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    Trump is on a huge “I’m saving the world for God” kick. Three recent pieces of evidence:

    1. Trump has praised the QAnon “movement” in terms of saving the world from a Satanic cult (Source: widely reported; this was at Wednesday’s White House presser.)

    Reporter: “(A)t the crux of the (QAnon) theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind or a believer in?”

    Trump: “Well, I haven’t — I haven’t heard that. But is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing? I mean, you know, if I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there.”

    2. Trump claims to have had a conversation with God. (Source: the Independent.)

    He says the economic effects of SARS-CoV2 are God testing him.

    He says “We built the greatest economy in the history of the world and now I have to do it again,” and then he recounts his conversation with God as follows.

    God: “You know, you did it once.”
    Trump: “Did I do a great job, God? I’m the only one who could do it.”
    God: “That you shouldn’t say. Now we’re going to have you do it again.”
    Trump “OK. I agree. You got me.”

    He then says “But I did it once. And now I’m doing it again.”

    3. Trump bemoans the non-use of the word “God” by Democrats, making it pretty clear that he “a vote for Trump is a vote for God” will be a main theme in his acceptance speech next week (if things get that far) and his re-election campaign. (Source.)


    A. I doubt Trump will still be running on election day, 3 November. But leaving that aside, and considering the “God supports me” line as if it were a serious campaign strategy,

    a) it won’t hold the votes of those who voted for Obama and then Trump,
    b) it won’t help demotivate intending Democrat voters; but
    c) it may win votes from the Libertarians, whose candidate in 2016, Gary Johnson, scored over 5% in 10 states and garnered more votes than the winning margin in 6 states won by Hillary Clinton, accounting for 36 Electoral College votes (!)

    B. That Evangelical Christian pro-Zionist apocalypse nuts will love hearing this kind of thing from Trump goes without saying. But the apocalypse nuts on the far-right traditionalist Catholic scene must be loving it too. Joe Biden is of course Roman Catholic, but he is NOT the kind of Catholic that the loony “traditionalists” have any time for whatsoever. Gathering up the left in football stadiums, disappearing most of them after pulling out many of their fingernails – that’s what they like.

    C. Strangely one guy who has been close to Trump and who knows a lot about the far-right Catholic scene was arrested today – Stephen Bannon. And if you watch Trump’s response, he doesn’t support Bannon even one bit. Contrast this with how he wished Ghislaine Maxwell well after she was arrested. (Now what was it that QAnon say about “paedophiles” again?)

    D. Still assuming Trump stays in the race, it looks as though abortion will be an even bigger feature in the contest than it usually is.

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    We’re done for; Terry Wogan died in 2016:

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    Someone probably did a job on David Icke to put a stop to his career as a politician after the Greens scored 15% in the EU elections in Britain in 1989. He could easily have been the party’s first MP.

    Later a similar job was done on former MI5 officer David Shayler.

    With QAnon, the man to watch is Dan Scavino, the Director of Social Media at the White House. Clever tweet.

    Back in 2016 there were commentators who scoffed at the second-rateness of the Trump campaign. Supposedly it was run on a shoestring out of Trump Tower. This time, far too much attention is being paid to a small number of congressional candidates who have “embraced” QAnon, shocking as this might seem to journalists who don’t live in the flyover states. QAnon is likely to be a psyop run from the White House or at least that has a desk (Scavino’s) at the White House.

    Got to wonder whether Scavino has Archbishop Vigano on speed dial.

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    N_, August 21, 13:39: I agree; all of those are likely.

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    Mary Trump has released some of her tapes (or authorised the Washington Post to). Adverse things are mounting up for Trump, including the tax case, aka the Stormy Daniels case – in the build-up to the Republican convention. Got to love Mary. She’s got much more dirt than ever went into her book, and she has clearly been through the wringer herself. Clearly sincere – very rare in “public life”. Power to her elbow.

