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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Cimarrón – This is becoming a recurring theme because of the Tory Government response to accountability in general, with their pledges and promises never kept, while blatant lying in office and grossly insulting people has been normalized in politics. Tories have amply demonstrate that an “Englishman’s word is no longer his bond,” as integrity and submitting to public scrutiny have become quaint relics of the past. At one time there was an unspoken rule, for generations those who transgressed, seriously let us down or brought their profession into disrepute, would resign, be fired or lose credibility to such an extent that their career is over. Whenever incompetent performance or reprehensible conduct of a person in a lofty position of trust, responsibility or indeed any position of visible public prominence, not just in the area of politics, but also theatrical and sports icons, there must be appropriate responsibility. This was once true; not anymore, the Tory Party have drastically changed what is the new acceptable norm.

I have absolutely zero interest in football, but when a team loses their edge, not winning any games, the Coach is held responsible and is promptly replaced. When high profile actors have been charged with rape or the sexual abuse of minors they are publically demonized and their career is essentially over. From the least relevant to the most significantly egregious we expect people to take appropriate responsibility for everything from poor performance and even minor lapses in judgement to corruption and criminal conduct. During my NHS retraining in the UK our ODP students ware warned that we should be cautious with regard to what we wrote online as a rash, controversial or offensive posts on Facebook could see us removed from the program for bringing our profession into disrepute.

In stark contrast not a single one of the several demonstrations of gross incompetence and ignorance that cost the British tax paper millions in Government funding saw Chris ‘failing’ Grayling removed from post. Each time he has failed to demonstrate the humility to apologize and resign; no, he expected to be allowed to stay on and fix his blunders or just cause more chaos through his ineptitude. Are the vagaries of football team’s fortune or the thoughtless inappropriate online posts of an NHS student more deserving of serious discipline than an incompetent, offensive or downright corrupt Tory Government Minister, accepting cash for favours, haemorrhaging public money or a PM inciting racial hatred by publishing insulting comments? The Tories want you to believe that the poor quality of coaching or the casual comment of a student should be more severely disciplined than far more serious transgressions by a City Councillor, a Government Adviser, an MP, a member of the Cabinet or ever the Prime Minister. Give them an inch and they will take a mile!

Several of the Cabinet Ministers who were forced out in response to public outrage have since been appointed to top positions in Boris Johnson’s current Tory Government. Priti Patel lost her job for freelancing her dodgy influence with Israeli officials while ‘on holiday;’ but Johnson appointed her to one of the four top Ministerial roles, that of Home Secretary. I have already had a rant on this issue when expounding on the Windrush scandal in a previous post, I wrote, “Theresa May remained determined to dodge any accountability. With a cowardly elitist arrogance, that was to become the Tory norm with regard to totally ignoring justified calls for resignations, she adamantly refused to step down as PM: unashamedly allowing Amber Rudd to fall on the sword that should have pierced her truly gutless frame! In contemptuous disregard for their wanton abuse of public trust, members of the Tory Party have perfected the art of dishonourably clinging to the power and plunder bestowed on them by prestigious Government appointments.”

But, the Conservatives were so determined to break the mould that now, under the disgraceful example of this Tory Government doubling-down on what they can get away with, the elite, the most privileged people of wealth or prestigious connections to public office are demonstrating their utter contempt for society as a whole. Boris Johnson’s refusal to admonish or publically condemn the rule breaking selfish conduct of his father Stanley Johnson is seen by the general public as an endorsement of the abuse his wealth was so easily able to finance. Stanley did not even attempt to behave discreetly and keep his journey to Greece quiet; he shamelessly posted pictures online and bragged in an interview to the press further rubbing our noses in it. Like father like son.

The scandal involving Robert Jenrick is still rumbling on as other dodgy deals might yet emerge, especially if we gain access to the Russia Report, but the PM is eager to have us just move on. In a recent post I wrote, “At a time when dodgy deals over planning permission and donations to the Tory Party have opposition MPs calling for Robert Jenrick to go, a heads up on the hornets’ nest of cash for favours was well timed. The Daily GasLamp posted the demand, ‘Release the Russia Report – MP pressures Johnson over Russia Report’ with information gleaned from the Business Insider.” The squeaky wheel gets oiled and the British public must be loud, forceful and unrelentingly demanding that disgraceful Troy ‘time and distance’ tactic end now. We will keep protesting, demanding accountability and full public scrutiny; we will not accept hidden files remaining buried and disreputable appointees left in place to continue causing harm through their appalling corrupt and selfish conduct. Jenrick and Cummings must go!

Johnson really thinks the Dominic Cummings scandal is over and done with, but we cannot let it go and the more recent breach of the regulations by the PM’s own father must target the importance of the negative impact of such glaring examples of inequality in the UK. The one rule for them, another for the rest of us, is not going away and we shouldn’t let it. We need progressive MPs to recognize the urgent demands highlighted by ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters that we will not accept the increasing inequality in our country. We need to put an inordinate amount of pressure on our representatives to keep raising the issue of Cumming removal. Achieving this one goal could potentially bring this Tory Government crashing down as I firmly believe that Dominic Cummings was the mastermind behind the Covert 2019 Rigged Election and he’s proud of it. He holds all of the critical evidence capable of fully exposing the corruption that could bring down this Government; if he is ousted his ego will compel him to rat on the Tory Party!

Time and distance will not erase the public perception of injustice and corruption so it must become a regular demand, week on week, until it’s a constant buzz in the media and too embarrassing for Johnson to ignore. The message right now is that Johnson, all Tory MPs, Advisors and appointees are above the law; this is a perfect prelude to decades of dictatorship! Following the as yet still totally unchallenged success of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election there is an even greater need for a strong opposition; without it we will descend into fascism with little or no resistance. It is not too late to demand a full investigation of the highly suspect vote that propelled this Tory Government into office with the claim of a “landslide victory” through “borrowed votes” of disillusioned Labour supporters. The progressive Left must regroup to strengthen their resolve as tenacious resistance is vital; constructive support for a dangerous and corrupt Tory Government is unacceptable and there’s no time for procrastination. DO NOT MOVE ON!