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You say

“If in March the government had acted sooner and with a proper ‘lockdown’ then arguably we would have been in a better place.”

Arguably not and there is a strong understanding of the deaths this kind of thing inevitably leads to.


Unlike the hypothetical scenarios of doom promoted, but never followed up(look up the last 8 months or so and how little of the “Knock on fear” lasted more than a week or two).

Sorry but everything you write there after appears to be wild media(plus gov/sag-e) led supposition and it’s a Corona viruse so it’s highly unlikely there is “no background immunity”.
Humans would never have survived this long otherwise. Ask any immunologist*.

Sure this link will get the usual unthinking rebuttals, but maybe worth a read.

For a more entertaining read I’d go for this, if only because their last point says quite a lot about their beliefs in their own weird version of science.

As for freedom of knowledge and open thinking.
Anyone that goes along with the plans to completely cut off open debate, please don’t ever claim to believe in science(not directed at you SA) and please do explain the now 290 statutory instruments used since the implementation of the Corona virus act and what they mean for the people of this country(warning to middle class, they’ve already destroyed the working class. This is your turn. Open your eyes).

There will be no descent from those scared of losing position and as Pastor Niemöller made clear, that path leads only one way.

*Old but funny, if only for the obvious exasperation at the false narrative of the time. I’ve no doubt there are now things in it that could be contested, but take it as written at the time.

There may be a bigger picture that needs addressing before that option is taken from us.

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