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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Johnson returned to the podium to pollute the public debate with his bombastic blather and utter “Boris Shit” at the daily broadcast of Tory Party Political propaganda euphemistically called a “Press Briefing.” In reality, a genuine press briefing would take place in front of a diverse group of uncensored journalists from whom a random selection of reporters would be invited to ask pertinent questions providing public scrutiny. Since Johnson came to power there have been unreasonable restrictions imposed to prevent outspoken, progressive and left leaning journalists from attending, with the Tory Government cherry-picking of only the most reliably supportive right wing media allowed to attend. This is a powerful warning sign of the blatant campaign of censorship that is so typical of an emerging authoritarian dictatorship.

After printing a scathingly critical article last weekend as a major expose cover story, the Sunday Times became the latest press team to be banned by our dishonest, incompetent, narcissistic leader and his toxic Tory cabal incapable of tolerating any form of criticism or even answering straight questions. They outright deny proven facts, dispel the input of frontline Doctors as untrue and use phrases like “to be fair” to signal that they intend to be grotesquely biased and unfair in their defence of the wholly indefensible Those who have hosted the daily deluge of disinformation in Boris Johnson’s absence are working hard to emulate the arrogantly dismissive style of Trump in their defensive replies.

They try to assert that the WHO and the vast majority consensus among epidemiological experts worldwide are just dead wrong. Only the Governments secret team of scientific advisors at SAGE are capable of providing reliable information that is used to direct public policy. That is the same SAGE team we recently discovered has non-scientist Dominic Cummings sitting in and potentially contributing or manipulating policy. Why would such a suspicion of inappropriate meddling arise? Because these SAGE scientific experts were relied on to guide Government policy when Boris Johnson boldly announced we should “take it on the chin” and the warped pseudo-science of Dominic Cummings’s “Herd Immunity” eugenics program was floated as the way forward

The PM did not look bold or confident when he ambled out behind his two trusted “credibility shields,” the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty and his Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Valance. He thanked those who had covered for him during his time out and was profuse in his gratitude to the NHS staff who had saved his sorry arse. It was time to spin the numbers, to make what in reality was abysmally bad look like a victory, his personal victory. The fatality figures they had been forced to amalgamate to reveal the total death toll were in the range of 26,000 with 674 dead in the last 24 hours. Boris Johnson knows full well that the total his is quoting is a deliberately deceptive lie, but no one ever expects him to tell the truth. In an appeal for us to accept the awful death toll he says he knows how many have lost love ones, we have the strength and resilience to overcome this challenge.

Johnson states that he will not risk a resurgence as he adapts the hypnotic Tory messaging to cover their most recent disgraceful failure as if everything was falling into place exactly as planned; referring to the chronic shortage of PPR he repeats their mantra, instead of “steps” it was “the right protective gear, to the right people, at the right time!” It sounded painfully shallow and must have enraged abandoned NHS staff, but he went on to embellish his fake support by saying, “they were throwing everything at it, despite global shortages in global Pandemic.” Not his problem for not stockpiling, not his problem for not attending Cobra meetings and taking action sooner when supplies were available, not his problem that we failed to opt into the EI procurement scheme, no it was a global Pandemic. There was no apology, zero shame or accountability for massive failures that were still costing innocent lives.

The number of patients in ICU was falling Johnson outrageously claiming that we had “ succeeded” in avoiding the tragedy pf our NHS becoming overwhelmed, he insisted that at no stage was the NHS overwhelmed and no one was turned away. Not really true as many of the elderly and those from Care Homes were never admitted or were sent back with the virus to facilities that were not equipped to treat them. Those dying of Covid 19 in hospital were on ventilators, but Mat Hancock has never explained why those dying in Care Homes didn’t require ventilation equipment or the support of intensive care trained medical staff. Despite the fact that it was primarily the elderly who were most at risk of needing intensive care there was a conscious choice made not to provide care to those who are still most in need of those 3,000 “spare” critical care beds that Hancock boasts are available right now.

