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Paul Barbara

@ SA June 1, 2020 at 17:44
Thanks for the link – glad you think it;s a good summary – I do too.
Dr. Bradstreet isn’t the only doctor involved with alternative cures to die in mysterious circumstances. The US police do seem over-keen on calling strange deaths ‘suicides’, especially if the victim/s are ‘anti-Establishment’. The rate of deaths by such doctors is high, though there are sites that try to negate that fact by ‘working the statistics’.
‘…Gc-MAF is freely available in Japan, China and most of Asia…’
I don’t know if that is true, but shall check it out; Immuno Biotech has definitely been closed down. David Noakes, who was reporting regularly to police whilst on bail awaiting a French extradition hearing (he had already served a sentence in prison in England) stopped reporting, and went underground, but recently got caught and imprisoned). His colleague is already being held in prison in France, awaiting trial.
The trouble is, Immuno Biotech’s serum needed to be shipped chilled, which is problematical if from Japan, China or elsewhere in Asia.
As you will have learnt, or perhaps you already knew, it Gc-MAF is a perfectly natural product, and according to patients who have received it in the past, it has a very good record of either curing or dramatically lengthening their lifetime (many 4th Stage cancer patients who had been given weeks or months lived considerably longer than the conventional doctors had given them, after they had said there was nothing further they could do.
Glad we seem almost agreed on this Gc-MAF question, though maybe I have overestimated your agreement.
Just one case – a British lady who had been given an extremely short time left by conventional doctors, took Gc-MAF and progressed so well that she retired to Cypress and was doing well, getting her regular Gc-MAF. The British authorities here got in touch with Cypriot police and they twice raided her house, confiscating her Gc-MAF. She died shortly after her supply was stopped. Maybe she would have died anyway, you might say; but it does go to show the lengths the ‘Authorities’ will go to to stop the use of Gc-MAF.