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Thanks for that acknowledgement, Steph. I think it’s very important to be as accurate as possible in reporting the numbers and statistics, because there are people who would seize on any alleged inconsistency in the “official” narrative to sneer at the silly sheeple who actually believe it. Just like N_ did above. The implication is that the “establishment” – including the government, NHS and the media – are conspiring to promote lies for some sinister occult motive.

So what do these cynics say when the contrary “evidence” evaporates? Nothing. I suspect that a retraction and apology might be a long time coming in this case. But you set a shining example, Steph.

There is undoubtedly a lot of sensationalism and fear porn about Covid in the media, as there is with any major headline news. But it’s usually just spin rather than misinformation. And the tendency to spin facts is clearly mirrored by the cynical critics. As long as we all stick to the known facts and bracket off the exaggerated rhetoric, we should be well enough informed. Then it’s up to us to decide what attitude to take to those facts, and how to deal with them on a policy level. Clearly some of us take different attitudes, and that’s OK. These debates are useful – as long they stay factually grounded.