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Paul Barbara

@ Clark June 13, 2020 at 11:36

‘…I often wonder to what extent your sort of belligerence cost us a Corbyn government…’

Yes, I understand, you clearly have problems thinking logically. Happens to us all eventually, but on this occasion I’m happy to be in a position to set you straight – it wasn’t me or the likes of me who scuppered Corbyn, it was a smear campaign organised by you-know-who and gleefully amplified and augmented by the MSM, and by Right-wing traitors in the Labour Party intent on bringing him down, and by electoral fraud. The last is difficult to prove, but glaringly obvious to smart folk like me, even without consulting my crystal ball.
The MSM, ‘Security Services’, armed forces, IDOX, HM Government and ‘Foreign Powers’ were all ranged against him; the ‘will’ was certainly there, and the opportunity in the IDOX Tory company largely controlling processing of the votes, with little chance of any fraud coming to light because of so many agencies would be ‘looking the other way’. Cui Bono?
Sure, there’s a lot of speculation there, but that’s how I reckon the completely unexpected ‘Landslide’ was managed.
However flimsy you might find my explanation, it’s a darn sight more logical than yours.
But that is par for the course.