Johnson boasts of how they were warned of the possibility that 5000,000 could die; he fails to mention that this figure was in response to Dominic Cummings insane “Herd Immunity” eugenics program. Without admitting to the horrendous folly of even considering this strategy the shockingly inflated death toll doing nothing and “taking it on the chin” would have caused Boris grasps for that figure of 500,000 deaths as a baseline from which we are supposed to gauge our success, which give him lots of scope for future disastrous statistics to emerge. Johnson confidently asserts that we are “past the peak” and should be hopeful.

It was now time for Johnson to show off by saying that the UK is leading international efforts to create a vaccine as if this were a personal achievement he had every right to be proud of. It was time to talk up the incredible magic bullet vaccine that he hoped would obscure all of his unforgivable errors of judgement that have cost so many lives. While we have at least two excellent teams, one at Oxford the other at Imperial College, both working on this even a greatly expedited process will take months or possible more than a year to perfect. Once again the Tory team vault to the high tech solution while ignoring the basics of infection control wearing PPE, testing, tracking and tracing. Not that there shouldn’t be investment in a vaccine, but that we should not ignore the fundamentals.

Johnson announced that next week he would at last unveil a comprehensive plan to get the economy moving again, get children back to school, people back to work and safely using public transport while suppressing the disease and restart the economy he said “guided by the science.” He wanted to build maximum critical consent across all parties and across the whole of the UK. It was another “they must accept my dictates” rather than an open call for collaboration and consensus. There is still no transparency at all with no one even permitted to know exactly who is on the all important SAGE committee or whether Dominic Cunnings, with his lack of scientific knowledge and warped views, is exerting his menacing and mendacious influence.

There followed an incantation of the requirements for the UK to come out of lockdown: Protext the NHS; a sustained fall in death rate; infection rate falling; overcoming the logistical challenges and no risk of a second spike. Johnson talked of how we had come through peak, under the tunnel to sunny pastures, but we would not lift the restrictions to risk slamming into the mountain again; for one awful moment I was reminded of the delusional “sunny upland” promises of Brexit that future Tory horror show we have yet to fully endure the worst pain if until the December crash-out date. Another “Titanic Success” Boris has in store for the unsuspecting British public just as we might potentially be recovering from the badly managed disaster of Covid 19 under Tory dictatorship.

There was an impressive video that made it really easy for people of all levels of education, even quite young children, to fully understand the rate of infection. It was well illustrated for simplicity as we really do need young children to understand the situation we are facing and the new ways we should interact with one another. I liken it to a fire, spot a smouldering ember and smother the flames quickly, you will have the situation under control; let the fire take hold to become established and you are fighting a raging inferno.

Patrick Valance was then charged with explaining before presenting the day’s data slides. What he essentially said was that we were trying to get back to a point we should never have reached in the first place, if we had instituted proper quarantine controls at our entry points, tested, tracked and traced just as the WHO had advised. The UK started out testing, tracking and tracing, but then gave up and let the virus sweep the country, further exacerbating the problem with a large influx of untested Madrid football fans flooded into Liverpool and then there was the decision not to cancel the Cheltenham festival.

We should not forget that as a big fan of Dominic Cummings, Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Valance was one of the early advocates of highly unscientific non vaccine Herd Immunity. We still do not know if exposure to the virus bestows any lasting immunity, how this is quantified if the exposure is mild and the reaction minimal or how long such immunity might last. There were too many variables for any credible scientist to take such a huge gamble and accept such a potentially massive loss of life. That was where the experts the Tories were relying on to guide UK policy lost all credibility and it has been very difficult to take them seriously beyond that initial huge error of judgement. Herd Immunity is a noted phenomenon that comes into play when a high proportion of the population has been reliably immunized with a well tested vaccine.

Questions began with two from ordinary citizens the first of which was a woman concerned that people might flock to Cornwall to escape the lockdown bringing infection with them; it was a valid concern if the lifting of restrictions is piecemeal by area. There was a question about mental health support and Johnson set ito a pitch about all the support they had put in place. There was a pitch for help lines and Johnson said it was a goof reason not to ptolong the lockdown any longer than we needed to.

Kuennsberg said that people were struggling to make ends meet; strange how such a serious issue has never concerned this Tory hack over the past ten years of excruciating austerity! She asked, “are you saying the economy will have to wait?” She also asked about the R value being between .6 and .9 and said “where does the R value need to get to for us to lift the lockdown? These questions really play into Tory hands as they push the Government into doing exactly what they want to do, prioritize the economy over people’s lives, but they need to pretend that moving in this direction was due to public pressure so that when lifting the lockdown results in thousands more deaths they can claim it was not their fault.

