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    And in particular, of course, it means “Don’t get rid of the monarchy”.

    Everyone who repeats the phrase “unwritten constitution” unthinkingly is helping support the monarchy, nolens volens.

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    The unwritten constitution , together with state sovereignty being crown sovereignty, an unelected second chamber and a FPTP electoral system ensure that the ruling class will always continue to rule, even when ‘elected’ by a minority of the population. Where are these colour revolutions when you need them?

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    SA & N – I can see my comparisons between the “Enabling Act” in Germany that facilitated Hitler’s rise to Dictatorship with the frightening consolidation of power under the Johnson/Cummings Tory Government has struck a raw nerve. We should be afraid, very afraid because it was only when I was compiling the information for that post that I realized Hitler had overcome far greater obstacles on his journey towards full dictatorship and how little stands in the way of a rogue Government here in the UK. Yes it is precisely that absence of a written constitution that leaves us so vulnerable here now. We have relied upon a simple ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ in a place where traditionally “an Englishman’s word was his bond.” We can no longer afford to wallow in this blissful ignorance; Johnson, Cummings and the current Tory cabal are not ‘gentlemen,’ or respectable ladies for that matter, and their word is worthless as evidenced by their willingness to break an International treaty that Johnson signed only a few short months ago.

    PsyOps allowed Cummings to creep inside the minds of society’s most vulnerable and persuadable, to warn them against thinking of self-preservation and survival in order to establish unquestionable support for the wealthy Tory elite. Do I really believe that this devious con trick was enough to cause a landslide victory for renewed Tory oppression? Obviously not, a massive incidence of Stockholm syndrome was highly unlikely, but the BBC and MSM pumped their propaganda. Cummings relied on stolen data to facilitate his coup without suffering the slightest protestation from opposing ranks. More data provided by private sector Track and Trace, Apps, and more, will help to build a far larger database for potential future exploitation which is covertly designed into the Governments corrupt Track and Trace program requirements. The system requests, not just the data needed for controlling the disease, but information that is saleable to US Healthcare Corporations and useful to those hoping to control all future elections.

    In 1991 I was contracted to deliver a sturdy Han Christian cruising yacht across the northern north Atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale to Holland. One on my two selected crew was a young woman who had sailed with me to England on the US Women’s Challenge aboard ‘Inespal’ as we sought sponsorship to compete in the Whitbread round the world race. After a really fast crossing proving competitiveness of the newly designed and built boat, we still failed to secure a major sponsor for the team, but I was able to sail leg two of the 89/90 race aboard vintage Maxi ‘With Integrity’. On the trans-Atlantic my friend brought along a book that we both avidly read, fiercely vying for access when not on watch. This addictive page turner was Margaret Atwood’s haunting book “The Handmaids tale.” In the book it was an emergency situation that allowed the Gilead to seize control, but this scenario is no fluke of futuristic fantasy; it’s a well recognized opportunity for an authoritarian overthrow of legitimate Government to install dictatorship.

    In a Smithsonian Magazine Article entitled, “The True Story of the Reichstag Fire and the Nazi Rise to Power; When the German parliamentary building went up in flames”, Hitler harnessed the incident to seize power. It says, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and where there’s fire, conspiracy theories are sure to follow. At least, that’s what happened in Germany on February 27, 1933, when a sizeable portion of the parliamentary building in Berlin, the Reichstag, went up in flames from an arson attack. It was the canary in the political coal mine—a flashpoint event when Adolf Hitler played upon public and political fears to consolidate power, setting the stage for the rise of Nazi Germany. Since then, it’s become a powerful political metaphor. Whenever citizens and politicians feel threatened by executive overreach, the ‘Reichstag Fire’ is referenced as a cautionary tale.”

    The Smithsonian recount that, “Germany’s first experiment with liberal democracy was born of the 1919 Weimar Constitution, established after the conclusion of World War I. It called for a president elected by direct ballot, who would appoint a chancellor to introduce legislation to members of the Reichstag (who were also elected by popular vote). The president retained the power to dismiss his cabinet and the chancellor, dissolve an ineffective Reichstag, and, in cases of national emergency, invoke something known as Article 48, which gave the president dictatorial powers and the right to intervene directly in the governance of Germany’s 19 territorial states.” I find it somewhat ominous that the most worrying segments of the last Tory manifesto, including reinventing our Human Rights, all appear on page 48, but that is probably just a chilling coincidence.

    The Smithsonian tell how, “Following a stint in jail for his failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Hitler poured his energy into attaining power through legal channels. He rose to the head of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis), and by 1928 the group’s membership exceeded 100,000. The Nazis denounced the Weimar Republic and the ‘November criminals,’ politicians had signed the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty forced Germany to accept responsibility for World War I, pay huge remunerations, transfer territory to their neighbors and limit the size of the military. Despite its considerable growth, the Nazi party won only 2.6 percent of the vote in the 1928 election. But then the Great Depression hit, sending the U.S. and Europe into an economic tailspin and shooting the number of unemployed up to 6 million people in Germany (around 30 percent of the population). The sudden slump caused massive social upheaval, which the Nazis exploited to gain further political traction.”

    The Smithsonian say, “By 1930, the Nazis won 18.3 percent of the Reichstag vote and became the second largest party after the Social Democrats, while the Communist party also grew to ten percent of the vote. The economic unrest of the early 1930s meant that no single political party had a majority in the Reichstag, so fragile coalitions held the nation together. Faced with political chaos, President Paul von Hindenburg dissolved the Reichstag again and again. Frequent elections followed. The Nazis aligned with other right-leaning factions and gradually worked their way up to 33 percent of the vote—but were unable to reach a full majority. In January 1933, Hindenburg reluctantly appointed Hitler as chancellor on the advice of Franz von Papen, a disgruntled former chancellor who believed the conservative bourgeois parties should ally with the Nazis to keep the Communists out of power. March 5 was set as the date for another series of Reichstag elections in hopes that one party might finally achieve the majority.”

    The Great Depression, mass unemployment and political instability increased the vulnerability that allowed Hitler to seize power, but there is no doubt he had a steep hill to climb. The far right was counterbalanced by the far left until the propaganda of the day was able to demonize the Communists by blaming them for the Reichstag Fire. The progressive Left in the UK is not a Communist Party, in fact it is no more radical than some other EU countries. However, the concocted scourge of fantisemitism has been used by the British propaganda spewing rags and the compliant BBC to demonize and discredit the Labour Party in an effort to imply that they are entirely unelectable. This was vital to convince the public that the unfathomable ‘landslide victory’ result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was legitimate, which I sincerely doubt and still requires serious Investigation. The commitment to ‘othering’ is another commonality with totalitarian regimes, the people need an enemy to scapegoat: migrants, remainers, the so called ‘hard left’…

    The Smithsonian say that, “Meanwhile, the Nazis seized even more power, infiltrating the police and empowering ordinary party members as law enforcement officers. On February 22, Hitler used his powers as chancellor to enroll 50,000 Nazi SA men (also known as stormtroopers) as auxiliary police.” If we think that here in the UK the Government could not mobilize a significant auxiliary police force we are living in la-la-land because the infrastructure for that force is already in place awaiting deployment right now. Both in the US and the UK there’s been an alarming rise in private security forces and the expansion of their use, companies like G4S that are running detention centres here is just one example. The use of private companies in all areas of public service requirement conveniently separates the Government from responsibility for their conduct which is an extremely serious concern. Privatizing Electoral Services and disempowering the Electoral Commission proved important factors in gaining control of ballots

    In the Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) Article entitled, “Britain’s private military and security industry examined” they elaborate on this armed capability. It says,“Britain has led this privatisation of modern warfare. It leads the world in providing armed contractors to ‘hot spots’, be it combating terrorism in the Middle East or fighting pirates off the Horn of Africa. Some of their biggest clients are governments; since 2004, the British state has spent approximately £50 million annually on mercenary companies. The total worth of the global private military and security industry has been estimated to stand somewhere between £69 billion and £275 billion a year. Many of these companies will serve whoever can pay – from wealthy private individuals to faceless corporations. It is easy for them to do so. Despite the size of this mercenary industry, the entire sector is marked by secrecy. Men trained in the arts of subterfuge and counter-intelligence dominate this sphere, and the result is an industry that operates from the shadows.”

    The Smithsonian recount how, “Two days later, Hermann Göring, Minister of the Interior and one of Hitler’s closest compatriots, ordered a raid on Communist headquarters. Following the raid, the Nazis announced (falsely) that they’d found evidence of seditious material. They claimed the Communists were planning to attack public buildings. On the night of February 27, around 9:00, pedestrians near the Reichstag heard the sound of breaking glass. Soon after, flames erupted from the building. It took fire engines hours to quell the fire, which destroyed the debating chamber and the Reichstag’s gilded cupola, ultimately causing over $1 million in damage. Police arrested an unemployed Dutch construction worker named Marinus van der Lubbe on the scene. The young man was found outside the building with firelighters in his possession and was panting and sweaty.” While he was tried, convicted and executed at the time there is considerable doubt that he was responsible and 75 years later he was exonerated.

    This was the golden opportunity that Hitler needed. The Smithsonian quote his response as, “’This is a God-given signal,’ Hitler told von Papen when they arrived on the scene. ‘If this fire, as I believe, is the work of the Communists, then we must crush out this murderous pest with an iron fist.’ A few hours later, on February 28, Hindenburg invoked Article 48 and the cabinet drew up the “Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State.” The act abolished freedom of speech, assembly, privacy and the press; legalized phone tapping and interception of correspondence; and suspended the autonomy of federated states, like Bavaria. That night around 4,000 people were arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the SA. Although the Communist party had won 17 percent of the Reichstag elections in November 1932, and the German people elected 81 Communist deputies in the March 5 elections, many were detained indefinitely after the fire. Their empty seats left the Nazis largely free to do as they wished.”

    We are already seeing significant curbs to our civil liberties applied due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, but many decisions are totally inconsistent with logic. We need to ask why are schools, universities, workplaces, public transportation and places we can spend money deemed safe, while personal contact outside these designated areas is severely limited and criminalized as ‘mingling’? We need to resist volunteering information except on a genuine ‘need to know’ basis. Hitler did not have the massive advantage of our huge modern-day proliferation of security cameras and it is now much easier to keep tabs on people via their mobile phones and the Internet. Our personal and private data has a significant monitory value and it is being pried away from us under the guise of infection control with Track and Trace. For instance the control of Covid 19 does not require access to your credit history and we must resist increasing our vulnerability to the state that is now under the absolute control of this rogue Tory Government.

    Although the Covid 19 crisis could not have been anticipated well in advance the opportunity of causing unnecessary chaos by engineering crash-out Brexit had been carefully calculated. There is no intention to strike a deal with the EU because it would involve compromises and limit the chaos. We need to fully understand and be warned that for this Tory Government, the chaos is the end goal. Operation Yellowhammer has already laid out the need to deploy troupes on the streets to control food shortages and potential rioting after Brexit. The negotiations with the EU are a distracting sideshow that will be used to blame the EU for the disaster the Tories know will ensue. Meanwhile, the wealthy elite will be well prepared in advance and will cash in on hedge funds or manage their money offshore. Brexit will work very well for the most wealthy in our nation, but the working poor will become helpless victims of the new slave state under Tory Dictatorship with all the violent suppression needed to keep it in place long-term.

    The Smithsonian recount how, “Later that year, a sensational criminal trial got under way. The accused included van der Lubbe, Ernst Torgler (leader of the Communist Party in the Reichstag) and three Bulgarian Communists. As the trial in Germany proceeded, a different kind of trial captured the public discourse. Willi Münzenberg, a German Communist, allied himself with other Communists to undertake an independent investigation of the fire. The combined research resulted in the publication of The Brown Book on the Reichstag Fire and Hitler Terror. It included early accounts of Nazi brutality, as well as an argument that van der Lubbe was a pawn of the Nazis. Hitler’s party members were the real criminals, the book argued, and they orchestrated the fire to consolidate political power. The book became a bestseller, translated into 24 languages and sold around Europe and the U.S.” The controversy over responsibility for the Reichstag Fire rumbled on for many years but van der Lubbe was exonerated in 2008.

