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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Clark – SA – Clifton – Thank you all for your valuable support. I have cut and pasted all of the Posts on both of the Elections Aftermath Forums, three Blog pages in the original Forum and six so far in our current one. I am meticulously examining all of these Posts to find out who has important data and also to try to create a list of Links; tagging entries with markers for an easier search capability. There are a number of contributors who have stated that they have discovered Twitter Posts from people claiming to have accumulated data, sometimes for just a single constituency, but other times for a whole string of constituencies. It is so hard to locate anything meaningful among the blizzard of truncated sound-bites on Twitter; I still find it impossible to contact anyone who has Posted there. Anyone who becomes aware of potential data sources on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere please make an effort to contact them as they might be persuaded to collaborate to aid our campaign.

One of the most Important Links for you all to examine is the one that contains the Dunoon Unit Report as it provides valuable hints about what can be ascertained from the data. The first red flag they noted was the percentage of returned postal votes, which in some areas was as high as over 96%: well beyond the realm of probability. The register is reviewed and updated once a year and in any given year a number of the eligible voters on that list will have either moved home, become too elderly and incoherent to respond, have gone to prison or just died. They then calculated percentages for each of those categories erring on the side of the minimal numbers of voters to be eliminated within that one year cycle. The number of postal votes has expanded rapidly since being made more widely available; it used to be predominantly disabled and elderly voters.

The Scottish Referendum result data produced anomalies that were well beyond the statistical realm of probability and therefore were most likely accounted for by vote rigging. This was all done by people who didn’t claim to be mathematicians or statisticians like Clifton, but I think the conclusions that they drew were extremely valid. The video presentation of this gives a quick insight into what was accomplished with their project, but the difficulty that remained was getting the police to then investigate further. The timing of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, at the very bitter end of the postal vote registration renewal cycle, was such that the maximum amount of invalid postal votes would have gone out, so was that intentional? I think that if we can match their impressive data analysis with our data number crunching goal before the crash-out Brexit deadline, then we could potentially approach the EU Court, because the end result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election will strip millions of European Citizens of their rights.

I also believe that due to the chronic mishandling of Covid 19 the public are extremely disenchanted with the Tory Government right now and they are highly motivated to take action in terms of civil unrest and acts of disobedience. The propaganda war waged before, during and after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was fully supported by the BBC and all of the mainstream media, it was even begrudgingly accepted as a valid result by the alternative media outlets, so it will be hard to turn this around, but not impossible given the current level of public anger. Imagine the fury of the people in the so-called “Red Wall” constituencies, who have been told for months that their “borrowed votes” for Boris got him elected, when they discover that their votes were actually stolen! These are the very same places now facing heavy unemployment and those being hardest hit by the Covid crisis.

We have to proactively change the narrative, but the really good news is that, in their sheer desperation, people are becoming a lot more receptive to that change, especially among that young highly vocal group of Black Lives Matter protesters. This is especially important at a time when Johnson and other Tories are trying to double-down on their divisive tactics, offensive language and belligerent attitudes. Johnson has appointed the very worst possible person to lead a completely redundant inquiry into every area of racial inequality while stubbornly ignoring the recommendations of eight previous inquiries. Prioritizing the defence of statues over the lives and life chances of British people, the message that those, like Cummings, who are within their elitist circle are above the law and now Raab trying to turn a mark of respect into a symbol of subjugation are all recent examples of toxic messaging.

