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An alarm should be raised that there is a danger of mutation of the anti-vaxxers movement, in recombination with the covid deniers to produce a much more potent movement. I noticed this tendency on another forum of this website, We now have a perfection conflation of causes that ‘prove’ that the ‘PTB’ are out to get us, the building blocks of this overarching conspiracy has already been set and prove the conspiracy. The elements are, in no particular order:

  • Vaccines are themselves conspiracy to ultimately reduce the population
  • Vaccines are unsafe, and are produced purely for profit, and governments encourage this deception.
  • Wi-Fi and now 5G is the main new culprit for all human diseases.
  • Bill gates has a vested interest in being part of the new world government, and that is his overriding motive for being interested in vaccines.
  • Bill Gates controls the WHO because he gives large funds to it.
  • The WHO is part of the world domination conspiracy.
  • Any data that comes out of scientific bodies is suspect because it is controlled.
  • All medical whistle blowers are silenced because they expose the truth.
  • Covid-19 is the latest part of the world domination project and is a hoax.
  • Governments are rushing to implement pre-arranged programmes of controlling us through lockdown.
  • But the major reason for the Covid-19 hoax is to get us all vaccinated with a new, no doubt mind controlling vaccine for the greater profit of big pharma.

And so on.

I may be a bit harsh on the anti-vaccine movement because there may be some who are concerned genuinely about the safety of vaccines and about possible individual effects. Anti-vaxxers may also not be completely responsible for the fall in vaccine uptake as this article discusses.