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Kim Sanders-Fisher

Cimarrón – SA – You are right to point out that it’s curious we “have not seen a similar attack on the 2019 election results.” I remain conflicted about where Cadwalladr’s allegiance might lie, but have seriously considered getting in touch to ask her to investigate. What you wrote made me realize that, with the inside knowledge she already has, surly she should be hot on the case already. In reality no one should need to persuade her that the result of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election was so completely illogical and unfathomable that it reeks of industrial scale fraud. The lack of evidence supporting the various Russian conspiracies and WikiLeaks demonstrate an investigative blind-spot that aligns with the Integrity Initiative, but I cannot comprehend why she is onboard with them at all as it appears to conflict with her whole motivation for defending our endangered democracy. It’s hard to believe that anyone was fooled by the propaganda attempting to legitimize the 2019 vote, but we will only determine Cadwalladr’s take on this by contacting her.

A CSW Civil Service World Article entitled, “Hancock confirms Public Health England axed with test and trace boss Dido Harding to lead replacement body,” imparted the extraordinary news. It said, “Harding will be interim head of the National Institute for Health Protection, which will aim to tackle threats like biological weapons and pandemics.” The tiny word ‘aim’ is extremely useful to inept Tory Government Ministers like current Health Secretary Mat Hancock: ‘aim’ leaves ample scope for future failures and the wholesale fudging of public expectation. In a sudden move that is universally understood to be an effort to erase the catastrophic Covid crisis healthcare failures of his recent past Hancock decided to ‘disappear’ the agency involved so that no one was left in a position where they could be held accountable for the huge unnecessary loss of life. “Matt Hancock has confirmed Public Health England is being scrapped and replaced by a new body to protect the nation’s health ‘now and in the future’.”

As if this radical announcement wasn’t controversial enough Hancock proceeded to drop another bombshell with his choice to lead this ill defined new Quango. He said, “Baroness Dido Harding, who currently heads up NHS test and trace, will provide interim leadership for the new National Institute for Health Protection.” CSW said that, “Setting out his plans for a shake-up of the public health system in a speech to the Policy Exchange think tank, Hancock said: ‘The changes that I am announcing today are designed entirely to strengthen our response’.” His wording was deeply troubling, bearing in mind that Public Health England’s remit ranges well beyond the confines of ‘response’ to encompass a whole range of preventative strategies that are essential to reducing unnecessary burdens on our NHS. Everything from early screening, to smoking sensation, drug and alcohol programs and the Governments latest crusade for deflecting blame over the horrific Covid death toll through ‘fat shaming;‘ these were all handled by PHE.

CSW dispassionately reported on the situation as, “Defending scrapping PHE in the middle of the pandemic, the health secretary said: ‘We are making the change now because we must do everything we can to fulfil our responsibilities to the public, to strengthen public health in the UK’.” But CSW didn’t fail to notice the coded message in that statement saying that, “PHE has been criticised by ministers for its response to Covid-19,” and leaving the reader to consider why the Health Secretary might have considered it an opportune moment to ‘scuttle the ship’ before any post Covid inquiry had a chance to expose the catalogue of policy errors that had caused so much unnecessary carnage.

CSW report, “Announcing the formation of the NIHP, the cabinet minister said: ‘To give ourselves the best chance of beating this virus and spotting and tackling other external health threats now and in the future, we need to bring together the science and the skill into one coherent whole.” Hancock said, “The National Institute for Health Protection will have a single and relentless mission: protecting people from external threats to this country’s health… like biological weapons, pandemics and, of course, infectious diseases of all kinds.” It was as if he was trying to reinforce the British exceptionalism hype by stressing ‘external threats’ as if all bad stuff comes from the bad guys overseas. Like the Russian threat polluting our undemocratic elections with disinformation and the Chinese spying on us via 5G, the terrorist threat, immigrants and refugees… it serves the Tory Government to stoke paranoia detracting from a genuine threat posed by Tory propaganda to support the perpetual exploitation and neglect of our population as the wealthy elite asset strip the nation.

CSW reported that, “Hancock said England’s public health system would learn from South Korea and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute ‘where their health protection agencies have a huge, primary, focus on pandemic response’.” So that’s a ‘lessons learned’ model adopted by a Tory Government incapable of learning from their past mistakes and far too arrogantly ‘world beating’ to even trust the WHO, let alone build on the success stories of better prepared well governed countries overseas. They say, “It will combine the existing ‘talent and science infrastructure’ of PHE with NHS test and trace and the work of the Joint Biosecurity Centre, and be dedicated ‘to the investigation and prevention of infectious diseases and external health threats’.” On no, not more ‘guided by the science’ excuses from the same team that supported the discredited science of unvaccinated ‘Herd Immunity’ and Dominic Cummings’s warped emphasis on eugenics; what could possibly go wrong?