Raab’s obnoxious display of ignorance might have seriously backfired as even more people will start looking up the origin of the gesture; Language Log showed a graph of recent Google search hits. Did Raab not realize that attempts made by Trump to tarnish this powerful act of protest, by suggesting it was an insult to the Star Spangled Banner anthem, the American flag and US service personnel, had failed miserably? Linking it to subjugation and revering the head of our most elite family, the Queen, Raab expects us to grovel rather than bow to the British monarch! Much of what is written about the history of “Taking the Knee” focuses on the NFL players protesting racial injustices in the US. One commenter wrote, “According to an interview I’ve just seen with Kaepernick, he got the suggestion from a Vietnam vet. Taking a knee was a way to honour a comrade who’d been killed; as per the ‘military tradition’,” Another wrote, “Eric Reid himself noted in an editorial for the New York Times on Monday: We chose to kneel because it’s a respectful gesture. I remember thinking our posture was like a flag flown at half-mast to mark a tragedy.”

It is reassuring to know that if Johnson’s Machiavellian manipulator is driving this effort to control the messaging, he is doing a thoroughly abysmal job of it and he’s probably making the Tory brand even more toxic. We must negate every Tory comment and catchphrase, but while I’ve create some memorable slogans for the slug-fest ahead, I need to get them out there. I am totally inept when it comes to Social Media, Twitter, Whatsapp, any app for that matter and I’m not on Facebook; Clark this is why my Petition is languishing unnoticed and starting a new one elsewhere is pointless without better contacts. I am seriously intimidated by some of these platforms and I doubt I could cope if I tried to interact using them. However, these platforms hold the key because right now the Government is about as inept at blocking the pervasive use of these Social Media sites as I am in utilizing them. If you are any better equipped to deal with accessing these sites please pitch in and help spread the word and contact the people who claim on Twitter to have accumulated the very data Clifton is seeking.

The utter disbelief fuelled by my reliance on logic and my critical scrutiny of the multiple suspicious anomalies that underpin the so-called “Landslide Victory” claimed by Boris Johnson have not been enough to convince a professional investigative journalist to delve into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election just yet. For me the truth is painfully obvious: “If it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck it’s not a Giraffe!” However, when these suspicious anomalies are backed up by the data that clearly shows results beyond the statistical realm of possibility that vote rigging must have accounted for the unexpected result, then there is the basis of a news story with massive implications. This highly sophisticated election rigging is going on all over the world under the strict control of the global elite; if it is blasted wide open here in the UK the perpetrators will be exposed and hopefully they will fall like dominos.

Beyond the investigative component we will need to create a powerful groundswell of public support and that will require massive Social Media engagement in order to not become drowned out by the Government propaganda claims that this is just a conspiracy theory perpetrated by disgruntled leftists. That will require the support of high profile alternative media outlets like Novara Media, the Canary and Skwawkbox as well as fired up individuals like Twitter maven Rachael_Swindon and the team at Led by Donkeys. I keep repeating certain catchphrases in the hope one will land well with one of these highly vocal alternative thinkers, that is why I constantly write about the December vote as the “Covert 2019 Rigged Election.” Just close enough to Covid 19 to create a strong association between the two inextricably linked crisis situations: if the public did not think that Tory “landslide victory” posed a major threat to our lives and our way of life back in December they are surely waking up to the disastrous consequences by now!

Key words and phrases provide the media with what is known in journalistic circles as “a Hook” with which to grab public attention. I learned this many years ago when my friends sailing a boat back to Europe via the Red Sea, ran aground off the coast of Somalia and the crew were all thrown in jail. I worked with the press to help keep their plight in the news so that the British Foreign Office took notice and we finally got them out. Although I didn’t succeed in getting the funding I needed, I used that media knowledge to get varied news stories printed on a regular basis every couple of weeks when I was trying to gain sponsorship for my International Women’s Team to compete in the Whitbread Round the World Race. Now the publicity platforms have changed dramatically, but the Hook concept is still valid.