    In the past two thirds of a century, the Republicans have started runs at the White House four times. EVERY TIME, they won the election by cheating – in three cases out of four, helped by a foreign power:

    1968 – Nixon – got China to help prolong the Vietnam war
    1980 – Reagan – got Iran to delay releasing US prisoners of war
    2000 – G W Bush – stole the election with help of a Republican-packed Supreme Court
    2016 – Trump – got Russia to help influence the election

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    It could be that Mary is authorising the release of the tapes of her aunt Maryanne because her uncle Robert has died. (I can’t connect the dots there, but…families and stuff.)

    It could be that she is timing it in cooperation with other anti-Donald Trump people to try and weaken him or bring him down before the convention concludes. She’s a decent and sane person and wants to end his presidency. Logic suggests she will cooperate with others who are in the same category in order to increase the chances of success.

    It could be that she didn’t make the tapes but someone else did, and she’s been told “We’ve got the tapes. No problems saying you made them?” and she has said “Hell no. Go right ahead.”

    In any case, go Mary!

    This is a nightmare for Donald Trump – two women (one of whom has known him since he was born) are cooperating to express their uttter contempt for him and his career in public. How long until he accuses them of bleeding out of their eyes with fury, or out of their “wherevers”. It’s going to be very interesting to see whether he calls his sister Maryanne a liar. She’s around a decade older than him and he may not have the guts to contradict her or slag her off. We’ll soon find out.

    The Kushners will be furious! “That guy is supposed to be our property, and he can’t even control a couple of shiksas he’s related to.”

    The contrast between his response to Stephen Bannon’s arrest and how he commented on Ghislaine Maxwell’s was remarkable. He said he didn’t know anything about Bannon’s project and then he followed up by saying he decided not to be involved with it because he didn’t like it. Well he must have known something about it then. What didn’t he like? That it was a private business operation? He doesn’t like to encourage private business operations by his associates because he puts his government role first? Really? He also strongly implied he hasn’t spoken with Bannon for ages, although I noticed he didn’t say so explicitly and said instead that he hasn’t been “involved” with Bannon for a long time. Sounds as though that was on legal advice. The “I don’t know anything” attitude gave a similar indication. I hope he gets caught lying about his financial involvement with Bannon. Will the Supreme Court help him keep his tax returns out of New York state prosecutors’ hands until after 3 November?

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    Have the Sicilian mob dumped Trump?

    Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to Donald Trump, has quit.

    She is the wife of George Conway, the leading light in the Lincoln Project that has published some corking videos against Trump. (I thought “We Will Vote was extremely well made and powerful, whatever one might say about bourgeois democracy.)

    So now we know how having Kellyanne in a senior position in Team Trump in the White House while hubby George does his (highly skilled) best to deny Trump re-election will play out. It won’t. Kellyanne has quit.

    It looks like Trump will receive some brutal punches every day of the Republican convention this week. The blows started before KC’s resignation: there was the New York tax case (still running), there was the release of audio tape of his sister Maryanne Trump Barry by his niece Mary Trump, and more is coming…

    It’s rarely mentioned in the media (although it is sometimes) that Kellyanne Conway comes from a New Jersey mobster family. Her grandfather was Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale of the “Philadalphia Mafia”, the Sicilian organised crime group who are influential in New Jersey.

    She also once worked for Mike Pence and she has a family connection with him – her cousin married his nephew.

    This is the most fascinating US presidential election since … since whenever.

    Trump has made a lot of enemies, and although he often appears to think he can smash down any obstacle that’s in front of him, the reality is somewhat different and he can get stressed out easily.

    I wonder whether he will last in office until 3 November.

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    Rather strange comment about not thinking Trump will still be running by November 3rd…but nevermind, the haters seem to share one quality – they’re all serial fantasists. Pinning their hopes on Mueller, impeachment and a myraid of other sure fire fails never seems to dampen their hatred. I tend to think there must be a level of brainwashing involved because normally functioning people would be in the deepest depression by now with all that disappointment and losing. I am constantly amazed at how a whole swathe of once reasonable, progressive, liberal folks have seamless positioned themselves standing with Neocons, NeverTrumpers, the Military Industrialists, global elites, the CIA, the permanent state technocrats and the silicon valley monopolists in a chorus of Trump hatred. I mean look at the company you’re in. Don’t forget Trump’s trying to stop the perpetual war crew by withdrawing troops, don’t forget the entire surveillance intel and deep state have been resisting him since day one and don’t forget the globalist elites (the Davos crowd) and the silicon valley monopolists all hate him.Yet there you are because you stupidly believe their agendas are beneficial to you?