    The instigation of so many devastating conflicts and upheavals has later been proven to be based on lies. This should be the most important cautionary tale; should we believe the media or question their motivations based on who is paying them? I have no doubt that the fantisemitism smear campaign will be fully exposed in the near future, but will the revelations be enough to question the Tory Government using state funds to create this rabid propaganda? We need to remember that Hitler was also elected. Political prisoner Julian Assange encouraged Whistleblowers to expose the criminal activities of Governments who were working against the interests of their own people; he cannot be silenced as an example to gag investigative Journalists worldwide. There must be people who know the details of what took place in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and who was responsible, but discovering this in a few decades time will not rescue us from the dystopian nightmare of Tory Dictatorship: we need that Whistleblower right now! DO NOT MOVE ON!

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    Kim. This as you say sends chills down the spine. But now the methodology is very subtle. There isn’t even the need to suppress the media for example, they have now become part of the military industrial information propaganda complex. As you say we also now have privatisation of the state’s monopoly of violence, not only directed at criminals but against those who break the newly invented laws that criminalise dissent. The covid-19 emergency laws have certainly been a perfect godsend to our new corporatist state where money flows seamlessly from the taxpayer to the tory crony businesses with no checks and balances to prevent fraud on a massive scale. Meanwhile, the opposition is fighting yesterdays battles, not even against the government, but against the so-called extreme left (really the true labour party) of the Labour party. But the real problem is that the electorate have been sedated, and I am not sure how this happened. Part of it has been the extremely toxic Brexit fueled nationalism and partly the gradual shift in the MSM towards corporate and billionaire ownership. The government is practicing boiling the frog and the stupefied electorate vote for the oppressors. I do not doubt that some rigging took place to produce the so-called landslide, but there is a very solid vote for the Tories amongst the working class, who are also staunch royalists which allows for this to continue.

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    What exactly does Priti Patel mean by defining a chance encounter with another group of friends on the street as “Mingling?” She’s trying to criminalize protest, our right to ‘peaceable assembly’ as well as prohibiting all forms of personal socializing. While school infections skyrocket, with children knowingly used as vectors to infect vulnerable elders in multi-generational households, colleges, workplaces and proximity to a cash register deemed safe; the pleasures of the wealthy elite were prioritized and preserved. Groups of up to thirty of the upper crust can wave their riffles in the air to indulge a favoured blood-sport of the toffs where few restrictions apply: one rule for them another for the victims of this Tory Governments eugenics ‘herd immunity’ cull. Targeting the ‘economically inactive’ with a renewed ‘Holocaust in Care’ the ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple’ will be as inhumanly brutal as their Grouse shoot! We cannot allow Patel to intimidate or silence us; rather than abandon protest we must be more innovative as we take it to a new level.

    The Government are hoping that tight restrictions on all gatherings and threatening huge fines will shut down all protests, at a time when they may well be expecting vastly increased civil unrest. Not everyone can make it to a demonstration; the most vulnerable will worry about the risk of using public transport, but is there an ingenious way around the restrictions? I have written before about my plan to make a loud cacophony of protest heard, “If we can no longer join protests without being punished and dispersed by the police we can chose a much louder and more effective alternative that no one need leave home to join. We bring the protest to the people’s doors, every single home in the UK; it will engage huge numbers throughout the country. When we clapped for Carers it was highly visible and the sound carried increasing the cumulative impact. Observing the “rule of six,” “Sound-off Saturday at Six” we would step outside to drum up a din, bang pots, shout slogans, sing protest songs, honk car horns, just make a lot of noise!

    We can see Tory Government restrictions as strangling our democratic right to freely protest or just an opportunity to move protest into a more inclusive participatory format where no one is excluded from taking part. Just to taunt the PM and his vile authoritarian cabal, Cummings, Hancock and Patel we should make a point of thanking them publically and profusely for inspiring us to become more creative while adhering to Social Distancing to remain well within the law as responsible citizens! We should generate a press release to announce this triumph offering our thanks for the new way forward for those wishing to express their protest views! I am a solutions oriented person with certain critical gaps in my abilities to publicize my opinions, ideas and potential solutions. I doubt that I have any regular cache of readers who might recognize large sections of this text as components of a previous post. But please do not be offended by this admitted repetition of information, as I feel it necessary to post right at the top of this new page.

    I wrote, “To fight the barrage of propaganda it’s an urgent and vitally necessary priority that we change a pervasive Tory narrative to disarm the dangerously hostile rhetoric of hate mongering on the far-right of our perilously endangered democracy. Cummings unleashed weapons grade PsyOps on unsuspecting and vulnerable ‘persuadables’ whose data was stolen by Cambridge Analytica and undoubtedly still remains in his grubby hands. For far too long we have gone into battle in this war of words and fake imagery without even the most rudimentary defence. Cummings is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin! Until the PM’s Machiavellian puppet master can be removed, we must disarm all the deceitful and damaging slogans and false promises with greater creativity in the language that we use and the slogans that we adopt until they become the dominant persuasive speech of our rebellion in the fight to rescue our democracy. As an innovator, there are few things more fun to invent than new words and slogans!”

    I wrote how, “Boris Johnson wants us to sing ‘Land of hope and glory’ as if British exceptionalism will be boundless after he makes a ‘Titanic success’ of crash out Brexit. His words, not mine; did no one remind him that the ‘unsinkable vessel’ sank just as ‘get Brexit done’ will morph into ‘Get Brexit Dung!’ The Brexiteers much touted ‘sunny uplands’ have become the looming ‘Dystopian Nightmare’ of hardship, deprivation and torment for the working poor and the newly unemployed subsisting on Universal Credit. As unemployment rises, more ordinary people in once secure jobs, will discover a Tory planed path to destitution and debt purposely built into what remains of our beleaguered social safety net. It is intentionally stressful and cruel, with unnecessary delays, punitive sanctions and paltry, wholly inadequate, provision: no longer fit for purpose.” Songs of Empire demand more realistic rewording for our neoliberal vulture capitalist age; sung to the tune of ‘Land of hope and glory’ with strong emphasis on the words ‘Drop Dead!’

    Lost hope and past glory, never to be free,
    Powerful privilege eternal, breads Tory cruelty.
    Poorer still and poorer, while on the treadmill set,
    Work until you – Drop – Dead – forever in their debt!
    Wealth made Tories mighty, it makes them mightier yet!

    I wrote of “watching Boris Johnson defend Empire in all its obscene excesses of blatant criminal plundering and subjugation.” I also ranted about the Hawkish PM, “he defends the memory of Churchill: the man responsible for the Bengal Famine and the first use of chemical weapons in Iraq against the Kurds that he despised as ‘savages.’ Why should we continue to sing ‘God, who made thee mighty, make thee mightier yet,’ when this represents ample reason to become an atheist? How could any merciful God genuinely endorse this cruel persecution under British rule? Boris is still trying to make that one fit.” Then I reworded yet another jingoistic Proms night favourite; “we sing: ‘Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rules the waves – Britons never, never, never shall be slaves.’ But in a cruel dystopian reality the 99% truly are slaves, due to chronic wage stagnation, zero hours contracts and an even more punitive payment system for younger workers that leaves them trapped unable to leave home. New words, Please…

    Cruel Britannia! Vile Tories rule the Slaves…
    Only by ousting Boris Johnson will lives be saved!”

    I wrote of the priority to save lives. “We know that the discredited eugenics policy of ‘Herd Immunity’ has been exposed as a mass slaughter of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society, the ‘economically inactive’ elderly, disabled, homeless, Gypsies and other ethnic minorities or simply those now out of work, but all surplus to capitalistic requirements and a ‘burden on the state!’ Never mind that this Tory Government destroyed their jobs and forced them into destitution, Tory Government policies are being designed to drive vulnerable sectors into danger as they ramp-up their ‘Slaughter of the Sheeple’. This time Herd Immunity will advance beyond the ‘Holocaust in Care’ using innocent school children as vectors to spread Covid to the vulnerable grandparents that poverty forces them to cohabit with. The rising death toll will be blamed on them, blamed on non-compliance, falsely blamed on obesity and diabetes, anything to deflect from the truth. In reality this is a deliberate Genocide we must call out as: ‘Covicide’!”

    I wrote, “Tell it like it is: ‘If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s not a giraffe!’ Tories drum home their deceptive messages over and over again until their expansive fake news becomes the latest hot topic news flash and blatant lies become the new truth. In reality a promise made by Boris Johnson is just a ‘Bromise’ that will never be kept; a Tory pledge is just… more ‘Boris-shit!’ The content of BBC news broadcasts is increasingly crammed to capacity with irrelevant drivel, laboriously spun like candyfloss into a voluminous, but handy distraction tool; this neatly obscures the harsh reality of a truly dire situation here in the UK. This pervasive tripe of vacuous spin, masquerading as ‘relevant news,’ is more appropriately referred to by me as: “Handyfloss!” If anyone ever dares to attack me as unpatriotic, I tell them that I am a ‘Peaceful Patriot of the Planet’ and I will defend the integrity and diversity of this unique ‘Blue Planet’ without fear, favour or fake boundaries of jingoistic nationalism.” Help promote: ‘#PPP.’

    I noted how “a perverse constraint on honesty and accountability in the Commons it’s forbidden for an MP to accuse another of lying in the Chamber, while the actual telling of horrendous lies and expounding on fanciful pledges has become the signature of Johnson and his corrupt Tory Ministers. We do not expect the PM or any MPs to tell ‘Porky Pies,’ we must demand honesty, by criminalizing this conduct, starting with a campaign to get ‘Porkies out of Parliament’ – ‘Scoop the POOP!’ We failed to prevent Johnson from doubling down on the lie written on the side of the Brexit bus and his ‘Bromise’ of huge sums to be reallocated to our NHS. Capitalizing on our lack of resistance he Bromised UK voters ’40 new Hospitals;’ highly unlikely to materialize unless US Healthcare Corporations fully privatize our NHS. There was that ‘world-beating’ Covid App that was scraped as a component of Tallyho Harding’s ‘world wanking,’ err, ‘ranking’ Test and Trace! We must aggressively call the PM out on his outlandish Bromises.”

    I created posters for highlighting Johnson’s complicity in the Grenfell Tower disaster after decimating the London Fire Department plundering the budget for cash to fund his vanity projects! After the Grenfell fire Johnson’s role as former Mayor, eviscerating the London fire service was ignored; there was no scrutiny from the BBC or Mainstream Media on this point in the run up to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election. In the Skwawkbox Article entitled, Video: Dowden testimony shows Johnson’s fire cuts worsened Grenfell. Johnson: ‘Get Stuffed’ they revel the shocking truth. “Dowden had classified the fire as a ‘ten-pump’ incident – needing ten fire engines to fight it, even at that early stage – yet he had only six, forty percent down on what he needed. The BBC showed it, but skated past its significance. On the day of the fire last year, the SKWAWKBOX showed that the Tories had closed no fewer than three fire stations just in the immediate vicinity of Grenfell Tower – and had . reduced firefighter numbers by hundreds.

    I say “The Tory claim of ‘landslide victory’ was in reality the ‘Seismic Sin’ of ‘Industrial Scale Fraud;’ before, during and still long after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election they are desperately trying to legitimize this by manipulating the Tory compliant BBC, tabloid press and alt-right media, utilizing an onslaught of further lies: urgently in need of correction. We can no longer accept a grotesque lie about the ‘borrowed votes’ when we know full well that they were in fact ‘Stolen Votes.’ We cannot let the Tories crow about their assault on Labour’s solid and impenetrable ‘Red Wall.’ We must persuade those who will soon discover the extent of this hideous con that, if we do not remove them from power, this Government will turn the north into another neglected ‘Tory Sinkhole!’ The sickening lie of Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda is already being exposed with targeting of the exam results of disadvantaged students; but how many more examples will it take before the working poor realize that Boris’s real priority is ‘Decimating Down’!”