Changing the narrative requires getting the public to switch from being sucked in by Right Wing propaganda of a “Tory Landslide Victory” to the sordid truth of the “Covert 2019 Rigged Election;” from the cruel lie about “Borrowed Votes” to the despicable reality of the “Stolen Votes;” from Boris Johnson’s fake promises about “Levelling Up” to the harsh probability of the Tories acting true to form and “Decimating Down.” Their dire reluctance to support the free school meals for poor children over the summer was a bitter taste of unpalatable Tory driven deprivation to come. There must be a few shock headlines about the “Slaughter of the Sheeple” and the “Holocaust in Care” to make the public put the Government’s catastrophic failures over Covid 19 into the appropriate perspective as we continue to expose the ongoing pursuit of “Herd Immunity,” which clearly a deliberate act of Genocide! Perhaps it requires an entirely new word: is the Tory Government committing “Covicide?” Keep using these terms and they will start to trend!

When approaching doubters there are certain premises that are absolutely irrefutable. The fist is that our UK Elections are wide open to fraud on an Industrial scale. Looking at our Elections from the perspective of an observer of the legitimacy of foreign elections, Craig Murray articulated the reasons for this really well in a Guardian Article over a decade ago. This has been widely acknowledged and well documented by top Judges and MPs on both sides of the political divide. it was because of the rock solid foundation of this argument that my Internet Petition for an Investigation targets increasing the powers of our toothless Electoral Commission: “Rescue our Watchdog!” The Electoral Commission is not the only so-called watchdog whose effectiveness and legitimacy is in severe peril; Tory Government policy has deliberately neutered all scrutinizing bodies to eliminate or dramatically reduce accountability; this now includes their next major target our Judiciary! “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!”

Another irrefutable fact is that the people who have inadvertently or deliberatey blurted out their inside knowledge of the postal vote results before Election Day were either bluffing or were passed on Intel that came from a central source of information; a fact that would solidly confirm vote rigging. To fool the public with the ruse that there was widespread vote sampling is to promote the ludicrous assumption that literally hundreds of trusted Returning Officers right across the country were prepared to break the law and risk a jail sentence to get an early insight into the results as elaborated on in the video presentation about the “Defending Democracy Report.” Considering this obvious criminality you would have thought it was a lot safer to claim the “spouting bullshit” defence? This fact needs to be more widely understood by the public so that intense pressure is brought to bear on the authorities to question those, like Laura Kuennsberg, who broke the law by openly disclosing results ahead of time on TV.

We need to stop stroking the egos of global despots like Trump, Johnson, Bolsonaro and so many more trying to emulate them in a trend towards authoritarian dictatorships led by so-called “Strong Men,” who are in reality just pathetic, insecure “Man-Baby’s” who have managed to bully and cheat their way into power. The eminently narcissistic Boris “Man-Baby” Johnson craves the attention of an adoring public, but a chorus of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” could still seriously unhinge him at any public appearances! Johnson, who prefers to be called just “Boris” as it gives a false impression of friendship, has sought to name things after himself, but we could make this annoying, critical and a lot less flattering. Johnson’s prolific bullshit becomes “Boris-shit;” conveniently rhyming with the Boris bike you have the “Boris Spike” when there is an inevitable significant uptick in Covid cases due to his incompetence

The “Bilious Boris Bubble” of vomit worthy sycophants infecting number ten includes his putrid puppet master the repugnant “Herd Nerd” Dominic Cummings who has yet to comprehend the reality that he’s now become the walking dead. Cummings’s equally fragile ego has been so mortally damaged by his much ridiculed association with the pseudo science aspect of Herd Immunity that he felt compelled to go back and edit portions of the illustrious outpourings on his Blog. This is a raw wound for the Herd Nerd and we need to keep scratching it until he retreats to his Durham bunker. As I’ve said many times in my Posts, I believe that if mounting public pressure gets him fired, Dominic will not go quietly. Craving revenge, Cummings’s personal desire to prove that he was the mastermind behind the Covert 2019 Rigged Election could provide the crucial evidence we require to bring down this Government. Herd Immunity has resulted in the UK record of highest death toll in Europe, but his eugenics philosophy and the power to reinvent our Governance under his control is extremely dangerous: we must keep pushing for his removal.