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Kim Sanders-Fisher

SA – I don’t want to be diverted by the spin; there is obviously something in the offing that the Tory need to resort to such shallow distraction. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never… undermine the functioning of the entire Government in the middle of the cataclysmic pivotal point of not just one, but two of the most serious national crisis events since WWII: the global pandemic and the self-inflicted disaster of crash-out Brexit! But that would be a pragmatic Government determined to put the best interests of the British people first not dominated and led by heartless, selfish narcissists grappling for power, control and insatiable personal greed. The performance of Johnson, Cummings and the corrupt cabal in Downing Street rival the deranged, chaotic ‘me first’ dictates of Trump who is thankfully now being excised from the US Presidency. Cummings undermined a vital public health message in the midst of lockdown, but to Johnson that crime was excusable, move on… Now we are told a teasing nickname that would be shrugged off by teenagers in the playground precipitated his removal: I don’t buy it, this was a ‘dead cat’ distraction stunt!

Labour MP Diane Abbot, who knows a thing or two about abuse, would consider “Princess Nut Nut” a form of endearment! Several of the BAME MPs have endured relentless abuse including directly from the Prime Minister, so while Number 10 is not made of glass he is in no position to throw stones. The PMs sexually derogatory and racially offensive slurs have increased community tensions, incited violence and led to brutal attacks. Boris Johnson’s own shamelessly bigoted articles have hyped–up a toxic fever-pitch of various types of ‘othering’ throughout the UK that the hard-right Tory Party hyenas continue to feed on. These same vile hate spewing tabloids are now over-egging a petty affront as if the quirky title “Princess Nut Nut” was so deeply traumatising to Boris’s latest girlfriend that it genuinely warrants days of front page news coverage as we go into another national lockdown to control an intense second wave of Covid19 and enter the final week of fruitless negotiations with the EU. Johnson: get a fxxxing grip!

There is no real substance for the Downing Street spat to coalesce around; just like candyfloss that is spun into an impressive volume of sickly sweet nothingness, this is more ‘Handyfloss!’ The vacuous drivel fed to the public by the Government compliant press and biased BBC to tool us around in the desired direction of abandoning self-preservation for toxic Tory spin. We have been here so many times before that we really should have learned not to fall for such hype. The ‘fantisemitism’ handyfloss persuaded the public to abandon a genuinely principled progressive Socialist and his inspirational agenda for a serial liar with an empty slogan and a commitment to the Newspeak ‘levelling up’ of rebranded austerity to exploit and ‘decimate down.’ Cummings’s illegal trip to Durham was sold to us as a caring father putting his family first. Boris’s apparent outrage over petty insults to his girlfriend is meant to persuade us that he is a sensitive, caring partner, despite his serial philandering even during his wife’s battle with cancer.

We need to maintain a laser like focus on the underlying reason for this very demonstrative display being dragged out in the papers with such extreme faux importance. Cummings’s staged front door exit from Number 10 carrying a light weight, posibly empty, cardboard box was the tell: we were meant to take note and draw certain conclusions that the press could then embellish over the coming days. This reminded me of when an interview was staged to sell the Skripal lies, and a fashion conscious young lady appeared far too eager for us to notice a really ugly tracheotomy scar on her neck. What are we not noticing when we look the other way to follow such obvious distraction techniques? Is this a last push in the Tory Government’s pretence of honest negotiations with the EU; the lead up to convincing the British public that the EU is so vindictive and determined to punish us that the catastrophic consequences that lie ahead are entirely their fault? The promised ‘oven ready deal’ has vanished, breaking an international treaty is inevitable, but not our fault! Iwish I could believe otherwise, but I do not.

In the Canary Article entitled, “Downing Street departures will have no impact on Brexit talks, claims minister,” they say that, “The dramatic exit of Boris Johnson’s senior adviser Dominic Cummings will have no impact on crucial Brexit negotiations, environment secretary George Eustice has claimed. After days of turmoil in Number 10, which saw the exit of the prime minister’s right-hand man Cummings and Johnson’s director of communications Lee Cain, Eustice insisted talks with the EU on a future trade deal would not be affected. Speaking to Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday, Eustice said: The negotiations have been led by David Frost from the beginning. He’s got a very talented, experienced team of technical experts around him. He’s led these negotiations from the start and obviously remains in place and continues to do so. So I don’t actually think the departure of Dominic Cummings makes any impact on the negotiations, since Lord Frost has been leading those.”

The Canary report that, “Eustice said next week is ‘a week when things need to move’ for the UK and EU to agree to a trade deal. He added: Both sides recognise that time is very, very short. It’s not long ago we were saying we needed to get some kind of conclusion by the middle of October. People have persevered with these talks. There does come a point frankly where businesses need to know what they are preparing for. The comments came after it appeared Johnson will attempt to reassert control over his government by meeting with concerned Conservatives following a power struggle which saw two of his closest aides leave Downing Street.” The Tories are still peddling the line that, “Chief adviser Cummings exited Number 10 amid claims he had briefed against Johnson and the PM’s fiancée Carrie Symonds,” as if this was an earth-shattering moment for reflection rather than a desperate attempt to get us all to look away while the prosperity of our country is flushed down the toilet!