    I wrote, “Right now most of the major Governmental screw-ups consistently lead back to Dominic Cummings, yet he’s still remains in post: why? I believe he’s in a strong position to blackmail Boris Johnson and that if he is ousted he will drag the entire Tory Party down with him as he owes no special allegiance to the Conservatives. He is the supreme egotist, who believes that his master plan must dominate and be implemented in full. If he loses control of the PM there is no need for continued loyalty that will no longer revolve around him. He wants us all to know the full extent of his brilliant deception, but that’s the ultimate Tory weakness as he could easily spill the beans: why not if he is excluded from the program? [y deems reasonable to global justice advocates We must continue to demand his immediate removal; Cummings is the grenade, oust him and you pull the pin! Mr. D. Cummings, the ‘Herd Nerd’ soft brain behind the ‘hard rain,’ could have his name appropriately abbreviated to ‘Dummings!”

    I wrote of the need to, “ditch the futile defensive mode that has generated a truly obscene number of humble apologies over what is essentially ‘fantisemitism.’ The poison of fantisemitism allegations now stands a strong chance of being fully exposed as a cruel hoax that does nothing to protect the Jewish community from genuine prejudice or persecution and potentially incites both while sidelining other areas of ethnic and religious targeting.” This is the reason I say, “Jeremy Corbyn must be persuaded to go against his natural ‘turn the other cheek’ instincts and aggressively countersue John Ware. Lawyer, Mark Lewis of Patron Law is expecting to rake in megabucks with multiple large out of Court settlements. He is in for a rude awakening when Crowdfunded support for justice sees defendants robustly fight back: his ‘no win, no fee’ will become a no fee financial drain! When legal insurers are no longer prepared to accept the considerable financial risk of losing SLAPP cases this risk free back up plan will become untenable too.”

    I said, “Covid 19 still dominates the airwaves, hence the reason I write so frequently of its evil menacing twin as the “Covert 2019 Rigged Election.” We need this alternative description of the corrupt 2019 Election to become so deeply embedded in people’s minds that they no longer question whether there might need to be a full Investigation into the postal votes. As people live to regret the painful consequences of shambolic toxic Tory rule, ‘Get the Tories Out’ must become a national priority. We cannot allow our Electoral System to remain so vulnerable to industrial scale fraud again in future, but only complete exposure and clear realization of this critical weakness will secure change to ‘Rescue our Watchdog’ as people demand that ‘All Votes Must Count’ because: ‘A Watchdog that cannot Watch is just a dog!’ The frequent repetition of these slogans might seem tedious, but they make logical sense, they get an important message out there and they are absolutely essential to the new language of our robust fight-back.”

    I write “The Tory claim of ‘landslide victory’ was in reality the ‘Seismic Sin’ of ‘Industrial Scale Fraud;’ before, during and still long after the Covert 2019 Rigged Election they are desperately trying to legitimize this by manipulating the Tory compliant BBC, tabloid press and alt-right media, utilizing an onslaught of further lies: urgently in need of correction. We can no longer accept a grotesque lie about the ‘borrowed votes’ when we know full well that they were in fact ‘Stolen Votes.’ We cannot let the Tories crow about their assault on Labour’s solid and impenetrable ‘Red Wall.’ We must persuade those who will soon discover the extent of this hideous con that, if we do not remove them from power, this Government will turn the north into another neglected ‘Tory Sinkhole!’ The sickening lie of Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda is already exposed with the targeting of the exam results of disadvantaged students; but how many more examples will it take before the working poor realize that Boris’s real priority is ‘Decimating Down!’”

    I also said that, “Until we remove this Tory Government, I do not believe that any of the most burning issues of the day will be addressed. From the criminalization of investigative journalism with the targeting of a prominent Whistleblower, to Extinction Rebellion, Grenfell Tower, Windrush, Black Lives Matter, humanity towards migrants, the persecution of Palestinians to our lethal arms trade bombing Yemen into oblivion will all be ignored. Covid 19 is a useful tool to help the Tories consolidate a new era of extreme oppression under the Johnson/Cummings Dictatorship; the hardship accelerated by crash-out Brexit will finalize the dystopian nightmare that lies ahead. Poor people will be hit with fines while the elite remain immune, but we must become more vocal and shout out loudly now, every one of us collectively in a safely separated chorus. Cummings remains a volatile wrecking ball ordering mayhem, but he is the grenade; oust him and you pull the pin!” But he is not the only weakness of this Tory charade!

    What would be the result if there was a tremendous very vocal reaction across the entire country? Iy would seriously challenge the legitimacy of the fake Tory claims. The claims of a ‘landside victory’ manufactured by the media to prop the Tories into a position of power would be debunked. These rely on biased ‘push poles’ that have no basis in reality, but manipulate the vote. The louder, more widespread and more well publicised these nationwide protests became the more bogus such scams as ”will of the people” would become. The Brexiteers are an irate minority who have been given a megaphone, but massive people power nationwide can drown them out. We have to now seriously rebel to demand the truth about the Brexit deception and just reversal of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, Investigation, inquiry: regime change, jail time!” I believe the EU will step in to offer an uncorrupted vote if we can demonstrate fraud in the in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and the EU referendum as well. DO NOT MOVE ON!

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    My body clock is now very seriously out of whack, so yesterday I fell asleep, woke up groggy and made an absolute mess of my post; typos, odd bits of disjointed orphan text, one repeated paragraph and missing sections that I will post another time. Sorry about that. I should have posted my ‘ready to go’ commentary on Wednesday’s PMQs instead as it represented a really awesome performance from Angela Rayner that put both Boris Johnson and our Captain of Capitulation to shame. I doubt Starmer will give his Deputy another chance to so spectacularly outshine him again anytime soon. Starmer made a pathetic appearance on the Andrew Marr show this morning that had me ranting at my Laptop screen in exasperation. However, there is talent in the wings; I hope you enjoy this take on PMQs…

    Boris Johnson opened PMQs by remarking, “Today marks 400 years since the sailing of the Mayflower, a reminder to us of the beginning of an enduring alliance between our two nations. Around 35 million Americans today trace their ancestry to a Mayflower passenger, and I am sure that the whole House will want to join me in marking this historic anniversary.” Those who left these shores aboard the Mayflower were refugees escaping religious persecution; descendants who thrived in new found liberty will not regret that desperate passage to the new world! How many Brits will want to escape the Tory tyranny after crash-out Brexit? Using the classic distraction of a non-question, James Daly started PMQs with a rousing Tory appeal for self-congratulation and bragging. Callously ignoring how despicably Teacher have been let down and exposed to unnecessary danger through the unsafe forced reopening of schools, he made a pitch for thanking our beleaguered and dispirited Teachers on National Teaching Assistants Day.

    The PM deftly dodged the stark reality that over 1000 schools in the UK obviously weren’t Covid–secure, incurring outbreaks since reopening that forced closure. Gloating as he nodded approval Johnson replied, “I strongly echo my hon. Friend’s congratulations and thanks to teachers, and just say that I believe passionately in the tutoring programme we are launching.” He went on to tout his latest ambitious fantasy goal by bragging that, “We expect the first group of tutors to be supporting schools from November, with provision ramping up through the remainder of the autumn and spring term.” Standing in for the Labour Leader was his deputy, entering the fray for her first confrontation at the dispatch box. Angela Rayner defiantly refused to stroke the PMs insatiable ego, valiantly stating: “Many people in the Chamber will think that the battle of Britain is today, but actually we marked the 80th anniversary of those veterans yesterday, and I want to put on record our thanks to all those who fought for our country in the past.”

    Cleverly channelling a Corbyn tactic of presenting a personalized message from the public, Rayner identified a notable MP, absent from the Chamber saying, “I want to start by reading to the Prime Minister a message that I have received from a man called Keir. Keir was not able to go to work today and his children could not go to school because his family had to wait for their coronavirus test results, despite the Prime Minister’s promise of results within 24 hours. Keir was able to do the right thing and self-isolate and work from home, but other people are not in this position, and many of them are the very people who were getting us through this crisis, such as the care workers, who I used to work alongside before I was elected to this House.” It was a brilliant start and Rayner made a bold demand for specific information about which she knew the PM would be conspicuously ignorant. Confidently displaying contempt Rainer said, “The Prime Minister once earned £2,300 an hour; can he tell us the average hourly rate of a care worker in this country?”

    Johnson mumbled, fumbled and fell short, seriously taken aback by Rainer’s crisp and concise delivery as he tried to evade her points, finally he condescendingly blurted out, “I congratulate the hon. Lady on her elevation.” Boris Johnson continued to scramble for words, instinctivly wanting to stress that she was in a social and intellectual class beneath him. Seeking a way to return to his familiar tactic of bragging he said, “She speaks of the constituent Keir, and I can tell her that—allegedly, apparently—he has had a negative test, and I do not know quite why he is not here. But 89% of those who have in-person tests get them the next day, and we are working very fast to turn around all the test requests that we get. I think that most people looking at the record of this country in delivering tests across the nation will see that that compares extremely well with any other European country. We have conducted more testing than any other European country, and that is why we are able to deliver tests and results in 80% of cases where we know the contacts.”

    Clearly very rattled Johnson continued, “The hon. Lady asks about care homes, and I can tell the House that today we are launching the winter care home action plan. She is right to raise the issue of care homes, and we are concerned about infection rates in care homes, but we will do everything we can to ensure that care homes and their workers are protected. On the hon. Lady’s final point, I am proud that it is this Government who have instituted the national living wage to ensure that every worker in this country, including care home workers, is paid substantially more, thanks to the care and the work of the people of this country.” Rayner had announced just one of his own lavish fees in stark contrast to Care worker pay; how could he possible know what this abandoned sector of the working poor managed to subsist on while performing their vital role? It was a brutal “shame on you moment” as she looked blissfully amused savouring victory while the PM squirmed, deflated and badly mauled by the noble Labour lioness.

    Unable to turn his pathetic defeat into a convincing PR pitch Johnson sank back down onto the bench; this fierce rival would not so easily be tamed! Rayner was toying with her prey as she retorted, “Ah, he’s finished,” as if she had fully anticipated a more extensive stream of boastful drivel spanning the whole gamut of Tory fantasy promises. She announced, “The whole country will have seen that the Prime Minister does not know how much a care worker earns: that was my question. The shameful fact is that the average wage in social care is barely more than £8 an hour and half our social care workers earn less than the real living wage. On his first day in office, the Prime Minister said that ‘we will fix the crisis in social care once and for all with a clear plan we have prepared.’ Yet still there is no sign of the plan, and the additional funding to prevent infection will run out at the end of this month. So will the Prime Minister commit today to give our social care sector the funding that it needs now to get through the looming winter crisis?”

    Forced to make concessions that might come back to haunt him in the near future, the PM replied, “The hon. Lady is asking an important point, and we are concerned about the rates of infection in care homes. Clearly, they have come down massively since we instituted the £600 million care home action plan. Tomorrow, we will be announcing a further winter care home action plan. It will not surprise her to know that we want to see a toughening up of the rules governing the movement of workers from one care home to another. We want to make sure that we protect care homes from further infections, and that is the right thing to do. I pay tribute to all the care home workers in this country for what they have done to help us bring down the disease. We will make sure, as we have done over the past few months, that they get the personal protective equipment that they need, that they get the guidance that they need and that they get the cash that they need, and that is what this Government are committed to doing.”

    With the ferocity of an angry lioness defending her cubs Rainer had launched a furious attack on behalf of our badly neglected Care workers and won submission from the arrogant Tory beast. Rayner proudly continued by accepting the PMs defeat, saying, “I do welcome the Prime Minister’s comments, but I must say to him, get some skates on it.” Johnson still needed goading; she warned, “Those care workers are still not getting the PPE they need. They are still not getting the testing they need. I urge the Prime Minister to get on top of this problem now before the winter crisis hits. The Prime Minister has put his faith in Operation Moonshot, but, meanwhile, on planet Earth, there were no NHS tests available for several high-infection areas, including for Tameside and Oldham in my own constituency. In July, the Government promised that there would be weekly tests in care homes, and they promised this for September, so can the Prime Minister confirm—yes or no—do all care homes in this country have weekly tests?”

