postal voting in England would be big news, right? So why does no-one know about this?” The post also raises the issue of the widely acknowledged Laura Kuennsberg breach that was also ignored by the Electoral Commission,

I found some very useful links posted in the comments, but one particularly belligerent respondent to Ricki Coxon’s blog post insists that it is riddled with errors which it is not. Ricky does appear to be mistaken on one point, saying that the Election night counting of the postal votes is done at a remote location. All the information I have says that the ballot boxes are brought to the local count and the postal vote ballot papers are deliberately mixed in with regular ballots. I can find no logical reason to support doing this as it makes it even harder to identify postal vote fraud, but that is how it is done. Most other points raised by Coxon are entirely accurate, well supported and verified with links. In trying to establish contact with this chap I have at least discovered that he has a strong IT background on the higher education teaching level that lends good credibility to his piece; it’s well worth reading.

So did no one care about these serious violations? They sure did: Twitter icon Rachael_Swindon and others captured the BBC footage of Laura Kuennsberg before the broadcaster had a chance to delete the damning evidence and they shared it inline, but it has been impossible to get anything done about it.

The comment posted on Coxon’s Blog on March 7, 2020 at 3:22 pm from: [email protected] that: “This is a well researched piece. Certainly the 2019 GE needs to be looked at and it seems that only members of the public are concerned.” The full comment includes two links that might be derailing this post as I keep getting blocked with “Wordfence 403 Forbidden.” However the Link to the efforts of Della Reynolds, a determined voter in Raab’s constituency who was not prepared to just accept his illegal conduct, contains her exchange of complaints and emails directed towards the Electoral Commission begging them to take decisive action. This same person’s valiant efforts to uncover other vote rigging issues are in a second Link and both Links are active.

There are still people out there who are passionate about getting the Covert 2019 Rigged Election fully Investigated. We should not lose heart or become diverted from accomplishing this important goal because the shambolic and dangerous mismanagement of the Covid 19 crisis is taking many lives and might even be doing so my malevolent design! Nothing will change this reckless Tory agenda which is why they muct be removed from power ASAP.