The Canary say that, “The Sunday Times reported the PM will “attempt to get his premiership back on track” by establishing a policy board that will appeal to northern working class voters who helped Johnson win last year’s general election. The paper said the group will be chaired by MP Neil O’Brien, who helped former chancellor George Osborne devise the much criticised Northern Powerhouse, and added Johnson will meet the Northern Research Group of MPs on 16 November to listen to their concerns. It comes after leading Tory MPs urged the PM to use the change of personnel to ‘reset the Government’ following complaints the party and parliament were not being heard during the time Cummings held sway.” So the same snake oil salesman who helped Osborne con the north into believing they would no longer be neglected will rebrand the exact same con trick under a rebranded PM campaign touting a commitment to ‘levelling up’ while in reality pursuing a policy of aggressive ‘decimating down.’

Following on from the ‘borrowed votes’ lie that supposedly led to the fall of Red Wall Labour constituencies in the Covert 2019 Rigged Election, we are now being led to believe that these are constituents who the Tory Party must court to keep in the fold in the hope they will vote Tory next time. Although a thorough Investigation of the result would dispel the myth by exposing the stolen postal votes that challenge has yet to be presented. If this priority is ignored then there is no need to change the flawed Electoral system that allowed industrial scale fraud so the integrity of any future election is equally in jepody of corruption. Beyond feeding the illusion that there will be a free and fair election in four years time is the reality that they don’t need to call one. The Tories don’t need to placate the north, the working poor or their most reliable elderly voters culled by the ‘Holocaust in Care…” Their manifesto pledged to abolish the Fixed Term Parliament Act; to replace it with? Tories have seized the absolute control of the Dictatorship! They don’t need to placate the north, the working poor or their most reliable elderly voters culled by the ‘Holocaust in Care!’

The beauty of Brexit for the Tories is the complete evisceration of UK democracy; the so called ‘Henry the eighth powers that allow ministers to alter laws at will by circumventing Parliament altogether. The emergency powers during this pandemic have greatly accelerated these arbitrary powers especially with regard tp the allocation of public funds that are now all being channelled into Tory coffers. Whole the Tories rail about taking back control from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels they have conned the British puvlic unto ceding power to elite Tory autocrats in London who will make a mint out of exploiting the working poor. Elections can be abandoned, postponed or rigged to keep the Tory Dictatorship in power for decades if we do nothing to derail this corrupt agenda.. Many countries throughout the world will suffer a severe economic recession due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, but the UK will add the severe self-inflicted economic hardship of crash-out Brexit fragging the country into a prolonged period of cultural regression.

The Canary quote Dominic Grieve’s misgivings regarding Dominic Cummings. They say that the, “Tory former attorney general Dominic Grieve was scathing about Cummings’ time at the centre of power. He told Times Radio: I consider that he’s created mayhem in government. The whole of his period in government has been marked by a slide in standards so that the Number 10 press office has been used as a vehicle for distributing smears, untruths and lies which was very obvious in the autumn of last year and the period around prorogation and the run up to the general election. This year it’s difficult not to say that he’s created nothing except chaos with the Prime Minister. Whether it’s the handling of Covid and his own behaviour, whether it’s the Internal Market Bill because quite apart from being utterly wrong in violating international law, that has blown up in the face of the Government and led to a massive rebellion in the Commons and the House of Lords and something of a crisis associated with that.”

According to the Canary, reports of “tensions were heightened in Downing Street when the prime minister was shown ‘hostile texts’ briefing against Symonds, which had been forwarded to her. Theresa May’s ex-chief of staff, lord Gavin Barwell, also said the departure could lead to more harmonious relations between the PM and Tory MPs. Referring to the prime minister, Barwell said: It feels to me that there’s an opportunity here for him to get his Downing Street operation more harmonious and more effective. To rebuild relations with Conservative MPs, the parliamentary party and, perhaps, to set a less confrontational and more unifying tone, that is maybe more in tune with his natural instincts. While May’s chief-of-staff, Barwell himself was accused of creating ‘chaos’ between the PM and MPs. Johnson has been accused of adopting a confrontational tone throughout his career.” I remain sceptical because that staged exit had to have been by consensual agreement as a PR stunt, but to what ultimate end?

The Canary report that “Edward Lister was announced as the interim chief of staff pending a permanent appointment, with the Times reporting chief Brexit negotiator Lord Frost, Lord True, and Lord Bridges are each being considered for the role. The PM’s official spokesperson James Slack insisted Johnson was not being distracted by the row.” Of course not it is only necessary to totally distract the gullible public with this confected eternal strife squabble. When will the furore subside? As soon as it is no longer needed as a politically motivated distraction tool or a lot sooner if we call it out as horseshit! The Canary remind us that, “The dramatic events have come as Brexit heads to a crucial phase next week, as London seeks a trade deal with Brussels before the end of the transition period on 31 December.” I would not characterize the Number 10 spat as a ‘dramatic event,’ name calling on texts isn’t a national emergency, 70,000 excess deaths is; as is our demise after crash-out Brexit: wake up and smell the coffee!

Boris Johnson has just now been contacted by Track and Trace as he has been in close contact with an infected MP, so he was told to self-isolate for 14 days. Wow, how extremely convenient for him! He can disappear into his secluded bunker and pretend his zero accountability shambolic non-governance is OKM in this key week of Brexit negotiations; a great time to go to ground avoiding those pesky press interviews. He could do Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday via zoom, but don’t count on it; the part time PM needs very little excuse to dodge scrutiny. He ducked scrutiny during the election campaign, refusing a gruelling interview that hurt his opponent Jeremy Corbyn who was peppered with defamatory fantisemitism slurs. Boris even ducked into a fridge to evade questioning. Boris Johnson was never fit for office even at times when he was not sick; I doubt he was ever sick, an artful dodge. This whole week is so contrived we cannot accept the media hype. Cummings is gone, both Johnson and Starmer need to go too!