    As far as I’m concerned he must be doing something right to have that list of parasites baying for his removal and destruction. But yea sure “orange man bad” right?

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    “If you’re not with us you’re against us” eh Chepup? It’s known as false dichotomy.

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    The latest Lincoln Project video is superb…anti-Kushner.

    Everyone should watch it. There is no way that it’s a pseudo-oppositional fake job, even if there may be some other reason than his daughter’s welfare that caused George Conway to take a break at the same time his wife gave up her job in the White House. Got to wonder how long it will be before Jared Kushner gets indicted.

    This is so like a mafia story.

    One of the target markets for the latest video is Christians – that’s clear.

    From the point of view of opponents of Trump whether pro=Biden or those who want a replacement GOP candidate, it’s a good thing that he will be making so many appearances at the convention, and also that the point will be made again and again that his own family think he’s grrreat. No, let’s rephrase that…not all of his family – not his sister, not his deceased brother’s daughter either, but basically only his wife who can’t stand him, his two vile adult sons, his daughter whom he has literally called a “piece of ass” and whom foreign leaders always try to avoid at meetings because they’d rather converse with somebody who has a good reason for being there, and his son-of-a-jailbird son-in-law who will probably end up following in his dad’s footsteps in a way he won’t enjoy.

    PS @chepup – “<i>Rather strange comment about not thinking Trump will still be running by November 3rd…</i>” You may believe that the Great Leader will live forever, and that he will take as many terms in office as he wants, but I’m guessing only one out of the two of us has read his book “Think Big” and knows what he wrote (or at least okayed) in it about momentum. He has also filed for corporate bankruptcy multiple times without waiting for a judge’s order. He knows when to quit all right.

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    @Chepup – I was looking through your list of the forces you believe to be arranged against Trump, both inside and outside the US. “Neocon” is such a quaint term. What’s your angle on Trump’s moves in respect of a) Iran, b) Jerusalem/al-Quds, and c) Israeli relations with the UAE (where he has substantial business assets)?

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    You are trying to define Trump’s supposed achievements through his enemies’ actions against him. But another way to look at it is that he is so way out that even those enemies may have a point. If Trump was consistent and principled as you painted him out to be because he is being demonized by others, then let us discuss what in your eyes are his real achievements.

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    Yesterday I wrote: “Got to wonder how long it will be before Jared Kushner gets indicted.”

    And today we read: “NY attorney general demands Eric Trump testimony in Trump probe“.

    The New York attorney general has asked a judge to order the testimony of Donald Trump’s son in a probe of the president and his private businesses. The investigation centres on whether Eric Trump and the Trump Organization improperly inflated assets.

    Stock in Donald Trump and in those in his family who are also his business associates (two sons plus a son-in-law) may be about to collapse.

    It was interesting recently when he expressed contempt for New York, sneering that so many people are leaving that city. (They include himself – he changed his official place of residence from NY to Florida). He may be about to discover that New York is bigger than he is… He can’t pardon himself (or anyone else) for state crimes. As QAnon nutters would say, TICK TOCK…

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    And now: Melania Trump taped making derogatory remarks about Donald and Ivanka – report.

    Pow – pow – pow. Where’s his “family” now? And it’s not even Tuesday lunchtime in the US yet. Will there be more this afternoon and evening?

    Can you imagine a real mafia boss sustaining this kind of punishment and staying in position? Trump is hurtling down towards the bottom of the dustbin.

    Even Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale’s granddaughter has walked out on Trump!

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    Mike Pence seems to be a nutter as well.

    He refers to the statement that a species’s eating habits have an effect on its environment (he was talking about human beings who live in the US) as if it were a weird, wacky belief that any sane person would realise is false.

    Perhaps he started off crazy. Perhaps working with Trump for four years sent him that way.

