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What are the rulers playing at, shouting “Everyone get vaccinated!” and “Watch out – there’s a new strain about!” simultaneously?

Is it a case of where there are countermeasures there’s a market for counter-countermeasures?
Or is it just a classic way to induce “learned helplessness”, by telling people one thing and then telling them the opposite, so they very quickly don’t know which way is up?

The percentage of the population that knows that the virus that everybody has been talking about for almost a year is a strain of SARS is probably less than 1%.

I clicked to this moronically-titled article – “How a new Covid strain may have spread virus in south of England” – and was about to go postal over its being penned by the Guardian’s so-called “science” editor Ian Sample, but in the body text he doesn’t confuse the virus with a syndrome of symptoms, so that would be his excuse. “The subs did it.” But far more people will read the headline than the main text.