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Is Trump circling the plughole, about to disappear past the U-bend? “I’m so angry at Republicans” is his latest line. That doesn’t sound like a man who is set to win this election. The nutter is ranting on about Obama and Comey and saying the Republicans aren’t helping him. He’s especially furious at Obama for allegedly spying on him four years ago. What a crybaby, eh? It’s as if he’s saying “My opponent did something against me last time and it wasn’t successful, I defeated him but my feelings are still hurt, and I’ve got a different opponent now, but I am still furious – absolutely livid, I tell you – because the party that nominated me isn’t doing enough against my former opponent.”

But being furious at Republicans in general takes it to a different level. If he ain’t got any friends among the Republicans then he’s f*cked. He couldn’t give a toss who wins the Senate so long as he keeps the White House, but Republican senators for obvious reasons DO care a toss.

Trump is furious against New York too. If I were on his side, I’d consider that a very bad sign. He’s smaller than New York. Take on New York and he will LOSE.

There will be a hearing this Friday (at a federal court) in the New York tax records case, which it’s very clear is also a tax fraud case.

I hope Eric Trump gets arrested soon – or failing that, that he gets told that he must obey the subpoena on penalty of being jailed. That is after all what “subpoena” means – “under penalty”. A nice day for him to feel the handcuffs would be Monday, the day before the first big TV debate between his foul father and Biden (assuming it happens).

This is a dangerous time for Trump, in the lead-up to the debate.

Joe Biden hasn’t yet answered Trump’s call for him to take a drug test.
Perhaps he will wait until Trump’s tenth sniff during the debate and answer then. “I accept your challenge, Donald. I’m happy to take a drug test immediately after we stop debating. I think you should take one too. Deal?”
Can you imagine wargaming that scenario in the Trump camp? Talk about a hostage to fortune. Then if Trump rants on about it after Biden has accepted his challenge, say “Cool it, Donald. You’ve got what you wanted. Grow up. You’re the president.” Wind him up to the max. That’s how I’d play it.

Imagine being a bright young go-getter working on Trump’s campaign, Macchiavelli in your back pocket, think you’re the bee’s knees, and then you hear the imbecile say he’s angry, so angry, at Republicans. Trump is lurching. The people around him including his family members probably celebrate when he gets through another DAY without having wrecked his chance of staying in the White House (and out of jail) in a way that’s obvious to everyone.