    The PM said, “Yes, to the best of my knowledge, care homes in this country should get weekly tests for all staff members and tests every 28 days for the residents in the care homes. Of course the hon. Lady is right to express the frustration of people across this country about the massive demand there is now for tests—it has hugely increased. Everybody can see just in the past few days a colossal spike in the number of people who want tests and who want to ascertain whether they have coronavirus. What we are trying to do now is meet that demand at record speed. Just in the past couple of weeks, we have increased the capacity of our testing systems by 10%. We have four new labs that we are building in Newport, Newcastle, Charnwood and Brants Bridge. Just so she knows the scale of the ambition, we want to get up to 500,000 tests per day by the end of October. As I have said, that is a huge, huge number. I really do pay tribute to all those who are delivering it. I know that Opposition Members like to make these international comparisons, so I will just repeat that we are testing more than any other European country.”

    “Should:” is the qualifying word that portends yet more failed promises! Rayner said, “Well, Mr Speaker, I heard what the Prime Minister had to say, but I have to say to him that, yesterday, the chief executive of Care England said, ‘We were promised weekly testing for staff. That has not been delivered.; Time and again, the Prime Minister makes promises and then breaks those promises. In June, he told this House that ‘I can undertake…now to get all tests turned around in 24 hours by the end of June.’—[Official Report, 3 June 2020; Vol. 676, c. 839.] The Government have had six months to get this right and yet the Prime Minister still cannot deliver on his promises. The Health Secretary said yesterday that it would take weeks to sort the situation out. Well, we do not have weeks. The Government’s latest figures show that there was an average of 62,000 people tested per day, not 500,000. The Prime Minister has said that testing capacity is at 300,000, but the average is 62,000 a day. How does he explain this?”

    A slew of broken promises from the PM and the Tories constant failure to deliver, Rainer was well on top of her brief as the PM scrambled to cook the numbers and blame the public. Johnson defensively replied, “We have delivered on, as I say, the most thoroughgoing testing regime anywhere in Europe. We now have capacity; I think capacity has gone up from—sorry the number of tests per day conducted, not capacity, has gone up from 210,000 last week to 240,000 this week. Just to repeat the statistics, per thousand people, this country is testing 2.54, Germany 1.88, Spain 1.91 and France 1.89. In other words, we are delivering exactly what we said we would do. What is happening is that the British people, quite understandably, are responding to that system with a huge, huge surge in demand, so it is very important that everybody follows the guidance about when they should be getting a test—the guidance sent out by Public Health England, which has been sent to schools, and from NHS Test and Trace.”

    Rayner was blunt, “Once again, I see that the Prime Minister says that it is somebody else’s fault—it is the public who are using up the tests. These were the Government’s own figures and own targets that they failed on. The next time a man with covid symptoms drives from London to Durham, it will probably be for the nearest covid test. I want to move on to another very serious issue. Alongside the tragic stories we have heard of relatives dying alone in care homes and people not being able to say goodbye to their loved ones, we have heard from mothers who have had to give birth without the support of their partners or their families. The Health Secretary yesterday said that the new guidance had been issued, but even under that new guidance, many birth partners will not be allowed to join until the moment of established labour, leaving women enduring difficult labours or, even worse, traumatic and devastating miscarriages alone without support. Will the Prime Minister agree to meet with me and my hon. Friends and work with us to ensure that no woman is forced to give birth without the support that they need?”

    Rayner had skilfully dismantled the Boris Johnson blame game and swiftly moved to yet another new question. Why is the experienced Legal expert and professional negotiator Keir Starmer so easily stalled belabouring the same point with myopic fixation that so often accomplishes nothing but derision and duplicitous deviation to further boasts from the PM? Starmer’s technique is far from forensic, his cause-sick rants are nauseatingly frustrating to observe. Again the PM was forced to concede to Labour’s Lioness, saying, “The hon. Lady is absolutely right to raise the issue that she does, and I know that Members across the House will share her feelings entirely. I totally agree that birth partners should be able to attend the birth. That is why we changed the guidance in the way that we did. Of course, I am very happy to encourage co-operation between her and my right hon. Friends in the Health Department to take the matter forward. I perfectly understand the point that she makes, and she is entirely right.”

    Rayner replied, “I welcome the Prime Minister’s comments; I think that was a yes, but I will follow it up” she warned. “Thank you for those comments. Infections are rising. The testing system is collapsing. When you are the Prime Minister, you cannot keep trying to blame other people for your own incompetence. We have the highest death toll in Europe, and we are on course for one of the worst recessions in the developed world. This winter, we are staring down the barrel of a second wave, with no plan for the looming crisis. People cannot say goodbye to their loved ones. Grandparents cannot see their grandchildren. Frontline staff cannot get the tests that they need. And what was the top priority for the covid war Cabinet this weekend? Restoring grouse shooting. I suppose that is good news for people like the Prime Minister’s friend who paid for a luxury Christmas getaway to a Caribbean island and funded his leadership campaign, and just so happens to own two grouse moor estates. So Prime Minister, is this really your top priority?”

    Rainer had saver her most brutal savaging until last with an assault on Tory privilege and opulence in the height of a Pandemic contrasted by the real needs of ordinary people so meaningless to the wealthy elite. The PM tried to muster a defence by trotting out a well worn criticism. Totally failing to comprehend the hypocrisy of his words he replied, “While the Labour Opposition have been consistently carping from the sidelines throughout this crisis and raising, frankly, issues that are tangential, if not scare stories about what is going on, we are getting on with delivering for the British public.” Sure access to testing, lack of PPE the plight of Care workers a young mothers giving birth alone might seem “tangential” to the PM, but no the majority of the “British Public” were not pining for the return of blood sports! The public want to know that they will not be prosecuted for “mingling” if they dare to chat to friend the bump into while away from work; the grouse shoot is not a priority of the working poor, so get real Johnson.

    His massive misstep might have dawned on him as Johnson tried to bait the Labour Lioness now she could no longer maul him in the Chamber. Johnson defensively continued, “We are not only massively ramping up. She has not contested any of my statistics today about the extent to which this country is now testing more than any other European country. She has not disputed the massive acceleration in our programme.” He belatedly remembered she had posed a telling question, replying, “I will answer the substance of her question, thank you very much. We are getting on with delivering on the priorities of the British people: getting us through this covid crisis; delivering on making our country safer…” The PM then rambled on about questions never asked because it was time for his standard weekly Tory Party Political Broadcast to the nation from his pulpit in the House of Commons. Did we ask for this compulsory Tory PR spin? No! Should we have to suffer the PMs empty promises and boasts each week? No!

    Short of duct taping Johnsons mouth closed we are forced to suffer this onslaught week after week. Johnson continued his diatribe, “…bringing forward measures to stop the early release of dangerous sexual and violent offenders, which I hope she will support…” was this an answer to a question asked? No, but Boris Johnson blathered on in PR mode… “strengthening our Union, which in principle Opposition Front Benchers should support; and building more homes across this country and more affordable homes across this country, which she should support. That is in addition to recruiting more doctors and more nurses, and building more hospitals. I do not think anybody is in any doubt that this Government are facing some of the most difficult dilemmas that any modern Government have had to face, but every day we are helping to solve them, thanks to the massive common sense of the British people, who are getting on with delivering our programme and our fight against coronavirus. It is with the common sense of the British people that we will succeed, and build back better and stronger than ever before.”

    It was Tory Anthony Mangnall’s turn as cheer leader, chiming in with undeserved praise, “The Prime Minister is rightly levelling up across the country, giving that issue both barrels, but I know that the south-west has often been overlooked.” There was a price to pay for such homage and he wanted investment in digital and transport infrastructure for his patch to, “turbocharge opportunity and we will provide the growth that they need…” The PM, still licking his from the Labour Lioness’s savage mauling, needed ‘stroking’ to sooth his eviscerated ego. He rallied to say, “It is precisely because we believe in my hon. Friend’s vision, which I share…” and continuing with talk of “allocating considerable sums…” offering a hint of pay-back coming to this loyal MP, as he pledged to pencil in a visit.

    SNP Leader Ian Blackford broke the Tory back-slapping revelry: “In his previous life as a Daily Telegraph journalist, this Prime Minister wrote: ‘Devolution is causing all the strains that its opponents predicted, and in allowing the Scots to make their own laws, while free-riding on English taxpayers, it is simply unjust.’ So let me ask the Prime Minister two specific questions, which need two specific answers. First, does he still think that devolution in Scotland is unjust? Secondly, where does he believe full spending and decision-making powers over our NHS, education, infrastructure, economic development, culture and sport should be held—is it with Scotland’s Parliament or with Westminster?”

    The PM replied, “Obviously, there is a very considerable, and has been a massive, devolution of powers to Scotland, and the Scottish people had the opportunity to vote for more in 2014, as the right hon. Gentleman will recall, in a once-in-a-generation event. They chose decisively to reject that. I think he said it was a once-in-a-generation event as well. They now have the opportunity to vote to support the further devolution of powers in the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill, and I hope that he will join us in the Lobby in support of that.”

    Blackford was not standing for such false assumptions as he replied, “My goodness, what nonsense. I never once talked about ‘a once-in-a-generation’, and the Prime Minister should withdraw that.” That wasn’t likely: he continued, “As usual, the Prime Minister is all over the place. He does not remember what he has written, he does not understand his own Brexit deal and he does not even know what is in the Internal Market Bill—I will tell him. Clause 46 allows this Tory Government to bypass Scotland’s Parliament and take decisions on the NHS, education, infrastructure, economic development, culture and sport—it is a blatant power grab. We all know what the Tory Back Benchers are saying behind closed doors: that the Prime Minister is incompetent, that he cannot govern and that they want him away before the next election. Scotland’s legacy will be in a being a fair, decent, law-abiding, independent nation state. Will the Prime Minister’s legacy be leading the UK to break international law and break this failing Union?”

    The PM tried to confuse, “I am not quite clear from that question whether the right hon. Gentleman is in favour of the Union or not. I take it from his hostility to me that he wants to support the Union. So do I. The best thing he can do is to support the UK Internal Market Bill, which buttresses a surge of powers transferred to the devolved Administrations in more than 70 areas. I should just remind him that in the recent coronavirus crisis £5.4 billion has been transferred to be spent in Scotland as a result of Barnett consequentials, and I am proud to say that 70% of the testing that has taken place in Scotland has been supported by the UK Government. If he is a convert to the Union, which is what I take from his question, that is just one of the reasons he should back it.” Tory Mark Logan stroked the PMs ego, “Please allow me to push back against what has just been said. The Prime Minister has done a stellar job in fending off economic depression right across the United Kingdom, including Scotland…” The PM replied with yet another round of empty boasts.

    Lib Dem Leader Ed Davey voiced concern: “Research by the Disabled Children’s Partnership shows that three quarters of families with disabled children had their care support stopped during lockdown. The Coronavirus Act 2020 is partly to blame, as it relaxed the duties to assess and meet the needs of disabled people. As the father of a disabled child and a patron of the Disability Law Service, I have seen legal advice that suggests that the Prime Minister’s Government broke international law when the Coronavirus Act reduced the rights of disabled people. So before the House is asked to renew the Coronavirus Act, will he meet me to discuss how we can protect the right to care of disabled people and act lawfully?” The ill-informed PM conceded, “First, I congratulate the right hon. Gentleman on securing the leadership of his party. I must say that I am not aware of that particular allegation about the legal effect of the Coronavirus Act, and I would be only too happy to write to him very shortly to clarify the matter.”

