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“Of course, both sides are biased – Corvelva, over their children’s health, and the government and Big Pharma, over mega-bucks”

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. The majority of Corvelva members are probably concerned only about safety for their children, but they make their decisions in an information environment that is being actively corrupted from all sides, because the “PTB” is not a unified bloc but a battleground, a competition for profit. The only real “PTB” is capital itself ie. Mammon, which mere humans fight to acquire, and the nearer the top the dirtier the fight.

If GlaxoSmithKline are making the leading vaccine Quadrateq(TM) for blobulitis, do you think Merck & Co are above feeding cherry-picked information to Corvelva via a front, to associate Quadrateq(TM) with fear and anxiety? And if Corvelva just coincidentally raise suspicions about Quadrateq(TM), don’t you think Merck & Co might covertly encourage funds, lawyers and expert witnesses in Corvelva’s direction?