In praise of notorious Tory serial failure, “He said from today, PHE, the JBC and NHS test and trace will operate under a single leadership, reporting to Harding, who will establish the NIHP and ‘undertake the global search for its future leadership’.” I am sure she’s been promised a rich departure sum for when she has finally driven the project into the ground in preparation for a major sell out to a US Healthcare Corporation. He blathered on, “I have no doubt that under Baroness Harding we will found the NIHP as a thriving, mission-driven organisation.” No doubt he was instructed not to use the words ‘world beating, but his hype was in that vein, “We have a common mission, the greatest mission of any of our working lives, and we have no time to lose in building the institution of the future.” Tory Ministers must know ‘where to bury the bodies’ and when to ‘scuttle the ship.’ Public Health England had to go ASAP as there would be damaging information exposed when an inquiry looked into the shocking policy errors of Covid.

CSW pointed out the folly saying, “There has been criticism of the decision to award the job to the Tory peer, who has no prior public health experience and was boss of mobile phone giant TalkTalk when it was fined £400,000 after the personal and banking details of thousands of its customers were accessed in a serious data breach.” They then quoted the scathing criticism of others, “Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at Southampton University, told The Guardian her new role ‘makes about as much sense as [chief medical officer] Chris Whitty being appointed the Vodafone head of branding and corporate image’.” Labour shadow minister Jess Phillips said: “What the hell does Dido Harding know about cervical screening, substance misuse, sexual health, contraception, smoking cessation, obesity or even pandemic planning? This from government who brought you the death of 10% of care home residents and long drives for eye tests.”

While Boris Johnson hides in a Scottish tent it seems the Captain of Capitulation our knight in rusting armour, Keir Starmer, might have crawled under a rock! How was such a massive shake up of our beleaguered Healthcare system waved through without the slightest intervention from Parliament? This wasn’t included in the Tory Manifesto and even the consummate lying king of spin, our hapless part-time Prime Minister couldn’t be bothered to deliver this latest disastrous pitch. This decision must have come from the very top, so why would Cummings want to pester the PM while he was on holiday? It was better to keep Johnson hidden in times of crisis and the exam grading scandal had yet to blow over. Even the Torygraph ripped into the Government over the appointment of Harding due to her obvious lack of experience and total unsuitability for the job.

Is this another of Boris Johnson’s ‘Titanic success’s;’ deliberately doomed from the outset in order to help sink the NHS and leave the wreckage to be pillaged and picked over by our new US masters after the calamity of crash-out Brexit? CSW reported on calls for sanity, Liberal Democrat health spokeswoman Munira Wilson said: “We need to have total transparency in how appointments of this kind are made, rather than promoting a Tory insider who’s been responsible for the sub-par test and trace system.” This Tory Government are committed to the removal of transparency, scrutiny, integrity and all forms of accountability: we must fight back. CSW noted that, “Christina Marriott, chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health, meanwhile said the planned changes would leave health officials ‘with more questions than answers. We question the timing of an announcement to scrap our national public health agency in the midst of a global pandemic and before any public inquiry any has started, let alone reported,’ she said.”

Identifying the underlying reason for the move CSW reported Marriott saying, “We recognise that there have been some serious challenges in terms of our response to Covid-19, including the timing of the lockdown, the ongoing ineffectiveness of Tier 2 track and trace and postcode-level data previously not being available to DPHs. Multiple lessons need to be learnt before solutions can be in place in advance of the winter. To do otherwise risks avoidable mistakes in subsequent waves of the pandemic which will only harm the public’s health further.” CSW said, “Marriott argued that successive governments had ‘sidelined’ public health, with public health budgets ‘slashed’ under the coalition government. It may be appropriate for the functions to sit in different agencies – but clear accountability for outcomes in health improvement, health inequalities and health protection must be established.”