    It’s hard to avoid laughing at a man in such an important position making such a fool of himself, basically denying an obvious fact about life on Earth that you would have thought everyone would know, but really we shouldn’t laugh.

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    Pence is a creationist and has been all along, well before Trump’s presidency. Although he has said that “God” may do creation through evolution, he believes in intelligent design. He’s a science denier ie. a denier of fact. I call that delusional; ‘nutter’ will do for short, and such people should have no role in government.

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    @Clark – Einstein thought the universe showed intelligent design; the Big Bang theory was originated by a priest. And so on. We don’t come at this from the same place. But we can agree 100% that to deny that species’ eating habits influence their environment is certainly to deny facts and to show a truly jaw-dropping level of ignorance. I wonder what kind of notion of “possible” evolution Pence can have in his head if he denies that a life-necessary activity such as eating influences the environment? Perhaps he accepts this influence for other species than our own, believing that human beings are totally different because “man is made in God’s image”? Or perhaps smoke comes out of his ears whenever he hears the word “environment”. I thought he looked insane in that video.

    Another video, this time from Republican Voters Against Trump, features Elizabeth Neumann, formerly of the Department for Homeland Security.

    @Chepup – You shouldn’t be amazed at “progressive” folks welcoming this kind of thing. It is called a popular front against fascism. Often that’s the wrong approach, but in this case it’s correct.

    Trump is genuinely deranged. But to judge from the optics that have been prepared for his fourth-day convention speech from the White House lawn – due in a few hours’ time – he and his campaign are deliberately baiting his opponents to … well, to tell the truth about him … to use the word “fascist” to describe the Trumpian prospect. Then he can say everyone in the “popular front” is “extreme left”, pro rioting and anarchy and mindless vandalism, etc. The fight is on for the “middle ground” and it’s polarising ever more.

    Meanwhile in Britain, today’s dose of propaganda features a) a dogwhistle about how “those on low incomes who get quarantined” will be (shock horror!) given money by the state, and b) a story about how physical attacks on “emergency workers” including both healthworkers and the police have increased since the end of lockdown.

    a) is a classic Daily Mailism that ratchets up the low-frequency but ever louder sound of the chant “kill kill kill the disease-ridden parasitic lower orders and All Hail Malthus”. It’s a sad fact that in present society people need money to live.

    b) is from the same hymnbook. It doesn’t simply conflate resistance to the police officers who break up street parties and other unauthorised peaceful gatherings with violent crime against, say, nurses. It also prepares the way for Daily Mail readers to think “how degenerate” and “how disgusting” about food rioting former Aldi shoppers (when there was food on the shelves in Aldi) who act as if they have a right to eat… Dirt, disease, moral degeneracy – this is exactly how Malthus portrayed the lower orders.

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    Boris Johnson according to the Torygraph will take the line “Go back to work or risk losing your job”. Or in other words, the Tories are telling people it’s their own fault they’re unemployed, as they whip up those who still have some reserves and income (for the moment) to view those who are worse off than themselves as lazy parasites who want handouts from the “namby-pamby” state. My right-wing neighbour will be loving all of this,.

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    N_, I have my own ideas that some would probably describe as religious. But Intelligent Design (which I should have capitalised in my previous comment) is just special creationism by the back door. It says that when a biological structure looks complicated, give up trying to work out how it came about and just use its complexity as “proof” that “God” must have designed it. The US creationists tried to force state schools to teach Intelligent Design in biology classes, as if it were part of science.

    “Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District Trial transcript: Day 6 (October 5), PM Session, Part 1”. TalkOrigins Archive. Houston: The TalkOrigins Foundation, Inc. Retrieved 2012-06-16.

    – Q. Has the Discovery Institute been a leader in the intelligent design movement?
    – A. Yes, the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture.
    – Q. And are almost all of the individuals who are involved with the intelligent design movement associated with the Discovery Institute?
    – A. All of the leaders are, yes.

    — Barbara Forrest, 2005, testifying in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District trial.

    This led to a reaction in the form of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, pesto be upon Him:


    Pence probably said what he did because he takes Genesis 1:26 seriously:

    And God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.

