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In the past few days I have been to several places where I have been encouraged to register my visit using “the NHS app”. [1] These have included cafes and an art exhibition. In some establishments the encouragement consisted of a person just inside the door asking “Do you have the NHS app?” In the others there were notices up on the perspex screens, or on cafe tables, carrying a big QR code. Whenever I was asked if I had the “app”, I replied “no”, and the alternative was then to give or write my name and phone number. [2] I gave false ones. When there were only the notices, nobody asked for any information at all. Everyone else whom I heard being asked whether they had the “app” also said “no”, and I didn’t see a single person scan the QR code from a notice.

In one shop a woman sprayed my hands with sanitiser. [3] I checked the bottle and it said 70% alcohol, but I do not believe the alcohol content was anywhere near so high because there was no alcoholic smell. I have some homemade sanitiser made from ~100% isopropanol mixed with ordinary hand cleaner bought in a supermarket to give a liquid that is 80% alcohol and the smell is immediately noticeable. I wonder how many shops and other places are refilling the bottles with any old cr*p that says “good for your hands” on it.

This is classic “nudge” stuff (to use a term that has now possibly become dated).


1) Calling something “NHS” to trick people into accepting it is how Leave won the Brexit referendum.
2) What happens if a person says they are not on the phone?
3) I resisted offering the woman advice on how she could strengthen her immune system.