We got Johnson rising to the opportunity for self-congratulation saying we had done so much better than other places around the world in total denial of our staggering death rate! This led into the classic Tory tactic of denying what you want to get what you want. The collateral damage of other medical conditions being neglected as described in “the hammer and the dance” article came up. This has only just made it onto the Tory radar, but they are now telling people it really is safe to go to Hospital for non Covid ailments, despite the fact that their testing of NHS staff is not nearly comprehensive enough. The R value must be lower than one but ideally we want the trend to go from doubling to halving the infection rate.

Peston asked something he should have known never to ask a Tory, he said “you made the reasonable point that we avoided 500,000 deaths, but by your own chart the deaths are possibly the worst in Europe… what lessons have you learned from that seemingly worrying outcome?” Tories do not learn lessons ever! He then fawned over Johnson referring to the unprecedented help going to small businesses and individuals, a record amount in peacetime, so he asked about the national debt, how great was the risk that you will feel compelled to cut public services and move us into a new era of austerity? We were told not to make comparisons until the end of this crisis when we can look back… what to reflect on the carnage after the Tories have completed their “Holocaust of Care;” we need to stop the genocide right now!

The trio all claimed it was not the right time to analyse their mistakes and make critical changes, but Tories never learn lessons. Johnson repeated “the right moves at the right time” mantra and went on to bring up mental health and suicides due to being confined at home, how it was best to have lockdown coincide with the peak, we’re now past the peak. “we’re learning lessons every day” Boris repeats twice hastily like a broken record, but without meaning, adding that he did think that they had done “the right things at the right time.”

Johnson said there was a worry over ICU beds and ventilators as we saw in some other countries. It was necessary to emphasize overseas failures to get the Tories off the hook. “This country came together, to enforce, to obey the social distancing rules and to save lives…” The public has learned to obey the dictator, he thinks the economy will bounce back strongly he says no more austerity, but he is delusional over the economy and he lies all the time. He passed to others in his shielding team for support and they stressed not making comparisons yet we had a long way to go. At the end of this we will look at all cause mortality adjusted for age in a post action review. The experts hailed our UK success with getting people into trials.

Talk radio raised the issue of a “cancer time bomb” due to delayed diagnosis and treatment. Professor Whitte addressed the concern over collateral damage identifying three other areas of impact, emergency situations, health and preventative measures, increasing impact of deprivation. They are phasing in cancer treatment in a way that it is safe to proceed. PM said emphatically “anyone who needs cancer treatment gets it” he does not seem to compute the delays of the last two months. He admitted that some people are scared to go for treatment, but they will get treated. The Times asked about the R rate between 6-9 what is manageable? What is the guidance for safer transport and getting back to work and the use of face masks?

The experts tell us that R is different in different places, but we are getting better data so we can now respond as a collective endeavour. We will soon be measuring R in random survey. What number for testing and tracing to be effective? Once you control the spread of Covid and self-isolate the need to track and trace is much lower level. Johnson says he thinks masks will be useful in giving people the confidence to go back to work. This sounds like a desire to give people a false sense of security so that the working poor get back to slave labour. The really important thing about masks is that people wear them properly and do not contaminate their face by half on half off handling of the mask. If worn and removed cautiously they can provide a degree of protection.

Johnson was a lucky idiot, others were less lucky, the NHS do their best to save lives but this is not focused enough on protecting the elderly, they just die. Bus Feed ask about why if the NHS is functioning under capacity why is the death rate so high in Care Homes? Johnson starts into massive Boris Shit and urges waiting till the end of the epidemic to look back at the excess mortality rate. Of course Johnson and the Tories would advocate that as they will have ample opportunity to cull the “economically inactive” elderly population with their “Holocaust in Care.” This is the Tories “Final Solution” for managing Social Care a mass extermination they can just blame on the Pandemic. If we want to end this carnage we need to stop the Tories by removing them from office. We absolutely can do that by investigating the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and correcting the fraudulent vote to restore justice and democracy.