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SA – Thank you for your post. Are antibody tests a reliable indicator of previous infection or not? Is the statement ‘other elements of the immune sytem which do not produce antibodies may fight off a virus’ correct or incorrect? etc etc?
I accept what you are saying about those such as myself having insufficient knowledge to ascertain the veracity of any given statement, but in my own particular case I am not concerned if Yeadon, or anybody else, is being selective. I am not holding him up as the definitive authority, only as a voice. The only thing I am interested in is are his particular ‘selections’ correct according to the known and accepted ‘text book’ definitions or not?
Obviously Yeadon is an admirer of Iaonnidis, as am I, I have to say, although I fully accept that my opinion is entirely subjective, based upon nothing but an intuitive feeling that he is an honest and decent person. Most unscientific I know but, as a non-specialist, how could it be otherwise? Now, Iaonnidis plods patiently on with his work aggregating the work of many other scientists and researchers, regularly releasing his findings. Here is, I believe, the latest.
As far as I am able to see, much of his conclusions concur with some of Yeadons own, presumeably that is why Yeadon quotes him. He finds that fatality rates vary hugely between populations and that therefore an overall rate is very misleading. If an overall rate must be given, then it appears that it is actually very low. Please read the paper and tell me what is wrong with it. Perhaps you feel Iaonnidis is being selective too, but then maybe the NHS data is also selective! How can you tell!