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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Hi Mods, I just want to say a big thank you for your tireless efforts here on this Blog. I was just thinking the other day that the Elections Aftermath thread was getting close to needing to start a new page. When I wrote my recent post on SLAPPS I regretted the fact that it would not head up the new page 8 as it was mostly original work that drew upon a number of sources and highlighted those who are still fighting back. Blow me if you didn’t read my mind and bounce the SLAPP Post to the top of page 8 where it might get most noticed; I am really grateful for that. Of course I say that in the fantasy notion that the Elections Aftermath thread actually gets viewed and read by more than the odd occasional one or two people every so often, as I don’t know what the stats are on visits to this thread.

I feel compelled to soldier on regardless. Right now it is depressing that there is so little hope for anything ahead, but a dystopian nightmare future, especially after crash-out Brexit. My writing on this Blog is cathartic and detracts from the gloom that descended like a dark cloak over me on the 13th of December last year. I am trying to lend a megaphone to the passionate writers on the marginalized progressive Left in alternative news outlets as they are so seriously drowned out by the BBC and alt-right press. I still cling onto the hope that we will eventually expose the Covid 2019 Rigged Election and oust this wretched Government, but we must still demand a full investigation into the vote as it would expose critical flaws that desperately require fixing either way.

I am very supportive of most of the issues Craig brings to light, but I feel we will continue slamming into a concrete wall until we are able to remove this Government from office which is why I am fighting so hard to achieve that goal. I’m glad Craig had the patience to wade through the Russian report and distil the most important nuggets on our behalf. As I had suspected the myopic focus on Russia misses the point that the real danger is far closer to home and is in fact our own UK Government. Such a good reason to oust the Tories, but Starmer is now following the same corrupt path to the right which I intend to highlight.

I want to write a post on Whistleblowing and feature my own experiences, not that there can be any resolution for me personally, but the loophole that failed to protect me as a student should be exposed, reviewed and closed. My protest outside the High Court in London demonstrates the impression a lone protester cam make with a shit-load of signage. I rarely want to include a photo, but this one tells a thousand words if I only knew how to embed it. The Birdcage protest got press attention; we need to get creative to combat the right-wing media. My similar experience in the US is a cautionary tale of where American Corporations will seek to change UK laws to create the ‘business friendly’ model of greed and exploitation.

I really appreciate the quality of the comments here on Craig Murray’s blog and I have now come to realize that this exceptionally high standard has been accomplished with vigilant moderation to remove the junk that is so pervasive elsewhere on the Internet. All I meant to say was thank you because I really appreciate your hard work… then I started rambling on… it must be cabin fever!

Many Thanks, your “Peaceful Patriot of the Planet,” Kim.