In another Civil Service World Article entitled, “McKinsey banks £560,000 consulting on ‘vision, purpose and narrative’ for new test and trace body – DHSC drafted in consultancy to help plan permanent organisation to manage coronavirus programme,” the plot thickens. Is Hancock just making this up as he goes along? CSW report, “A contract document, made public ahead of today’s announcement that test and trace chief Baroness Dido Harding will lead a new National Institute for Health Protection, shows the Department of Health and Social Care enlisted McKinsey’s help in May to consult on what the organisation should look like.” “Building on the work to establish a national testing programme, the programme is now being expanded into a comprehensive NHS Test and Trace service. While this service is being rapidly stood up to meet near term objectives, work is required to develop options for the longer term future of the organisation responsible for this and associated services,” the document says.

It really is sounding like a ‘back of a fag packet’ creation as CSW report, “The objectives of this work are to define options for: the vision, purpose and narrative; end-to-end journeys; organisation, roles and talent; interfaces and governance; and integrated roadmap all for the medium-term entity”. They say, “A business plan for test and trace was published at the end of last month, shortly after the work was completed, setting out objectives for the organisation. The plan said test and trace should provide rapid and accessible large-scale testing; conduct research into antibodies and immunity; deliver a resilient and stable service; and develop ‘a diverse and engaged workforce’.” Reports so far indicate that the ‘diverse and engaged workforce’ a bored rigid with scant few leads to do follow up on and hours spent feeling guilty about the frustration of doing nothing.

CSW reveal that, “Health secretary Matt Hancock today confirmed test and trace would be combined with the existing ‘talent and science infrastructure’ of PHE and the work of the Joint Biosecurity Centre in the new NIHP. The body will have a ‘single and relentless mission’ to protect the UK from threats such as including infectious diseases and biological weapons, he said.” No doubt new fragrances of Russian ‘perfume’ and even more elaborate and fanciful false flag incidents can be more discreetly managed in house! For more confidence shattering news CSW confirmed that, “It will be led by Harding, a former TalkTalk chief exec who started out her career at McKinsey, and who has led the coronavirus test and trace programme since May. Consultants began working with Harding and other members of the test and trace leadership team on plans for a new, permanent test and trace body the same month.” Dido Harding might just beat ‘failing Grayling’s’ track record for catastrophic screw-ups!

CSW report that, “A contract notice for the deal was published a couple of weeks before reports emerged of plans to scrap and replace PHE. A DHSC spokesperson said the work was non connected to the abolition of the public-health body and that the contract was to consider a range of options for a long-term test and trace organisation.” They admitted that, “Public Health England have played an integral role in our national response to this unprecedented global pandemic. We have always been clear that we must learn the right lessons from this crisis to ensure that we are in the strongest possible position, both as we continue to deal with Covid-19 and to respond to any future public health threat.” The British public have learned the right lessons from this crisis: we should have had a responsible Government in place to deal with the Covid 19 threat by always acting in the publics best interests. Because of the Covert 2019 Rigged Election we have a Tory cabal capitalizing on the disaster to line their own pockets.

CSW report that, “Between May and June, McKinsey was helping to set the design principles and performance objectives for test and trace, as well as ‘user and data journeys across which the organisation will operate’. It also considered potential organisational structures and their pros and cons.” After one failed project you might expect not to get another contract, but Tories are impervious to logical considerations like that. The most disturbing information that CSW reveal is that, “Under the deal, McKinsey is authorised to process personal data for test and trace personnel, contractors, customers, users and suppliers, for seven years after the work is completed. The data includes people’s names and addresses, driving licence details, pay, biometric data, next of kin contacts and medical conditions. Once the work is finished, McKinsey will own all concepts, tools and databases and other outputs it has generated. It has agreed to give DHSC a worldwide, royalty-free licence to use and copy any tools developed through the work.”

Although CSW say that, “The licence is non-exclusive but McKinsey must have DHSC’s permission to share any tools with other organisations or allow them to ‘remove or circumvent’ security or technological safeguards,” this is of little reassurance to the public given Harding’s data breach scandal at Talk-Talk. Cummings will be rubbing his hands with glee, a whole treasure trove of data for him to scavenge and manipulate as he establishes his fully funded AI eugenics nightmare scenario to get inside our heads. Our part-time PM is hiding in the highlands, Starmer has yet to crawl out from under his rock or perhaps he’s still fighting fake demons constructed by the BoD. We cannot wait for so called ‘leaders’ to demonstrate leadership they must be forced to act. The irate youngsters protested and got fair results; we need to harness that rage to demand an Investigation into the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, overturn this latest assault to our NHS and the evil Dom must go. Cummings is the Grenade; oust him and you pull the pin! DO NOT MOVE ON!