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    What an obnoxious and vicious turd Donald Trump is! Yesterday he told his millions of Twitter fans that his niece Mary Trump was “rightfully” “mocked” her entire life, and that she was “never” even liked by her “very kind & caring grandfather”.

    What kind of mentality believes that ANY PERSON WHATSOEVER deserves to be “mocked” their “entire life” and that from the moment of their birth they deserve not to be liked by their own grandparent? Nobody deserves that.

    Her uncle knows she means business and he’s SCARED. This is what she told Politico in an interview published yesterday, which was probably what her uncle was responding to:

    I’m doing various things with a lot of people. Whatever is most effective: If somebody thinks that my doing a fundraiser with [Tony Schwarz, ghostwriter of “The Art of the Deal”] is helpful, fine; if somebody thinks that my doing something with the Lincoln Project is effective, fine. But I’m not technically joining forces with anybody. I am going to make decisions going forward to see how I can be most effective. And if that means doing something with somebody else, fine. And if it means doing something by myself, fine. And we’re just going to have to see how this plays out, because we’re still a ways out—and it’s important for me to figure out how to marshal my resources so they have the most impact.

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    Senior Republicans in the US will be bringing their guns to their meetings next.
    Donald Trump is trying to keep his enemies close: first Nikki Haley, now Ted Cruz.
    Who will be next? Paul Ryan?
    Trump knows he is about to crash. Where is his “Always Take Revenge” persona now?
    As for Tom Cotton, he is not Trump’s enemy – he’s more like his little man – but why the f*** is Trump saying he might nominate this non-lawyer to the Supreme Court. Doesn’t he even trust Cotton?
    Trump his absolutely sh*tting himself.

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    Correction: Tom Cotton is a “lawyer” insofar as he has a law degree.
    But Trump is still pulling everyone’s plonker.

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    The line that Facebook and Twitter are somehow anti-Trump is psyops.
    Both companies are helping the Trump campaign.
    Today Twitter has declared that falsely calling Joe Biden a paedophile is not against its rules. That is no exaggeration – that is exactly what the company has said. Personally I hope Biden seeks a “cease and desist” order against both Twitter and Trump, or even actual damages.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Fox News are playing the same kind of game, although I am less sure about them. (Paul Ryan is on the board of Fox.)

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    Is Trump circling the plughole, about to disappear past the U-bend? “I’m so angry at Republicans” is his latest line. That doesn’t sound like a man who is set to win this election. The nutter is ranting on about Obama and Comey and saying the Republicans aren’t helping him. He’s especially furious at Obama for allegedly spying on him four years ago. What a crybaby, eh? It’s as if he’s saying “My opponent did something against me last time and it wasn’t successful, I defeated him but my feelings are still hurt, and I’ve got a different opponent now, but I am still furious – absolutely livid, I tell you – because the party that nominated me isn’t doing enough against my former opponent.”

    But being furious at Republicans in general takes it to a different level. If he ain’t got any friends among the Republicans then he’s f*cked. He couldn’t give a toss who wins the Senate so long as he keeps the White House, but Republican senators for obvious reasons DO care a toss.

    Trump is furious against New York too. If I were on his side, I’d consider that a very bad sign. He’s smaller than New York. Take on New York and he will LOSE.

    There will be a hearing this Friday (at a federal court) in the New York tax records case, which it’s very clear is also a tax fraud case.

    I hope Eric Trump gets arrested soon – or failing that, that he gets told that he must obey the subpoena on penalty of being jailed. That is after all what “subpoena” means – “under penalty”. A nice day for him to feel the handcuffs would be Monday, the day before the first big TV debate between his foul father and Biden (assuming it happens).

    This is a dangerous time for Trump, in the lead-up to the debate.

    Joe Biden hasn’t yet answered Trump’s call for him to take a drug test.
    Perhaps he will wait until Trump’s tenth sniff during the debate and answer then. “I accept your challenge, Donald. I’m happy to take a drug test immediately after we stop debating. I think you should take one too. Deal?”
    Can you imagine wargaming that scenario in the Trump camp? Talk about a hostage to fortune. Then if Trump rants on about it after Biden has accepted his challenge, say “Cool it, Donald. You’ve got what you wanted. Grow up. You’re the president.” Wind him up to the max. That’s how I’d play it.

