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I shall give you the benefit of the doubt and answer your ‘accusations’ against Neil Ferguson.

“I was referring to Neil Ferguson, not Imperial College. As I said his record is easily available, but since you insist, here are some of his catastrophic predictions.”

First to address is that you have been referring to Neil Ferguson and not Imperial. But this itself is odd. You don’t really think that an institution like IC would employ someone with a dud reputation did you? Of course you did because later on you dismiss IC with this:

“I am stating as fact that they receive huge sponsorship from an organisation which stands to make billions from covid-19 vaccines, therefore Imperial College has a conflict of interest.”

So really we have a corrupt world famous institution being bribed to produce research that would influence its results so as to comply with its grants.

This is the nitty gritty of conspiracy theories. Everybody is corrupt and therefore you can safely ignore all their lifetime work and even IC is corrupt, Bill Gates is corrupt. Against such CTs there is really no rational discussions. Just please, without offence look at this and tell me: are you really aware of how Universities appoint senior staff, and how the process has safeguards and how important reputations are in this respect, not reputations to CTs but to the scientific communities? Are you aware of how grants are awarded mostly competitively? Is everything that Bill Gates does tainted? Is that because he is interested in vaccinating many people in Africa because they cannot afford it and he is a billionaire, or is that he has evil purposes to exterminate Africans and ultimately rule the world?. I am no apologist for Bill Gates or any billionaire but it is a fact of life that billionaires influence policies and some of them do so by buying news media and become POTUS but at least Bill Gates is at the more benign end and as far as I know his foundation is arms length with full checks. But of course you may choose to differ and I understand why. I do not like the system but try not to blame individuals for trying to do good within a corrupt system.

Then your quotes about Ferguson’s history of predicting this and that. Of course these articles come from The Spectator and the Guardian. And of course they are politically motivated. No doubt Neil Ferguson gave advice on Foot and Mouth, on Bird Flu and other virus epidemics. The decisions taken on his advice were mainly pragmatic and political. He has in the case of Covid 19 made projections which were later modified to take account of changing government policy and revised his predictions downward. So that is what is modelling is about, if you change one of the parameters then the outlook may be different. No doubt deaths from bird flue, BSE and F&MD proved to be less than he predicted, but maybe that was a result of the advise the government followed. If were are to know the truth we would like to have a levelled scientific discussion, not trial by Spectator and Guardian.
And then the CTs are now concentrating on Ferguson, and in so doing probably also are aligning themselves with Dominic Cummings and some of the very vociferous right wing elements in this government who also do not like Ferguson and probably were very pleased to see him go, with the help of the Telegraph (although I agree he was foolish).
But Ferguson is not the only scientist in this, there are many more and there are scientific advisers all over the world, some of them sleeping with mistresses and some not, some tainted by association with Bill Gates and some not. They come from many countries, including places like China, Taiwan, India, Russia, France, Italy Spain, the USA and many others. They all say things that are similar. So why this obsession with Ferguson. Is it because it is the real soft belly that will prove the falsity of the situation, or is a typical CTs diversion?
My challenge to you is simple: please find the equivalent of Ferguson in China, Italy and Spain and any other countries you wish and tell me if their advice is tainted by similar previous failures and associations with Bill Gates.

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