    If Johnson had hoped to humble and humiliate with his standard routine of bluster, bragging and bullying he was caught seriously off-guard by the ferocity of his eloquent and articulate opponent, who displayed no nervous reservation despite her rawness at the despatch box. Finally, the opposition asking real questions that put the PM on the spot with ‘shame on you’ regularity instead of the pathetic, ‘who’s been a naughty boy then,’ ignored whining of the failed Labour Leader. My message to the Captain of Capitulation: pull another sickie Starmer and let our fearless and righteous Rayner ‘Labour Lioness’ roar. PMQs clearly highlighted the gross incompetence of both major party Leaders, but Rayner’s quip re going to Durham for testing reminded us that Starmer should have demanded the PM sack Cummings months ago. Until an Investigation or a Whistleblower exposes the truth about ‘fantisemitism’ smears and the Covert 2019 Rigged Election we must endure the pathetic Starmer v Johnson, Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle-Flee show. DO NOT MOVE ON!

    #60371 Reply

    It is astonishing that Boris should do away with privacy laws and data protection laws.
    “She speaks of the constituent Keir, and I can tell her that—allegedly, apparently—he has had a negative test, and I do not know quite why he is not here.”
    Surely if he has this knowledge he is not supposed to divulge it?

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    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    SA – Your absolutely right, it certainly gives the impression that the PM spectacularly breached Sir Keir’s confidentiality, both in the House of Commons and on TV! Tweeting a cheeky ‘Moonshot’ of your bare bum to grab the PM’s attention, is that Obscene? No; it is a well deserved insult! What is truly obscene is the conduct of this Tory Government. ‘Obscene’ is the relentless squandering of public funds as Government scraps a £12m contact-tracing app after finding it doesn’t work on iPhones. Obscene is shutting down Public Health England in the middle of a Pandemic to scapegoat Government failures with no appropriate replacement planned. Obscene is paying McKinsey £563,400 for 6 weeks work to decide the “vision, purpose and narrative” of a new Public Health Authority in England so that the Tories can paper over the failure cracks! Obscene is paying an incompetent Oxford chum, serial loser Dido ‘Tallyho’ Harding, to head up a vital NHS program despite her zero experience in Healthcare! Obscene is the plan to squander £100bn in Covid funding on expanding testing to 10 million a day; the ambitious, ‘Operation Moonshot programme,’ using Tech that has yet to be invented!

    But that is just the tip of the Tory Government corruption and plundering iceberg! Under Covid 19 ‘Emergency Act” powers the Tory Government have become incredibly brazen about squandering funds, handed out to grossly inappropriate favoured companies, ignoring massive conflicts of interest, awarded without tendered any of the contracts. This represents an obscene abuse of power that has been getting steadily worse under Johnson, but ultimately Tory Government policy is now controlled by the eugenicist ‘Herd Nerd’ Dominic Cummings. According to the Financial Times, “UK government paid £1.7bn to private groups for coronavirus contracts.” This wanton splurge of state funds isn’t from the Labour Left, so often described as economically reckless; no, it comes from the Tories, who forced us to endure swinging cuts during a decade of ideologically driven austerity. At their ‘virtual’ Labour Conference, Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds, spoke harshly of the Tory Party’s, “caviller approach to public spending.”

    In a Byline Times Article, “Firm That Gave £400,000 to Conservatives Wins £93.8 Million Government PPE Deal,” they outline elements of this Government plundering. Sam Bright reports, “Another company with links to the Conservative Party has been awarded a massive PPE procurement contract. A company that has donated more than £400,000 to the Conservative Party since 2016 has received a £93.8 million Government contract for the supply of respirator face masks.” They reveal that, “Government documents show that Globus (Shetland) Limited won a contract, to be carried out between July 2020 and September 2021, for the supply of FFP3 respirators. This same company has donated hundreds of thousands to the Conservative Party in recent years, including £150,000 in 2019. The value of this contract is equivalent to the total revenue of Globus (Shetland) over the past two years. In 2019, the company turned over £50 million, following £45.8 million turnover in 2018.”

    Byline Times report that, “The contract was awarded without going to competitive tender. For its part, the company does appear to specialise in the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE), boasting on its website that it has 25 years’ experience in supplying ‘industry and healthcare’. This includes experience in manufacturing respirators. However, the firm also has a history of political financing, having made a series of donations to the Conservative Party since 2016. The size of these gifts increased significantly in 2019, up from £52,500 the previous year. Of course, the decision to award contracts rests with the Government, and several appear to have been handed to Conservative Party insiders. In total, it has been estimated that £180 million worth of PPE contracts have been awarded to individuals with links to the Conservatives, including £120 million awarded to a firm run by a Tory councillor. Globus (Shetland) Limited has been approached for comment.”

    This is hardly an isolated incident of inexcusable arrogance and abuse of the Covid 19’Emergency Act’ powers; a veritable ‘blank check’ approach toward rewarding donors for Tory Party support. Byline Times ask, “Where Has The Money Gone?” They say, “The Government has spent well over £5 billion on private sector PPE procurement contracts during the Coronavirus pandemic – desperately trying to plug a shortfall of equipment. However, there is growing concern about the way the Government has managed this spending: awarding contracts without competition, releasing scant details of the deals months after their completion, and failing to properly explain the due diligence procedures they undertook. As a consequence, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced pressure from parliamentarians to shed light on this huge Government spending splurge. At Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) last week, Rushanara Ali raised this subject directly with Johnson, who invited the Labour MP to explain her concerns in writing.”

    “Presenting several questionable contracts, including two revealed by Byline Times, Ali asked the Prime Minister to explain why normal procurement practices have been abandoned by his Government, and why the whole process of PPE procurement has been shrouded in secrecy. ‘We all understand the need for speed and scale of the emergency,’ Ali wrote, ‘but this does not mean the normal conventions of procurement should be ignored completely, and especially when such large sums of taxpayers’ money are involved.’ The Government’s approach has been to withhold detailed information about its PPE deals, while questions continue to be raised about the suitability of some suppliers. For example, as revealed by Byline Times earlier this week, in June the Government granted a £122 million contract for the supply of face masks to a company that had only been in existence for 44 days.” This should have been a priority PMQ attack levelled by the Labour Leader in a ‘forensic’ demand for factual information.

    Byline Times report that, “A similar situation also occurred in March, when the Government concluded a £43.8 million contract with a firm that had been listed as dormant on Companies House just a week earlier. For a party that has been historically and fervently opposed to wasteful public spending, it is now deeply ironic that the Conservatives are shelling out billions in taxpayer cash without proper scrutiny or competition.” They say, “Crisis or not, the public deserves to know how its money has been spent.” This has been an ongoing problem of gratuitous spending that has been called out time after time, but despite the outrage, Tories continue to exploit this national crisis to channel huge sums of Government money into dodgy deals with private companies. I believe I have highlighted this 11 July Canary article on questionable contracts before, but it’s well worth revisiting for another look at what was spent where in the procurement process. It shows that the Tories are just getting a lot bolder in their efforts to trouser more funds.

    In this Canary Article entitled, “The £5.5bn PPE scandal that goes to the core of government incompetence – and that’s just for starters,” they reveal more spending aberrations. They say, “A multi-million pound personal protective equipment (PPE) contract awarded by the UK government to a family-run investments firm has set off alarm bells. Recipients for similar contracts include a recruitment agency, a sweets manufacturer, and a business that specialises in pest control products. A Labour MP has raised questions about one of these contracts.” They say, “Litigation against the government has commenced. Meanwhile, The Canary has conducted its own investigation into these matters… what has been highlighted so far may well be just the tip of the iceberg.” They include a laundry list of obscene Government spending whisked through rapidly without tendering or necessary scrutiny in a way that represents a massive waste of state funds and inappropriate rewarding of favoured Tory supporting entities.

    The Canary report that, “Ayanda Capital Ltd (ACL), an investments firm that specialises in ‘currency trading, offshore property, and private equity and trade financing’, was awarded a contract by the UK government worth £252.5m to supply face masks. Yet their ‘business lines’ suggest no history that this ‘London-based family office’ produces or provides PPE. Although in its very prominent policy statement on modern slavery Ayanda does refers to supplies, but only in a general sense. Ayanda is run by former Kleinwort Benson director Tim Horlick. It’s owned by the Horlick family via Milo Investments, a holding company registered in Mauritius. Ayanda senior board adviser Andrew Mills is also an adviser to the government’s board of trade (which is chaired by international trade secretary Liz Truss).” The article exposes an entire network of wealthy elite individuals that all interconnect with potential conflict of interest accusations regarding their links to Tory Party funding.

    The article continues to uncover these links saying, “Horlick’s brother Richard is the non-executive director of BH Macro Ltd, an investment company registered in Guernsey. He’s also director of CCLA Fund Managers Ltd and chairman of CCLA Investment Management. CCLA Investment Management is under significant control by the CBF Church of England Investment Fund and the COIF Charities Investment Fund. As with many funds suffering the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the CBF Church of England Investment Fund lost considerable ground in March 2020 but made a quick recovery in April. It was a similar story for the COIF Charities Investment Fund. inews raised the matter of the Ayanda contract with the government, but: When asked if the Department was aware when it awarded the contract that ACL’s ultimate holding company is based in a tax haven and of Mr Mills’s role with the Board of Trade, a spokesperson said it does not comment on individual company business operations.”

    But the Canary exclaim, there’s more as they go on to reveal the most incongruous examples among the PPE contracts awarded. “The government awarded PPE contracts to a number of firms that also appeared to have no history of sourcing or providing PPE that’s suitable for the NHS. For example:
    • Aventis Solutions, which was awarded an £18.5m contract to supply face masks. Aventis is an employment agency.
    • Clandeboye Agencies Limited specialises in nut and coffee products, chocolate, and confectionary. It’s based in the north of Ireland and was awarded a £108m contract to provide PPE. It also trades as Crunchcraving. The Good Law Project and EveryDoctor are seeking a judicial review in regard to the contract.
    • A £108m contract was also awarded to Crisp Websites Limited, trading as PestFix, a firm that specialises in pest control. The Good Law Project is suing the government regarding this contract and is seeking a judicial review. In an update, the government clarified that the PestFix award is actually £32m and covers isolation suits, though there are ‘a number of further contracts”.”

    After stating that “the firms quoted above are only the tip of the iceberg,” the Canary reveal their alarming list, showing the details of state funding spent, “as of 8 July, of all single-bidder contracts awarded by the UK government, with costs totalling just under £1bn.” Will justice be served and money recouped in a Judicial Revue over misappropriation of funds? We certainly must demand accountability, which is probably why the Tories are so eager to curtail Judicial Review! In a “Shocking £5.5 billion admission,” they say, “With regard to a possible legal challenge by the Good Law Project (GLP) and Every Doctor Ltd (EDL) to how the contract to PestFix was awarded, the government’s legal department stated: [PestFix] did not hold itself out as a manufacturer, but rather as an agent with the ability to source PPE stocks from producers in the Republic of China, where it had good contacts. It offered a range of products in substantial quantities, including isolation suits which could be available in as little as seven days.”

    The Canary report, “The government’s Legal Department also took the opportunity to provide a detailed rebuttal of the criticisms levied against the PPE procurement programme: Rather than focusing on the identity of the potential supplier, the validity of the offer was the key focus, thereby allowing smaller suppliers with strong contacts in PPE supply to offer the support the Government urgently needed. Equally, past experience in PPE supply was not considered a prerequisite, as other businesses (of whatever size) might also be able to leverage their manufacturing contacts to engage with foreign enterprises converting existing facilities to PPE production. While it was of course possible for DHSC to continue liaising with existing large-scale suppliers during this period (and indeed it did so, through NHS Supply Chain), the nature of the changed market conditions required the development of alternative sources of supply and it was appropriate not to impose unnecessary hurdles in the way of securing that objectives.”