    Imagine being a bright young go-getter working on Trump’s campaign, Macchiavelli in your back pocket, think you’re the bee’s knees, and then you hear the imbecile say he’s angry, so angry, at Republicans. Trump is lurching. The people around him including his family members probably celebrate when he gets through another DAY without having wrecked his chance of staying in the White House (and out of jail) in a way that’s obvious to everyone.

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    The New York Times has rammed its army boot into Donald Trump’s privates: “The Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax information extending over more than two decades, revealing struggling properties, vast write-offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming due“.

    The New York Times has obtained tax-return data extending over more than two decades for Mr. Trump and the hundreds of companies that make up his business organization, including detailed information from his first two years in office. It does not include his personal returns for 2018 or 2019. This article offers an overview of The Times’s findings; additional articles will be published in the coming weeks.


    As the president wages a re-election campaign that polls say he is in danger of losing, his finances are under stress, beset by losses and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt coming due that he has personally guaranteed.

    Bye bye Trump.

    It was the tax that got Al Capone too.

    Trump will be absolutely furious about this from the Grey Lady. He will explode his nappy with rage. He will scream himself hoarse. He will threaten to turn their lights off, turn their water supply off, whatever. New York is a Satanic fake paid by China!

    I never believed the politely trotted out media line that Trump’s tax affairs would probably be kept out of the public eye until after 3 November, because of grand jury secrecy. Of course they won’t be. Eric Trump may be criminally charged before then too. (If things go well, so will Jared, Ivanka, and Donald Junior). It was especially interesting that the federal judge didn’t rule in the Trump tax case on Friday. Will he rule on Monday, or will he wait until he can see the whites of Trump’s eyes on Tuesday, as the Orange Loon preps up for the TV debate that evening? If he’s still in the race by then, will he have much more in his arsenal than screaming at Joe Biden “You’re on drugs!”, “You’re controlled by anarchists”, and “You don’t care about health”? This is the guy who can’t cope with a press conference when a woman asks him a difficult question, even when a man does it for that matter. He won’t be able to cope when not only will a presenter ask him questions that aren’t fawning (can he call the presenter “fake”?), but to make things worse he will have an OPPONENT standing in the same studio as him, accorded equal respect as a co-participant, being allowed time to talk when Trump – the Great Trump! – is supposed to keep his trap shut, while the opponent of the Great Trump addresses the world to say that Trump ain’t so great, and perhaps even tells Trump directly to his face.

    *Sniff* *sniff* *big massive sniff* “You’re on drugs!” *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

    Trump played a tycoon in “The Apprentice” but he doesn’t seem able to run a successful business for toffees. He even lost money when he owned casinos. He has filed for corporate bankruptcy several times. Isn’t there a word for a person who pretends to be what he isn’t?

    Apparently the Trump Organisation has been paying “consulting fees” to Ivanka, one of its own senior executives.

    His 2016 presidential campaign may have been partly an attempt to resuscitate his brand.

    How did that go? 🙂

    In his first two years in the White House, Mr. Trump received millions of dollars from projects in foreign countries, including $3 million from the Philippines, $2.3 million from India and $1 million from Turkey.

    Oh dear…

    In 2012, he took out a $100 million mortgage on the commercial space in Trump Tower. He has also sold hundreds of millions worth of stock and bonds. But his financial records indicate that he may have as little as $873,000 left to sell.

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    Trump said at yesterday’s press conference that it’s “fake news” that he paid only $750 in federal tax in 2016 and 2017. If it is, then it’s easy for him to rebut. All he has to do is publish his tax returns for those years.

    Note to any Trump supporters reading this: the retort “Why should he do what his opponents tell him?” would be infantile. Refusing to publish this information while denouncing what his opponents say about it is pathetic. It makes him look weak. As does almost any path from where we are now. Bad news indeed for the “greatest” man in the world. This is what the puncturing of a brand looks like. This guy will go down in history as a cardboard-cutout blowhard and “fake”. His whole “Apprentice” image was fake. His whole wrestling ring image as a man worth not one billion, not two, not three, but seven, was fake. He can hardly open his mouth without lying.

