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“Yet the EMA and Italian government, as well as the vaccine manufacturers, just drag their feet, and haven’t responded to the requests for copies of the testing that has been done to show they are safe.”

This, scandalously, is typical. Goldacre reports many similar examples in Bad Pharma, though regarding pharmaceuticals rather than vaccines. It’s called “regulatory capture” and is caused partly by frequent association and the revolving door between manufacturers and the regulators from employees up to senior administrators, partly government apathy, partly inadequate regulatory rules and partly lack of enforcement of existing rules. This is a data access issue, and it needs to be thoroughly cleaned out, but don’t hold your breath in our neoliberal world; it’s been a known major problem for decades.

But in any particular case, it may matter a lot, or it may matter not at all, because vaccine vigilance is also performed by studying the end results. Vaccines are administered to millions, and records are kept by health authorities, thus creating a massive database from which vaccine effects can be, and are, examined with superb accuracy and in great depth.

Is this a new vaccine? If not, you can go to the Cochrane Library, an online resource where systematic reviews of all sorts of studies are published in full and made available and searchable for the public with no charge.