    In a continuing attempt to justify their obscene expenditures the Canary say the Government added that, “…over 600 contracts for PPE have now been concluded with almost 200 different suppliers; these range in value from under £1 million to over £100 million, amounting to some £5.5 billion in total. Full details of all these awards will be published in due course. What makes this admission of £5.5bn shocking is that it dramatically shows the extent of the government’s lack of long-term planning.” They report that, “in a written question to health secretary Matt Hancock, Labour MP Justin Madders has requested that further details of the PPE supplies arrangement with Ayanda be published. More generally, he commented: The Government’s response throughout the coronavirus crisis has been to hand more and more contracts to companies with no expertise or a poor record of delivery.” This travesty occurred at a time when the Government repeatedly rejected and ignored experienced, reliable UK PPE manufacturers.

    Madders told the Canary, “From PPE to the test, trace and isolate system there have been a series of glaring failures from private companies who are found wanting on performance and value for money.” He also expressed concern over, “the very serious matter as to whether PPE is being manufactured under conditions of modern slavery. A Channel 4 News investigation revealed the shocking conditions in which migrant workers making PPE items in Malaysia were forced to work. They were employed by Top Glove, which has over 40 factories worldwide and supplies the NHS via Polyco Healthline. Similar allegations were made against Supermax, the European arm of another Malaysian firm.” This type of abuse flies under the radar when there is poor oversight of private companies, who are not themselves reputable manufacturers, but instead primarily focused on maximizing profits on cheap procurement deals during a time of crisis while dedicated Healthcare staff are risking their lives on the front line.

    The Canary claims that the real scandal was our diminished emergency stockpile and slow response. They say, “As regarding PPE preparedness, Labour MP and chair of the Public Accounts Committee Meg Hiller commented: What has emerged…is a shocking gap in the UK’s planning in this emergency. We saw all of this coming, for months and in fact years. We could have planned for emergency procurement too — in reality there should have been no need to resort to rushed awards of potentially dodgy contracts. It’s not good enough to say, as seems to be the official line now, that the future will judge. The pandemic is still active now, and we’re at risk of a second wave. Indeed, the real scandal is about not only how PPE contracts were awarded. It’s about the tens of thousands of lives that might have been saved had the proper equipment been available in the first place. These include the thousands of patients sent back to care homes where there was little or no PPE. Sadly, it’s a tragedy that’s still unfolding.”

    So when we talk about obscene we need to keep things in perspective. Compared to this Tory Governments continued reckless squandering of public money I consider a few raunchy bare bums to provide Johnson with a realistically attainable ‘moonshot:’ still, I doubt it will bring him down to earth. The extent of the scandalous misuse of funds is so vast that there must be people out with crucial information that needs passing on to fully expose this corruption. Due to the overwhelming level of pro Tory propaganda in the Media and spewed out by the compliant BBC people who might have compromising information do not feel empowered enough to come forward, just as those with evidence re stole postal votes in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election probably don’t feel they will be believed if they try to expose the truth. Are there any potential Whistleblowers out there? We need to forge a new narrative to create a positive environment where they will gain the courage to come forward with testimony for a full Investigation into the result. DO NOT MOVE ON!

    #60547 Reply
    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The Captain of Capitulation took to a lonely stage in Doncaster in front of the sign “Under New Leadership.” He carped on about how “We love this country,” trying to paint Jeremy Corbyn as an unpatriotic borderline traitor as he hammered home a vile, divisive, hateful, nationalistic UKIP/Tory inspired message. Nationalism is the perfect precursor for establishing the disgusting principals of alt-right Fascism and Sir Keir Starmer intends to be the ultimate enabler. He will endorse the Tory Party ‘othering’ when they select the scapegoats that best hide Tory incompetence as they both tout that selfish British exceptionalism of brutal past empire. This is a truly disturbing message that panders to the most hateful Brexiteers; we cannot follow this path: we must protest. I think Corbyn would endorse my unifying message as a “Peaceful, Patriot of the Planet.” We had a visionary leader in Jeremy Corbyn who was deprived of his rightful place as PM through the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but we can still fight this injustice through protest.

    How was the Covert 2019 Rigged Election somehow justified as valid to the point where the public actually bought into the scam? A truly obscene amount of donated money bought political influence, enabling Tories to use their wealth to solidify their perpetual stranglehold on power. With all that money came grotesque corruption: I firmly believe that it funded the industrial scale fraud of Idox rigging of the postal votes, the PsyOps propaganda campaign to warp minds, which along with the deregulation and neutering of our compliance and monitoring organizations, left our democracy totally defenceless. We are capable of changing the narrative by grasping the opportunity presented by the Tory Government’s efforts to shut down protest by adopting a new, far more inclusive style of protest: Social Distancing in our regulated groups of six, right outside our homes, right across this entire country. We can collectively create a cacophony of noise on “Sound off Saturday at six” to protest our rage at this Government’s massive failings.

    The propaganda of right wing press and the compliant BBC will fall flat when the growing evidence of civil unrest is so observably confirmed on a regular basis. It is really hard to continue lying when the obvious evidence of anti-Government feeling is being so loudly demonstrated. Would this type of protest inspire the public and really catch on, even among Brexiteers? I believe that it would, just as “Clapping for Carers” caught on. Why? Because people are really frustrated, and confronted by new restrictions with threats of steep fines, as the Government seeks to blame ordinary people, the public still remember Tory special treatment of the elite; they remain angry that Dominic Cummings has never been held accountable. This protest stays within the strict new rules the Tories are seeking to impose to make sure we will still send children to school, attend college and continue working and travelling to work in cramped public transport, while they blame us for daring to speak to acquaintances on the street in seditious “Mingling.”

    We foolishly allowed Boris’s meaningless slogan “Get Brexit Done” to flood the airwaves and pervade the consciousness of far too many persuadable voters. It’s time to hijack that retched slogan and turn it into a disgusting point of ridicule as “Get Brexit Dung!” I created an online Christmas card featuring a pile of… Dung! It said, “Toxic Tory – Boris’s Well Polished Turd – Happy Horseshit – GET BREXIT DUNG!” It was sent prior to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but I lacked the Social Media skills to make it go viral. Do not give up on Brexit; as the disastrous inevitability of the Tory planned crash-out dawns on the public we need further protest. A “Get Brexit Dung” event would entail a mass Dung giveaway! Why not, it’s valuable fertilizer for the garden and we will need to start growing all our own vegetables if EU food imports are disrupted or become too expensive. It would require a well managed quantity of horseshit in an open truck, a few wheelbarrows to spread out, spades and possibly a few charity collection buckets.

    Don’t worry if you haven’t got a garden or you aren’t keen on the idea of collecting horse manure; you can still taunt the PM with an online card or tweet featuring “Get Brexit Dung.” For those who have been socially cleansed from the London neighbourhoods designated for ‘gentrification,’ with empty tax shelter apartments for sale to the global elite, resentment is entirely understandable. Even space for a window box to brighten the gloom of a cramped living space in Government allocated ‘temporary accommodation’ well removed from you circle of friends is not possible. Regular cards could be printed for sending to your MP or dear friends who will soon come to regret their misguided choice. When I discuss this with hard core Brexiteers, I try to stress that we were all ‘too trusting’ on both sides of the debate; it helps to diffuse angry rows. Christmas dinner is likely to be distinctly Dickensian this year as the reality of deprivation sets in; family get-together’s will be banned as we’re propelled into a deadly third wave of Covid infection.

    It should have been the political scandal that conclusively exonerated Jeremy Corbyn of all the toxic smears manipulated to deliberately scupper his chances of becoming PM; it should have thoroughly discredited the corrupt Tory Government before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, but it failed on both counts. The London Economic Article entitled, “Labour demand government explains £2m taxpayers’ cash funding infowars unit which smeared Corbyn and Labour.” was not the only paper to report on the Shadow Foreign Secretary’s attack on this injustice as she accused, “These Tories are using public money to subvert democracy.” They report that, “Emily Thornberry has responded to revelations today that around £2 million public money was funnelled to a charity in Scotland which posted disparaging stories against Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour figures. ‘It is one of the cardinal rules of British public life that official resources should not be used for party political purposes,’ insisted the Shadow Foreign Secretary.”

    According to the London Economic, “The Sunday Mail in Scotland uncovered the story when it was leaked documents showing a secretive infowars unit, funded with public money, engaging in social media campaigns, including social media attacks on Her Majesty’s opposition party. The Institute for Statecraft is ostensibly a small charity based in a run-down Victorian mill in Fife. But today’s revelations show that it ran a secretive programme called with absolutely no irony, the ‘Integrity Initiative’ – funded with £2m taxpayers’ money. The programme with funds channelled through the Foreign Office was used to attack figures around the world associated with Russia. It was run by ex-military intelligence operatives. Leaked documents passed to the Sunday Mail reveal the organisation’s Integrity Initiative is funded with £2million of Foreign Office cash and run by former military intelligence specialists to galvanise social media influencers against disinformation campaigns.”

    Despite the stated goal of countering disinformation the ‘Integrity Initiative’ are sorely lacking in integrity. They say, “the Sunday Mail found social media posts from the initiative’s social media account attacking Jeremy Corbyn, Seumas Milne and other Labour figures with smears. ‘It is one of the cardinal rules of British public life that official resources should not be used for party political purposes. So, it is simply outrageous that the clearly mis-named ‘Integrity Initiative,’ funded by the Foreign Office to the tune of £2.25 million over the past two years, has routinely been using its Twitter feed to disseminate personal attacks and smears against the Leader of the Opposition, the Labour Party and Labour officials,’ responded Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary. ‘this cannot be dismissed as something outside the Government’s control, given the application for funding agreed by the Foreign Office last year stated explicitly that it would be used in part to expand ‘the impact of the Integrity Initiative website…and Twitter/social media accounts’.”

    Thornberry put the Tories on the spot as the London Economic say she demanded to know the truth, “‘So the Government must now answer the following questions: why did the Foreign Office allow public money to be spent on attempting to discredit Her Majesty’s Opposition? Did they know this was happening? If not, why not? And if they did, how on earth can they justify it?’ The secretive programme tweeted from its official account newspaper reports that implied the approval of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour figures of Russian leader Vladimir Putin and his actions.” A lot of the smears were petty jibes that were readily magnified out of all proportion and embellished in the Murdock press to then be featured on the BBC Paper Review as if they were genuine news items. One such smear “…for instance, retweeted a newspaper story that said: ‘Milne is not a spy – that would be beneath him. ‘But what he has done, wittingly or unwittingly, is work with the Kremlin agenda’.”

    London Economic say it’s been noted that, “…the Integrity Initiative had in the past tweeted about Conservatives’ questionable connections to Russian money. The Integrity Initiative has also been attacked for backing Ukrainian politicians with worrying far right links and The Sunday Mail found evidence of it orchestrating a Twitter campaign against a Spanish politician believed to be friendly to Russia that resulted in him not being given a government post.” However the real issue is that our Government should not be sponsoring any organization, let alone a registered charity, to meddle in domestic or foreign politics. This represented serious Government corruption on the very highest level, that in any credible democracy would have seen the corrupt Ministers involved, up to and including the UK Prime Minister, hauled away in handcuffs. Here in England it just reinforced the new reality that this Tory Government is above the law and we are well on our way along the dangerous path to full Tory Dictatorship.

    The London Economic report that, “When Labour MP Chris Williamson asked Minister of State Alan Duncan about Foreign Office funding for the initiative in a parliamentary question, the Tory minister responded: “The Institute for Statecraft is an independent, Scottish, charitable body whose work seeks to improve governance and enhance national security. They launched the Integrity Initiative in 2015 to defend democracy against disinformation. ‘In financial year 2017/18, the FCO funded the Institute for Statecraft’s Integrity Initiative £296,500. This financial year, the FCO is funding a further £1,961,000. Both have been funded through grant agreements’.” This might sound like a noble goal, but for one really serious flaw: according to the regulations governing the charitable status in the UK, engaging in political activity of any kind is banned. Fr this reason several people have complained with regard to their activity and demanded that the Institute of Statecraft be stripped of its charitable status.

