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Paul Barbara

@ SA April 29, 2020 at 04:08
In my reply above, I included a video on the UK Column. I have been trying to get more information (not least the Dr.’s name, as the video below gives an alternative spelling, and I can find nothing about her online) but I have no doubt whatsoever the video is genuine.
It is also dubbed in English, unlike the original one.
The relevant part is between 40:35 – 51.09. According to info below the video, it was a Press Conference in the House of Deputies, and is extremely informative in the PTB’s lack of providing answers to legitimate and extremely important questions. The doctor very reasonably explains that the reason the information was published without peer review is because that would have taken about two years, and this information was vital for parents re getting their children vaccinated – had they waited, millions of children may have been vaccinated with dangerous vaccines. And their questions to the government and others remain unanswered.
‘VaccineGate English’ + YouTube
I trust that throws a spanner in your incessant ‘conspiracy theories’ put-down.
It is hard to provide strong evidence, because of the powerful forces trying to stifle the truth, and demonising alternative voices. Not a new phenomenon; but eventually the truth gets out – the earth really does go round the sun, and not vice versa. And that was before the MSM!
I am still trying to get more info, like what organisation the Dr. belongs to, and a written translation of the video contents.
Likely as not, the Italian MSM ignored the Press Conference, or at least wouldn’t have given the real meat of the argument, as they did here with Assange, Salmond and everything else.