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Paul Barbara

@ Dr Edd June 2, 2020 at 20:20
Firstly, twice I have ask if you are actually a doctor, and you still have not told me.

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The fact that doctors, scientists, nurses or researchers who counter Big Pharma, government or MSM (often all three) get hammered in the press, lose their licence to practice and/or get ‘discredited’ – goes with the territory.
As we have seen with Julian Assange, though I don’t believe Big Pharma are concerned in that case. Though, just as in that case, no matter how many ‘Bastions of Who Should Be Demonised’ do all in their power to destroy him, does not make them right. Nor does it make similar ‘Authority’ figures right when they demonise (or stay silent, out of a fear that they too will be targeted) people who think differently to themselves.
‘Biosemiotic Entropy: Concluding the Series’by John W. Oller, Jr. indicates how Oller got involved with autism and vaccines – so your inference that there is no reason for him to be knowledgeable in autism or vaccines does not hold water – his professional fortes doubtless led him to the study of the toxins which he knew disrupted the smooth progress of speech etc which he was well qualified to teach.
Holding his Christian beliefs against him is perhaps overstepping the mark?
Bit like another commententer or two raising eyebrows about the Kenyan Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Kenyan Catholic Doctors Association not being competent enough to get laboratory analyses on their suspicions re the Tetanus vaccines – perhaps a little bit of racism mixed in with a disbelief in religion.
The link between vaccines and autism has NOT been disproved – a top CDC whistleblower doctor claimed information showing a definite danger to African/American babies was covered up.
The link has been up on this thread before, though it might be difficult to find.
Presumably you will show that the other six authors of the paper are also charlatans, or is it only Oller?