    This whole row played out right before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and at that time the London Economic said that, “Today the Labour MP for Derby North reacted: ‘What the hell is going on? I tabled a parliamentary question recently and discovered the Foreign Office has given £2m of public money to a shady organisation that’s indulging in black propaganda against Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.’ Chris Williamson MP added: ‘These Tories are using public money to subvert democracy. The irony of the govt’s response to my question about them funding this shady organisation is that they claim it’s ‘…to defend democracy against disinformation’.” They said that, “The Integrity Initiative responded: ‘The Institute for Statecraft is a charity – see its other projects. The IfS started the Integrity Initiative to highlight disinformation and malign influence across Europe. We are non-partisan and highlight relevant stories whoever they feature’.”

    The London Economic reported that, “Last month the organisation said it was hacked and documents posted online on Russian media. A statement on its website said: ‘The Integrity Initiative is a non-partisan programme of The Institute for Statecraft, a non-partisan charity which promotes good governance. The Integrity Initiative looks specifically at the use of disinformation and malign influence to undermine the values of democratic societies. ‘Since the programme was set up in 2015, the UK and the democratic world in general have continued to be targeted by disinformation activity, including in particular from Russia. For example, Russia put out various false stories about the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner MH17 over Ukraine in July 2014, even after the official enquiry reported that Russia was responsible.” The Integrity Initiative has thoroughly blown its credibility by embellishing false flag incidents with dubious information to support the ongoing vilification of Russia by western powers.

    One fabricated false flag incident was the Skripal case, played out in the media in a dark tale of weird anomalies that consistently failed to make any logical sense. But the London Economic were taken in enough to report, “despite the UK government pointing the finger of blame at Moscow for the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in March 2018, supported by many countries and which led to a mass expulsion of Russian diplomats, the Russian authorities issued at least 47 different versions as to what had happened. In sharing information about such malign activities, the Integrity Initiative uses Twitter as a key method of sharing knowledge. This includes the usual Twitter practice of re-tweeting and liking tweets. However, at no time has the Integrity Initiative engaged in party political activity and would never take up a party-political stance. Disinformation and malign influence from rogue states and certain non-state actors are a threat to democratic values and transcend any party political cause.”

    There were some very shady dealers manipulating the vote from behind the scenes. There was a decent Panorama documentary exposing the dirty money financial dealings that are so pervasive in the “London Laundromat!” If a benefit claimant receives funds they are not entitled to we hound them to death, but tax dodgers and criminals supported by our banks never pay back a fraction of what they owe. The massive donations to the Tory Party from Russian Oligarchs to gain direct access for Government influence. They have stolen their vast wealth from the Russian people and they do not act in our best interests. A Zionist Israeli Government with an agenda of silencing all criticism of their apartheid regime exerted power over both major political parties through their powerful Israeli lobbies and the BoD. They hated Corbyn with passion for his support of the Palestinians, manipulating the propaganda over fantisemitism to discredit him and sabotage his electoral chances: Starmer has committed to doing their bidding.

    The Captain of Capitulation endorsed all of the worst Boris Johnson lies and con tricks starting with his unquestioning acceptance of the Cover 2019 Rigged Election fake ‘landslide victory’ and drivelling on with empty platitudes all the way to his reinforcement of fantisemitism. Starmer’s nauseatingly vacuous speech, preaching values, with no real policy substance; he even drummed home the PMs lies about ‘levelling up’ to help totally discredit his empty pitch. Tory ‘levelling up’ is in reality an excessive transfer of vast sums of money from the universally exploited working poor into the bulging trousers and bank accounts of the super wealthy elite. We must be honest with people that the real Tory agenda is a continuation of ‘Decimating Down;’ low wages, zero hours contracts with no job security and young people steeped in debt unable to leave home. Starmer even capitulated on his core principals over the EU, to endorse another Boris Johnson soundbite to ‘Get Brexit Done;’ we do not have to accept the reality of ‘Get Brexit Dung!’

    While Keir Starmer was busy embracing selfish, jingoistic ‘patriotism,’ denouncing his predecessor and hastily abandoning all the pledges that got him elected leader in order to consolidate his commitment to capitulation, the true visionary he was so eager to malign was demonstrating the genuine courage of conviction that is the hallmark of great leadership. In the Canary Article entitled, “Jeremy Corbyn and former heads of state demand freedom for Julian Assange,” they report that, “A number of former presidents, as well as former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, have urged the UK government to grant WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange ‘his long overdue freedom’. The list of signatories includes Argentinian president Alberto Fernández, former Brazilian presidents Dilma Rousseff and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and former Bolivian president Evo Morales., It also includes former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, whose government granted Assange asylum in the country’s embassy in London in 2012.”

    Craig Murray conscientiously documenting the Assange case reported on day 13 that, “Mark Summers QC said that it went to the question of whether Wikileaks had performed a necessary act to prevent criminality by the US Government and enable justice. Lewis responded that it was unacceptable to the US government that allegations of torture should be made. At this point, Julian Assange became very agitated. He stood up and declared very loudly: ‘I will not permit the testimony of a torture victim to be censored by this court’ A great commotion broke out. Baraitser threatened to have Julian removed and have the hearing held in his absence. There was a break following which it was announced that el-Masri would not appear, but that the gist of his evidence would be read out, excluding detail of US torture or of US pressure on the government of Germany. Mark Summers QC started to read the evidence.” If Baraitser had thrown Assange out the wider press would have known of the reason he protested.

    Had the Judge made more fuss she would have unwittingly broadcast Julian’s words further and he was smart enough to know that as he desperately reached beyond the constraints of the bars of Belmarsh. It is our duty to put as loud a ‘megaphone’ as we can to Assange’s message so that the wider world fully realizes the enormity and potential impact on the investigative press of this US Government persecution of an innocent Whistleblower Journalist with this extradition hearing. Assange was never a criminal and he should not face trial in the US. America cannot just telescope its reach to foreign nationals acting overseas in order to ensnare them in a US justice system tailored to prosecute them under reduced rights just to hide US guilt of war crimes. Other countries will claim those same unjust rights as Brazil has already tried to. Sadly, it is only a matter of time before the Media coax our cowardly Captain of Capitulation into criticizing Corbyn’s support of Assange to offer his forensic, jingoistic opinion supporting US extradition.

    Is this the new direction for Labour ‘Under New Leadership” In a Skwawkbox Article with Video entitled: “Shadow Foreign Sec Nandy criticised for ‘Britain First’ radio interview,” they say, “Jingoism is no substitute for an actual policy platform to improve life for UK people. Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary has been criticised for a Radio 4 interview that effectively made ‘Britain First’ – the name of a far right hate group and the words shouted by the murderer of Labour MP Jo Cox – a Labour slogan.” They highlighted rgar, “Commentator Rachel Shabi identified the similarity just after Nandy had appeared on Radio 4’s Today programme: Lisa Nandy on R4 Today on what’s changed for Labour: ‘We stand up for Britain, we stand up for British people, we stand up for British interests and we will always put that first. Got it. From now on it will be Britain first’.” Lisa Nandi also appeared on Politics Live this morning touting the same toxic messaging; we will not beat the alt-right Fascist Tories by becoming more bigoted that they are!

    Shabi also tweeted, “Corbyn’s Labour was demonized for championing internationalism and an inclusive collectivism, supporting migrant and minority rights. Now it seems Labour is going out of its way to disassociate from those values.” Skwawkbox reprinted a number of the tweets as they said, “Hundreds of responses attacked Nandy’s – and by implication party leader Keir Starmer’s – jingoistic approach, with some referring back to the appalling anti-immigration mugs created by New Labour as it tried to out-Tory the Tories. Starmer’s excruciating conference speech, which Nandy’s appearance was meant to trail, attempted unconvincingly to tap into that same jingoism and will do nothing to persuade the leave seats that Labour lost last year that he is any different to the remain-obsessed referendum advocate that helped destroy Labour in many of its heartlands.” Starmer is ready to be led whichever way will keep the Media fawning over him as he moves into the designated neoliberal slot that suits the wealthy elite.

    Skwawkbox rightly say, “To even flirt with ‘Britain first’ rhetoric is an appalling betrayal of Labour values – and no replacement for pursuing the actual policies that will improve lives for everyone who lives in this country. But it seems Starmer thinks he can run away from those policies and make up for it in dog-whistle language.” However, it is a futile exercise to add a comment on their site that denies the ‘borrowed votes’ lie and the fake ‘landslide victory’ of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election; you just get drowned out by abusive replies as they cling to their ‘crumbling red wall’ dishonour. What if millions of people came outside their homes in small groups “Sound off Saturday at Six” to make a noisy protest, just as they did clapping for carers, but a whole lot louder? People would realize that, no their neighbours hadn’t voted for the Tories; the propaganda lie would be debunked. It would create the environment where a Whistleblower might be believed exposing the truth needed for a full Investigation to Get the Tories Out! DO NOT MOVE ON!

    #60634 Reply
    Kim Sanders-Fisher

    The grotesquely overblown build-up to Boris Johnson’s pathetically inadequate tinkering with Covid 19 restrictions was designed to serve a purpose dramatically removed from the Pandemic; it was a classic ‘Dead Cat’ distraction to divert our attention away from the exploding FinCEN scandal. Will closing pubs early make a difference, while most of the working poor must continue travelling on packed public transport to non Covid secure work places and sending their children to school to reinforce the vector pool? No, but it is not intended to quell the spread, as it targets the most deprived, the vulnerable elderly and disabled in a continuation of ‘Herd Nerd’ eugenicist Cummings favoured project for a ‘Herd Immunity’ cull of the ‘economically inactive’ and weakest members of society. A BBC Panorama special featured a general overview of this cancer of corruption that generates the money to steer politics and most MP away from enacting sweeping reforms to shutdown the London Laundromat: this dirty money runs the UK!

    It is a great pity that this highly respected BBC documentary series has let their brand become so severely tainted by allowing the sensationalist hack John Ware to produce his hatchet job on fantisemitism in the Labour Party. This will seriously harm the BBC when his smears are exposed in Court in the near future. In the Panorama Documentary entitled, “Banking secrets of the rich and powerful” Richard Bilton lifts the lid on the corrupt financial transactions that are so readily attracted to the city of London and UK territories overseas. In describing their presentation the BBC write that, “It’s the leak that reveals the secrets of British banking. Panorama uncovers secret reports that expose how banks have failed to tackle crime and how terrorists, money launderers and crime bosses are able to use the same banks as us. Reporter Richard Bilton also exposes the double life of the man who funded the Brexit Party, secret deals at the top of British football and the business deals billionaires would rather you didn’t know about.”

    It seems that even after the disaster of crash-out Brexit adds to the devastating impact of Covid 19 spiralling out-of-control, the filth flies will still be buzzing over the festering corpse of our corrupt dirty money capital: the ‘London Laundromat’. The Tories are well connected to access this grubby cash; it helps stuff Party coffers with donated bribes to gain undue influence: there is no incentive for this PM to ever shut it down! Buzzfeed News on “FinCEN” they report, “The FinCEN Files investigation is based on thousands of ‘suspicious activity reports’ and other US government documents that BuzzFeed News has shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and more than 100 news organizations around the world. It offers an unprecedented view of global financial corruption, the banks enabling it, and the government agencies that fail to stop it. Prior to this reporting, very few SARs had ever been revealed. The FinCEN Files encompass more than 2,100. Read what the investigation has uncovered.”

    The Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project have a short, enlightening YouTube Video posted online. They say that, “London is one of the biggest financial centers in the world, and it is becoming an increasingly attractive place for criminals to hide their wealth, says David Clarke, the chairman of the U.K.’s Fraud Advisory Panel and former director of the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Every month, businesses acting as ‘formation agents’ register thousands of new companies in the U.K. Some of these companies are used to commit serious financial crimes, such as money laundering and fraud. We spoke with Clarke about financial crime and how formation agents can enable illegal activity. The interview is part of an investigation by OCCRP, the Times, Finance Uncovered and more than 20 other media partners, into Formations House, a London-based formation agent that has registered companies for alleged and convicted criminals around the world. Read the full investigation here.”