    In one TV debate in 2016, Hillary Clinton suggested that the reason Trump wasn’t releasing his tax returns was because he hadn’t paid anything in federal taxes. He replied, “That makes me smart”.

    So which is it, then? Is it

    a) the allegation is true, and it is also flattering, because tax avoidance is something to be proud of?
    b) the allegation is false, and outrageous too, because he would never do anything so disgusting?

    In principle, either of those positions could be argued, but obviously not both. And in this particular case, Trump isn’t going to be able to argue either of them. All he will be able to do, for as long as he stays in the presidential race, is bluster, rage, and scream at his critics that they’re stupid, traitorous, communist, corrupt, and anti-God.

    I have to say, this is beautiful timing by Trump’s opponents.

    Let’s hope they understand the importance of combining timing with surprise and a concentration of attacks on weak spots – laws of strategy that they handled pretty badly in 2016.

    The media’s sudden falling into “silent mode” regarding the Trump vs Vance case before the federal appeals court (2nd circuit) remains unexplained. I hope Trump’s side hasn’t had too much of a hand in that delay. But whatever the reason, it’s clear that nobody pushes the Grey Lady around.

    Trump is, literally, a fascist leader. And his spiel is now collapsing into little more than denunciations of a conspiracy of Godless “communists” and traitors paid by foreign powers. He has literally said the Democratic Party has been taken over by “socialists” and probably beyond that, “communists”. And he keeps going on about how somebody spied on his campaign in 2016, which he is convinced was the greatest crime in the history of the USA. Didn’t he win that election? But so what? Deep down he knows he’s fake, he feels he’s a “loser”, a man whom the whole world is against. Poor guy. Soon it will be over.

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    Azerbaijan and Armenia have begun another shooting war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

    Is the building formerly known as the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Baku finished yet?

    Those interested in flags might like to look at the flag of the Republic of Artsakh. Like the Indian flag, it symbolises motion, albeit irreversible and not cyclical.

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    I was expecting Eric Trump to be the first member of the Don’s closest family to be arrested. [*] But now it seems it may be Ivanka.

    Her hubby Jared Kushner carries a wallet stitched by his father Charlie when he was in jail. Perhaps soon he and Ivanka will be able to sew tokens for each other in their respective cells?

    The Kushners along with Sheldon Adelson were key in getting their idiot tool Donald into the White House.

    As for the foreign country in which Donald Trump’s dirty business deals will loom largest in the events that bring him down, my money was on Germany (Deutsche Bank). But there are so many strong runners in the field: Turkey, India, Azerbaijan, UAE, Philippines, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

    As I said: Trump’s opponents MUST combine skill at timing with the use of surprise and with a concentration of their attacks on weak spots. These are the laws of conflict. They do not change.

    One thing I noticed in yesterday’s press conference was that Trump boasted that the Republicans were so united. Yeah, right. He knows they’ll get rid of him. That’s how it sounds.

    *) At least since Fred Trump was arrested in 1927 for refusing to disperse from a Ku Klux Klan demonstration.

    #60915 Reply

    One of the offences for which Jared Kushner’s father Charles was jailed was witness tampering. (He hired a prostitute to seduce his brother-in-law who was cooperating with federal officials, and then sent the tape to his sister. Nice guy.)

    Jared’s response? He blames Chris Christie, who was then the US federal attorney for New Jersey. He says the matter should never have been prosecuted. He says it should have been handled by the family itself or the rabbis.

    Say hello to organised crime. This is what it looks like.

    #61083 Reply

    The Anti-Defamation League (a part of the organisation called “Zionism” which polices US culture and politics) has demanded that Donald =to apologise or issue an explanation “now” for calling on the violent fascist white-power group called the “Proud Boys” to “stand by”.

    I have never known the ADL back down on anything. This is curtains for Trump.

