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Paul Barbara

@ SA
Fine, but within weeks, we are talking fairly small numbers and symptoms which fit other illnesses.
Was it a new illness? It could have been known about, and even a vaccine prepared (no known (to me – I’m not aware of any) high-profile Western government deaths – some ‘alleged’ infections.

‘…and to which you have no treatment or vaccine and that is highly infectious and not racially discriminating…’

I suspect that the top-dogs use Gc-MAF, a multi-faceted natural immune booster which they forcefully ensure the public cannot get hold of, and which may have been found to be effective against the virus. They cannot use it for the general population, otherwise the cat would be out of the bag, Gc-Maf is a wonder cure, and that is verboten (because there is no money in it for Big Pharma).
Not racially discriminating? It certainly seems to have targeted coloured and Asian people more than whites – you could say that they have a higher percentage of the jobs which make them vulnerable, but that does not hold in Iran, where a number of high-up officials have died.
And is it really such a fiscal catastrophe? I have posted before a link showing many billionaires have made a financial killing. Also many people have been expecting a scenario to crash the dollar intentionally, in order to roll out some plastic-based ‘currency’ to do away with cash (just one of the many NWO agendas, like RFID (or similar), and the ‘tracing app’ is a (wet) dream come true to the control freaks.
And no, I do not agree ‘…that this is fantasy and fiction…’
Yes, I would agree it could be called ‘..a conspiracy theory’, but I certainly believe it.
You have made it plain you don’t believe in it – good for you. That does not make it untrue, any more than my believing it makes it true. Time will tell.

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