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“I work next to the mortuary and I see the impact of coronavirus every day with more and more bodies being brought there and just piling up, I’ve never seen anything like it at the hospital before. It really takes it toll on you seeing all these deaths when they really could be prevented. Mentally it has really got to me and I get up on morning and think do I have to go to work? I just don’t think that people are taking coronavirus seriously enough and it’s not a proper lockdown. I only shop when it’s essential and come to work. But I see that a lot of people don’t wear masks in shops or on buses and if they have the mask on, they don’t cover their noses. It makes me angry it’s not right at all.

East Yorkshire has had ten times as many deaths as the whole of New Zealand.

Are the trivialisers, denialists and conspiracy theorists satisfied yet, or do they need half a million deaths before they revise their precious opinions ? I’m so sick of “views” and “opinions”; the deaths are facts; cold, hard facts.