    One could of course comment on the similarity between the Proud Boys’ racist “band of brothers” organisational style and the racist “band of brothers” organisational style of the B’nai Brith from which the ADL itself originates, but that is beside the point.

    #61161 Reply

    Brad Parscale, the Trump campaign’s top “digital media” guy, who ran the whole campaign until July, has “stepped down” after he was locked up for mental health reasons (“sectioned”, as it would be in Britain) after going psycho with one of his 10 guns. (Any middle class reader who wants to put that in bureaucratic language is welcome. Perhaps “he underwent a psychiatric incident with his firearm” or something like that.) According to his wife’s testimony, he beat the crap out of her, and when they had an argument he pulled a loaded gun. The police took him away in handcuffs and reported cuts and bruises to his wife’s arms and face. After having at first shown the police her bruises and said they had been caused in argument between the two of them, she later retracted.

    Perhaps George Soros and Antifa sent the cops round, eh, Donald?

    Is all not well in the Trump camp?

    #61332 Reply

    Looks like Trump now has a reply!

    #61389 Reply

    How many Republican donors can now say “I gave Trump $50,000 and he gave me COVID-19”?

    #61794 Reply

    Trump is talking about Biden being assassinated.

    Why is Trump wearing black gloves? Has he got “blue hands” (cyanosis) because of pneumonia?

    #62245 Reply

    Funny how Dom and Don, Cummings and Trump, fall together.

    Cummings I’m sure has contempt for Trump but he probably has great respect for Stephen Bannon, or at least did have until the latter broke the 11th commandment and was caught with his fingers in the till. Nobody has yet been in the dock from Vote Leave or for government contracts awarded in the Covid era to Cummings’s associates without being put to tender.


    Carrie Symonds is probably “chaff”, a non-player in Number 10. Haven’t she and Johnson split up anyway?

    The parallelism might just be an artefact of how the US presidential election (3 Nov) and inauguration (20 Jan) sandwich the build-up to the end of the Brexit transition period (will cross-Channel trade continue harmoniously or not?), but I doubt it.

    #62445 Reply

    It seems that Trump is about to start a war with Iran. In the past several days Trump has sacked leading defence and intelligence figures and replaced them with men more to his and his backers’ liking. Does one detect a sense of urgency?

    Look at this form of words in the Daily Heil, presumably okayed by the Foreign Office en route from the US Embassy to the Heil’s copypasting “journalist”:

    The flaunted breach of the Obama-era nuclear pact could inflame tensions“.

    But the US under Trump has already reneged on its 2015 agreement with Iran. (In fact, that may have even been the reason why the m*****f***** Trump was put into the White House a year after the treaty.) After reneging (or “withdrawing” as the pro-US media frame it), the US imposed further sanctions on Iran. Now their lickspittle media are complaining about Iranian “breaches”. You what??

    It was a US attack on the Iranian navy and rumours of a US invasion of Iran that triggered the 1987 financial crash.

    Trump was so happy when he was allowed to say he had had something to do with finding a new home for the UAE oil sheikhs’ tongues up Netanyahu’s fundament.

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    #62661 Reply

    Assassination today in Iran. Western media are linking it to the “Iran is a threat” theme. In other words they are purveying the Netanyahu doctrine as it is also called. Those who want a better world need to drop the “Sunnis vs Shias” idea, because that religious difference has little or nothing to do with the strategic situation. It helps not one jot with an understanding of the conflict between (Shia) Azerbaijan – backed by Turkey, Daesh, and Israel, by the USA and indirectly by Russia, but not by Iran – against Armenia. There is a real danger of a continuation of the genocide against Armenians.

    Facebook, i.e. the CIA, is assisting the Azeri war effort.

    #62662 Reply

    Background: Adolf Hitler drew inspiration from the Turkish genocide against Armenians when pushing towards the German genocide against the Jews. “Who remembers the Armenians now?” he sneered. The vile western “journalism” that says things like “Baku is investigating allegations of war crimes that have been made about both sides” is reminiscent of similar Gaza-related Israeli propaganda. Victims and perpetrators do not have moral equivalence, not in Gaza, not in Auschwitz, not in Nagorno-Karabakh.

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