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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Another Daily GasLamp article: “GE2019 System under Strain,” makes for interesting reading, referencing a report in the London Economic that analyses the 2019 Election Report that I presume was produced by the Electoral Commission. I will need to wade through that Electoral Commission report in full to see what was and was not uncovered, but this London Economic piece touches on the general conclusions. Surprise, surprise they didn’t manage to fully expose postal vote fraud because they seem determined not to look. The late mailing of overseas postal voting packages appears to be simply written off as poor management, although it could just as easily be deliberate.

While London Economic report mentions that there are ongoing investigations people who have tried to progress complaints have slammed into a brick wall. This was true for one of Dominic Raab’s constituents who went to great lengths to try and get the highly irregular and unexpected result looked at especially after Raab was confident enough in his win to announce the results ahead of the election. Raab seemed to know that the postal votes would hold the key and they would be largely in his favour, but “nothing to see here!” There is no avenue allowed for serious anomalies to be fully investigated because the system is not set up to include checks and balances it is explicitly designed to exclude them.

A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a Dog! We must “Rescue our Watchdog.”

The GasLamp rightly points out the core element that is missing from the London Economic: “reference to (illegal) Cambridge Analystica and PysOp methods of sock puppets and artificial intelligent bots suckering people into revealing personal details, not just voting preferences not also voting intentions: the likelihood of people voting at all. This information is then suspected to be for widespread postal fraud in marginal seats – widespread but targeted and minimal – not too much, not too little but just right amount. Dominic Cummings’ Voter Intention Collection System would statistically be so accurate that it could determine not only voter’s politically preference but also how likely they are to vote at all. Thus providing exactly the right level of postal vote fraud to allow the Conservatives an 80 seat majority – just as Cummings promised a month before the election.”

Also on the Daily GasLamp site is the post: “Democracy and Big Data,” which contains two really good video presentations. The first of the videos is one of those highly effective rapid drawing presentations. It’s quite a short video entitled: “the threat of Big Data explained simply” and it really is a very illuminating and straightforward explanation of the collection and manipulation of our data. The second is a longer video that’s described as containing: “information on “exhaust data” and Machine Learning and predictive techniques.” This covers the emergence and invasive impact of what is referred to as “Surveillance Capitalism;” it shows how our data has been hijacked, without our knowledge, for commercial purposes and how it was used to manipulate voters by stealth. In the explanation it says: “This video starts about selling this predictive data to business… but it applies equally to political leanings.”

There is a glimmer of hope within the EU with some protection offered by the EU’s Data protection laws, but we are will soon lose even that protection as the transition period ends with crash-out Brexit in December. The interesting phenomenon pointed out by the Daily GasLamp in the post detailing Dominic Cummings excellent knowledge of how to harness this technology is the precision with which he was able to predict actual votes in such a way that allowed for the complementary matching of the fraudulent postal votes to be added into the mix at the exact amount necessary to win marginal seats just as he predicted. Cummings himself had promised an 80 seat majority and he was able to deliver exactly that.

In yet another GasLamp post the writer describes technology that was harnessed by the huge financial assets of the 1% to cover the significant cost of manipulating the masses to vote against their own best interests, highlighting, “….the use of intelligent Bot systems (where developers actually get help and support from the bot technology that they are using!)” According to the author this was probably “a key tool in automating the Conservative GE2019 campaign, to control the message.”

Unwary individuals can be influenced by compelling disinformation in the targeted messages, that are reinforced by the approval of a like or supportive comment from the AI manipulator pretending to show genuine interest in opinions that the messaging originally spawned. It described a service called Botpress that “has a nice graphic interface and the developers get support from the bot, giving friendly advice on how to achieve particular goals. It can even autocomplete various functions.” There are similar tools from Google or Pandora that the author refers to in another GasLamp post linked above on bots and sock puppets. This is strange territory for me but we are told that “Botpress would be the Bot component (while a “sock puppet” is just a person with multiple identities).”

The piece highlights how “these systems are used by some major, major companies that supply the UK government with their systems… so this type of technology would be known to Dominic Cummings who from his blog post seems to have quite an interest in the subject.” There are useful links included for those who want to understand how “Botpress also comes with a facebook connector” and how the tool is used. Alarmingly the author identifies that “the peak downloads for this software was June 2019 – plenty of time to ramp up development for GE2019” and there is a link for examining how the capabilities of Botpress compare with competing products. This sophisticated technology, requiring massive investment to set up and run, pits the wealthy elite against the exploited poor who are easily outgunned, democracy itself has been outgunned!

While the uncanny precision of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election might have kept the ballot numbers from becoming too outlandish on the night, in combination with the highly unlikely result in many seats it was that almost miraculously close victory that has aroused so much suspicion. This was especially true in Raab’s seat that was fully expected to be won by the Liberal Democrat candidate and where Raab himself had confidently blurted out on public television that the postal votes were going his way; what did he know and how did he know that information well ahead of Election Day? Despite rigorous attempts to have Raab charged for his illegal disclosure and investigate the suspicious result, the police were eager to let any case against him drop.

Even the success of Boris Johnson in retaining his own seat was considered questionable before the election in a constituency that he had neglected, with a high volume of student voters. But despite these valid doubts Boris was so arrogantly confident of winning his seat that he did not even bother to cast his own vote in his constituency. This as Johnson was gaining a reputation for being jeered at wherever he went, his painfully stage managed photo-ops and in spite of his devious efforts to hide that included diving inside a refrigerator! He breezed past all those that openly despised him in the secure knowledge that the Covert 2019 Rigged Election vote was rigged in his favour and he could jet off to the Caribbean with his girlfriend on a donor sponsored holiday while the country wallowed in grief reeling over the result: there was no Christmas cheer for most in the UK.

The bottom line is that what Dominic Cummings did was illegal. Those EU data protection laws were still in place in the run up to the December election and they are still in place here until later this year. Facebook were heavily fined in the US for their clandestine sale of personal information that was manipulated by Cambridge Analytica proving the illegality of what transpired. Cummings has refused to appear before House of Commons committees, but it is time for this evil and heartless man who calously approved of the Covid death toll slaughtering our elderly, to be put under intense scrutiny.

In a crude attempt to provide legitimacy for the Tory Government’s deviations from the WHO directives, the public are repeatedly told that the decisions being made are following the “best scientific advice.” Now we are shocked to discover that, despite holding zero scientific credentials, Dominic Cummings is exerting his Svengali like influence over the Scientific Advisory Group SAGE. The Guardian Article: “Top Tories join calls to bar Cummings from scientific advisory group” elaborates on how a “Cross-party demand for transparency after chief adviser is revealed as attending meetings of Sage.” They write: “Boris Johnson is facing cross-party calls to stop his chief adviser from attending meetings of the secret scientific group advising him on the coronavirus pandemic, as demands grow for the committee’s deliberations to be made public.”

The more that the public discover about the dangerous unelected eugenicist deviant Cummings the more alarm there is over his controlling influence over the man we did not elect as Prime Minister. As it becomes increasingly apparent that Dominic Cummings is the true power behind the dictatorship his warped ideology and disregard for human life point to a dystopian nightmare ahead for the UK. The case for a serious nationwide investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election with the illegal acquisition and use of data to manipulate voters as well as potentially topping up postal ballots is gaining critical urgency. The “best scientific advice” has already been tainted by the sick influence of Cummings who favoured extermination of the sector he considers “economically inactive scroungers.” How far will we allow this “Slaughter of the Sheeple to go before we take the required action to oust this Tory Government?