    People are understandably resentful of the wealthy dodging their responsibility to society by using tax havens, but the pervasive shock, horror stories in the tabloid press would have you believe that our generous Government was haemorrhaging far more money to benefit fraudsters. What is the truth? Fullfact documented, “About £2 billion was lost to benefit fraud last year: In 2018/19 the DWP estimated £2.3 billion was lost from fraudulent overpayments of benefits. The figure has increased every year since 2013/14 (the last time it was estimated at £1.2 billion). That’s about 1.2% of all benefit spending, and just over half of all the money overpaid that year (£4.1 billion). However, some of the money lost through overpayments is reclaimed. £1.1 billion of the total £4.1 billion lost was reclaimed in 2018/19. Money lost to fraud can only ever be estimated. The DWP investigates a sample of benefit claims to identify overpayments and underpayments, and decides whether to count them as fraud, claimant error or official error.”

    Fullfact report that, “It’s tricky to put a number on tax fraud. In 2017/18 HMRC estimated the ‘tax gap’, money that should in theory have been collected in taxes but wasn’t, at around £35 billion , or 5.6% of the total estimated tax. Not all of that is due to fraud or deliberate evasion. £12 billion is attributed to tax evasion, avoidance and organised crime. The rest is due to ‘failure to take reasonable care’ by the taxpayer, errors, the ‘hidden economy’ and differences in legal interpretations. 40% of this ‘tax gap’ is due to small businesses, and the most common taxes are income tax, national insurance contributions, capital gains tax, and VAT. Again, these are estimates of the loss. HMRC also estimated that its compliance division collected £34 billion in 2017/18 that would have been lost ‘through fraud, tax avoidance, evasion and non-compliance’.”

    So how many people are on the case? Fullfact say that, “The DWP employs the equivalent of 1,400 full time investigators. As of July 2018 the DWP employed 1,405 full-time equivalent specialists to investigate benefit fraud. Data from 2017 suggests another 2,000 or so full-time equivalent staff may be doing related work. HMRC employs 26,000 staff in tax compliance. In February 2018 HMRC employed around 26,000 people ‘tackling all forms of non-compliance in the tax system’. The 300 figure may be a repeat of a claim we checked in 2016. Back then around 300 people worked in one team called the ‘Affluent Unit’; around 500 people worked in this team in 2017. The Affluent Unit investigated people with an annual income of at least £150,000 a year, or wealth of £1 million or more. A similarly-sized team investigated people with assets worth over £10m.” The real issue for me is when massive
    Corporations like Google get to negotiate a payment ‘deal’ of £138m to settle back-taxes; congenially settled over drinks no doubt.

    What really hurts ordinary citizens is the way DWP routinely treats members of the public as worthless scroungers who deserve serial harassment. When a member of the working poor has diligently paid into the system for years on end, but then, through no fault of their own, suddenly loses their job – as a low wage earner they might not have a reserve of funds to tide them over while they wait for a first payment. There is no legitimate reason why the process should take weeks or why emergency funds can be paid, but are taken in hefty chunks from the already paltry benefit when that’s paid. Then there are sanctions that trip up those who are struggling to find work in a way that is nothing short of punitive and demoralizing. Disability claimants are so unfairly evaluated that hundreds of people have died trying to prove their case. When there is an innocent mistake leading to overpayment, sorting it out is a torturous exercise even when the error is the fault of DWP. The wealthy negotiate down; the poor are ‘Decimated Down.’

    BBC News this morning featured a Report into misuse of Kenya’s Covid funds delayed The wait for answers for Kenyans – frustrated and angry at claims that hundreds of millions of dollars of Covid funds have been misappropriated – was meant to be over today with a report being published. But now the Auditor General says she needs more time for a full audit of KEMSA, the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency. KEMSA had told lawmakers that there was enough funding for Covid related equipment – but many nurses and doctors were still left without adequate protection. Doctors have also said the price being paid for protective equipment was set too high. The Kenyan Senator Sylvia Kasanga is the Chairperson for the Committee on Covid-19. At least they are investigating this misappropriation of funding. Here in the UK all of the exact same issues mentioned in the report are an acceptable part of the course for the totally unaccountable Tory Government. Covid 19 is another money making opportunity for the Tories, but the rip us off with impunity.

    In my last Post I wrote, How was the Covert 2019 Rigged Election somehow justified as valid to the point where the public actually bought into the scam? A truly obscene amount of donated money bought political influence, enabling Tories to use their wealth to solidify their perpetual stranglehold on power. With all that money came grotesque corruption: I firmly believe that it funded the industrial scale fraud of Idox rigging of the postal votes, the PsyOps propaganda campaign to warp minds, which along with the deregulation and neutering of our compliance and monitoring organizations, left our democracy totally defenceless. Numerous corrupt individuals, with money to burn acquiring influence to keep their illegal activities and the source of their great wealth hidden found a friendly and receptive home in the Tory Party. The unprecedented suppression of the Russian Report fuelled suspicions that wealthy Oligarchs were buying political influence at the behest of Putin while Corbyn was being smeared as a Commie spy!

    We knew the extent of Tory corruption way back before that catastrophic vote; why are so many still clinging to the Tory ‘borrowed votes’ lie? In a November 1st London Economic Article, printed before the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, entitled, “Tories misuse taxpayers’ money on Government-funded Facebook ads targeting marginal seats,” we were alerted to the scandal. They reported that, “The Government has been accused of misusing taxpayers’ money to target voters in key swing constituencies with Facebook ads. At least 17 adverts promising up to £25 million investment in various towns across the UK went live on Tuesday — the day the General Election was announced. These ads paid for by the public purse appear on a My Town Campaign Facebook page run by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and invite local people to have say over how the money is spent.” The scandal was reported on by several of the major news outlets including the Guardian, Daily Record, Huff Post…..

    London Economic report that, “MP Ian Lucas called the promotion an ‘outrageous’ misuse of public cash. He has written to Michael Gove demanding to know how data was gathered to target people; how much public money has been misused and whether there was any discussion about them breaking political purdah – the convention that civil servants must remain neutral in an election period.” A copy of Ian Lucas’s letter appears in the article that notes, “The Facebook ads are aimed at Tory target towns with MPs who have a majority of less than 5,000 votes. The adverts ran without a political disclaimer, so were taken down by Facebook shortly after 8.30pm on Friday evening after the scandal broke. They targeted voters in marginal seats, such as Newcastle-under-Lyme, which has a Labour majority of just 30 votes.”

    A Government spokesman told the Huff Post: “These posts were published before the election was called and Parliament has not yet been dissolved.” They claim that, “All towns selected were chosen according to the same selection methodology, including analysis of deprivation, exposure to Brexit, productivity, economic resilience and investment opportunities.” Among several other comments from Ian Lucas reported on by the London Economic, he is quoted as saying of the Toy Party: “They were put up on the day the Government indicated we would be having a General Election. To say the Government did not know is an insult to our intelligence. This is public money. This is taxpayers’ money. If the Conservatives want to run a political campaign, they should be doing it themselves with their own money. It’s entirely inappropriate to be using public money in this way. They are pretending these are public information ads but they are not.”

    “We need to know how they have chosen to target these towns. What do they mean ‘exposure to Brexit’? Surely everywhere is exposed to Brexit. ‘Where have they got this data from? Have they used the data from other Government-run campaigns — like Prepare for Brexit — and are now using it for political purposes?’ MP Ian Lucas who has investigated Vote Leave’s illegal campaigning in Parliament’s DCMS Sub-Committee on Disinformation, told The London Economic: ‘We know Facebook was used as a political weapon by Johnson, Cummings and Gove in the Vote Leave illegal campaign. ‘The same people are now using the same techniques in the 2019 General Election because we still have the same outdated electoral laws, despite all the DCMS Select Committee, the Electoral Commission and the Information Commissioner have said about essential reform being required’.” Cummings refused to appear before the DCMS to answer questions and was found in “Contempt of Parliament.”

    On the Parliament UK website it details the “Conduct of Mr Dominic Cummings” that should have precluded him from the role he took and still holds as Chief Adviser to the PM, but it seems Cummings is not just unelected and unaccountable he is above the law. It documents that, “On 28 June 2018 the House referred to the Committee of Privileges the matter of an alleged contempt of Parliament by Mr Dominic Cummings, campaign director of Vote Leave in the 2016 referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. The allegation was that Mr Cummings had committed a contempt by refusing to obey an Order of the House that he should attend a meeting of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee, he having previously refused to comply with an order of the Committee itself to attend.” No reason is given for his refusal to submit to the reasonable scrutiny expected of anyone functioning in the powerful position that he holds that has expanded to a stranglehold on control of the PM and the Government.

    The Parliamentary site further document that, “On 5 June 2018 the DCMS Committee published a Special Report concerning the conduct of Mr Cummings. The Committee reported that Mr Cummings had been first invited, then ordered by the Committee to attend it to give oral evidence as part of its inquiry into “Fake News” and that he had failed to comply with that order. The Committee set out its reasons for considering that the evidence it sought from Mr Cummings was relevant to its inquiry, and stated that his failure to attend ‘in our view […] constitutes a serious interference with the ability of this Committee to discharge the task assigned to it by the House’.” This is totally aside from his egregious behaviour with regard aggressive summary firing of Sonja Khan and his violation of Covid 19 lockdown restrictions that should rightly have seen him fired. We must continue to demand the removal of this dangerous political puppeteer if for no other reason: Cummings is the Grenade; oust him and you pull the pin!

    Speaking of Ian Lewis they said, “Last month he wrote in The London Economic about the extraordinary lengths to avoid scrutiny over Vote Leave offences that Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings have all gone to. The Conservative Party has significantly ramped up Facebook spend since former Vote Leave chief Dominic Cummings took charge of its communications strategy. The party has spent around £50,000 on Facebook ads in the past 90 days and you can see a record of the ads here: on Facebook’s social and political ad library. Vote Leave’s campaign director, Dominic Cummings – Boris Johnson’s top adviser – came under significant scrutiny for the use of targeted Facebook advertising during the referendum campaign. Several members of Boris Johnson’s advisory team previously worked on the official Vote Leave campaign, which relied on Facebook targeting to reach voters and is still being investigated by the Met police for illegal overspending.” The CPS refused to act so the case was dropped.

    The London Economic article was written when the scandal broke prior to the Covert 2019 Rigged Election flagging up just one area of desperately needed Electoral reform. A prominent Judge described the UK Electoral System as “wide open to Industrial scale fraud;” MPs demanded change while oversight from the Electoral Commission was further diminished by their inability to exercise any scrutiny over ballots ‘managed’ by private companies. “A Watchdog that cannot watch is just a dog!” The increasing privatization of Electoral Services has been delivered into the hands of one company with strong ties to the Tory Party, but when a highly suspicious ‘landslide victory’ result was announced no one asked questions and the Electoral Commission was powerless to act. Please sign my online Petition to “Rescue our Watchdog” as, “All votes must count;” it demands an Investigation of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election to expose the truth. Are there any potential Whistleblowers out there? Take courage, do come forward.

    I reiterate my assertion regarding the result: If there was a tremendous very vocal reaction across the entire country. This would seriously challenge the legitimacy of the fake Tory win. The claims of a ‘landside victory’ manufactured by the media to prop the Tories into a position of power would be debunked. These rely on biased ‘push poles’ that have no basis in reality, but manipulate the vote. The louder, more widespread and more well publicised these nationwide protests became the more bogus such scams as “will of the people” would become. The Brexiteers are an irate minority who have been given a megaphone, but massive people power nationwide can drown them out. We have to now seriously rebel to demand the truth about the Brexit deception and just reversal of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, a full inquiry with regime change and serious jail time! I believe the EU will step in to offer an uncorrupted vote if we can demonstrate fraud in the in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and the EU referendum as well. DO NOT MOVE ON!

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